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  • hot dating ?

    is it me or why the hot ones live far?

  • friends annoyed ?

    if people dont talk to you after you knew since 4th grade and cause you have annoyed them and called you names for no reason for just saying hi to them every now then and see how they r doing. Do you believe in Karma or something come round to back to them from saying that to you? 

    Friends2 days ago
  • single dating ?

    is it me or why hot ones live out far/

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating2 days ago
  •  cystic acne?

    What been the best body wash and face cleanser for your cystic acne also that been for you and can i get in local store ?

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions5 days ago
  • old friends come and go ?

    Can this be he his girlfriend controlling? so i was friends with my guy friend name let say Jose who i knew since 4th to 8th grade then i had move out the state to state but i go back every summer for a month to see family & close friends so anyways other few months go by and then I was ask if i liked him wish i said i did in school but i didnt just said as friends so later on i got block for asking to hangout and i seen his post later saying this been hack by your lovely girlfriend Ashley so i went to try to be her friend on instagram for few years then i got block for asking to meet them as a couple and liked a few phototos  so i thought she be cool with it and sweet girl but she seem to ignore my message and block me so i went to him and ask him he says no and mean stuff to me calling me nasty name like i am bitc and im stalker such. but before i got block i seen a comment here and there with word by his account saying she have posted it, and i seen that his bunch tag pictures is all of her taken pictures together im not jealousy or anything i just mad that no one will tell me who it was, would you get mad at first cause you know him for long time? anyways do you believe this be her and maybe she heard storys i was close to him and hangout with the sister too and that he liked me in 8th grade and now they r going on 9 years of dating and it there first boyfriend and girlfriend 

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 week ago
  • Dermatologist Doctor?

    So after 3 months we finally got a appointment for my left ear cause i have a lump behind my ear and i believe it just a pimple like it happend on my right ear so we went to dermatologist this past Monday now it a Wednesday i am so nervous what going to be cause came back on my other ear on my left side this time anyways i think it is going be same thing called cystic acne, but now we have a Coronavirus going on so may take a sometime, so wondering how long did it take you if u went back for biopsy?, took us few days before my mom had called last time and end up being nothing 

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions1 week ago
  • yahooanswers?

    how come we cant answer back the people that comment on your question?

    9 AnswersYahoo Answers3 weeks ago
  • is this apologize message okay to send to friend?

    here my honest apologize i am really sorry for this and us didnt work out in past and we know I have make old accounts in the past because just to get you back for being mean to me and i am so sorry for that wish i didn't get to do that to you but i did it to you cause also you wouldn't listing to me you just became mean to me and come out rude to me when i was trying to be nice and talk to you as a friends and i know you that you hate me for this and wont for give right way, i miss our hangouts and i come back every summer for a month it maybe longer next Summer in June for 3 months. please dont come back being mean to me i hope you can hear me out on this and take ur time to recover for us being friends, i hate that our friends to go to you or you go to them for us and such i wanted to reconnect and start new

    2 AnswersFriends3 weeks ago
  • poping pimples?

    when you try pop a pimple behind your ear and i know we shouldnt and i know cause of bacteria but can it make your nerves tingle later in your hands and your tongue?

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions3 weeks ago