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  • How to fix Ford Taurus frt suspension - Tension strut removal?

    I'm repairing my 94 Taurus wagon. Started to replace the ball joint, what a bear. everything is rusted and siezed. HAd to cut the control arm bolt/bushing in half to get it out. Had to cut the control arm in half to get access to the control arm bushing! I now have a pice of the control arm siezed on the tension stut rod. It's not going anywhere, even when persuaded by my sledge.

    Decided to remove the tension strut rod and get the assy into a vice where I could apply some heat to get the two apart.

    Got the Tension rod nut, attaching the rod to the frame off, but there seems to be something (rusted bushings?) in the frame box that is keeping me from removing the rod. Any ideas re: how to remove the rod?

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