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  • I need a playlist of songs about driving?

    One of my friends is getting her license in a few days, and i want to burn her a CD of songs about cars, driving, roads, ect.

    I only have a few so far like

    Shut up and Drive

    Highway to Hell

    Passenger Seat

    Little Red Corvette

    please and thank you (:

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  • Music to go with Jekyll and Hyde the book?

    I just finished reading The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and I'm doing a fun little personal project, I'm making a play-list of songs that have interpretations matching the theme or certain scenarios in the book. Any suggestions?

    please no songs from the musical. that's no fun!

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  • I'm Learning the Guitar

    I want to learn the guitar, but I don't have time in my schedule to get lessons. I already know how to read music and all about music theory, and I wanted to know if anyone knew of any "teach yourself" books that work well. And if you do, where I could get one :]


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