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I am a fifty-three year old US Army Ranger Airborne/ Medical/PsyOps Specialist MSgt.(ret.) I have done more than most and much more having been to 29 countries and 37 states, living, working, training, teaching, learning. Worked the highest level of national security throughout the world and lived a very interesting albeit unbelievable life. Most people simply think I am a lying SOB. It once bothered me but I quicky learned that people think what they want as a protective measure for the wanton desire of a comfort and non-threatening environ about them which they can be functionally relaxed in. Instead I have always been of the mindset and circumstance by both choice and those not chosen portals which simply placed me at a level unattainable for most others ability, desire or even imagination. So much so that we must never lose sight of the fact, without a doubt, how very unique we all are,...just like everyone else... and I still wanna' mush a team on the Iditarod.