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  • need help to remember the name of an anime?

    So this is driving me nuts - I can recall the name of this anima, I know it has to be early 2000 to 2010. and I remember some of the plots. I just can't remember the name. Like going to need another veteran of anime help on this one. 

    so the story take place at the end of the Samaria period in japan. the story starts off with the last of the Samaria being gun down in a battle. the move on focusing on a strategy who is a genus with gun tactics teaches the new Japon army as they move across the land fight a new opposing army with guns. there one seen in particular that jump out at me. where the use of new rifles to sniper a fortress form a distance that has never been done before. 

    I honestly can't remember the name of this anime. I remember watching awhile back. and it has been stuck in my mind recently. also I know it dub. if anyone knows the name you are god? 

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