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  • what effects do various solutions have on tooth enamel?

    I want to know the effects normal tap water, orange juice, coca cola,, 2% milk. gatorade and coffee has on egg shells which will represent tooth enamel in my experiment. but im stuck on HOW to measure the effects they have. thankyou!

    1 AnswerDental8 years ago
  • Can visitors in china have access to Internet?

    I'm going to china in a few days (Beijing, Shanghai and a couple other cities). I'm from Canada and I was wondering if at the hotels and stuff if the guests have Internet access? Thanks!

    2 AnswersChina8 years ago
  • Are electronics cheaper in china then in north America?

    I'm going to china just to see the country and stuff in late oct/early nov. and I want to know if it's worth buying electronics? By electronics I mostly mean apple products due to I would like to buy some if it is cheaper, thank you

    Ps. Specifically the next IPhone that's coming out because I'm aware it's comin out before I leave so I'm wondering if it'd be better to buy it there or here.

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  • where to watch bb14 online?

    i want to watch the premiere from my iphone tmmrw and i just needa know where i could. thankssss

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  • how can i watch the premier of Big brother 14 on my iphone?!?

    So its premieres tomorrow at 9 pm ET, and i would very much like to watch it while its premiering, thing is im on a train until 8:30 and staying at a family members house that just moved so all they have is their internet connection , no tv no cable no computers, so i have an iphone 4 and i would like to watch it on there but i dont know how so help!!

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  • im excited for the hunger games. are you?! :D?

    i love the books. and the movie is going to be amazing, what parts are you most excited to see? do you think its gonna be great? teelll me everything you hg fans

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  • cant decide.. black or white ipad?

    im getting the new ipad, or ipad 3 or whatever you wanna call it aha but i dont know what color. i already have the gb decided and all that just the colors le only problem...hmm

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  • Im in gr 9 and im bi, i like this guy. how can i tell if hes gay and if he likes me back(its long sorry)?

    before you all start saying the only 100% anwwer is asking him i just want to know if there are any hints!

    Okay so i moved to another city this summer and started highschool here, i made alot of friends and im considerd 'popular' now. The thing is no one knows im bi, so please dont start saying no gay guy will want t date a closet guy, cause i'm aware some of them would because my gay friend has many times. Anyways, so at first we didn't talk much, he was in my homeroom and stuff. Then i started becoming friends with his 2 close friends in the class and i became really close with all his friends. All his friends have lockers right beside each other, because they're the 'cool' kids when really were all just kids :p i became close with everyone by his lockers and eventually became really close with him too to the point where he said he considers me his bestfriend. We text everyday and he always says were going to hangout but we neevr really do. he also never hangout me and him, its always with a few other people and its usually like a mall or movies. Hes funny and jokes around with me. When were around other people he acts exactly like every guy, but when me and him just like walk around in the halls for a bit alone he isdiferent, hes alot nicer and funny and he looks at me alot when i walk by his locker to go to my other friends, and even though he dosent usually sya hi to me in the halls he always just like looks at me. Whenever im tlking with my other friends by his locker he always eavesdrop on our conversation and gives me quick glances as hes getting his stuff or talking with some other people. I find him very attractive and other girls do too but there are way more attractive guys that they go for. But they are a**holes , but not him. He can be but hes the nice one. Anyways, one time after we hungout and watched a movie with a couple other friends we went to the book store cause i needed to get something for school.He had to leave and i was looking for my stuff ith my friend, and him and my other friends were looking at books on the other side of the store. (whenever we hangout were the only guys cause its always with girls, he always tells me to invite the same girls). After he left and i got my stuff i was wondering where he went and they told me he left. I was a little bummed cause i wanted to say bye. i got home late and everything and he texted me saying he was trying to look for me cause he had a goodbye hug waiting for me and he was sad he couldnt get one. i told him next time and he sent a ':D' and said okay!. he says he has a crush on this girl and she always tells me they NEVER talk or even look at eachother, i dot care if my friends go through my phone and they say he flirts with me more then he does with any girl. This guy is my friend and yeah i like him and im just wondering if i seemed like he could like me back? and if hes even gay or bi? his previous experience with girlfriends have been very short and nothing mayjor happens, just 1 kiss. hes never done anything with a girl exept those truth or dare kisses. His ex told me he wouldnt even hold her hand... but what has me confused is sometimes it seems like hes trying too hard to act straight, idk if its an act but it seems like it to me. he also says the terms '******' 'fag' and 'Thats so gay'. Ive just asked someother of our friends if the topic comes up if they think he could be gay and they all said they could see it and wouldnt be surprised. hes not the stereotypical gay though, hes not flamboyant hes shy until he gets to know you more, hes usualy quite but he can be really funny. he dressses like a typical canadian guy, normal jeans just a little pulled down tosee boxers, nike sneakers and holister shirts and stuff. i dress more european and american mixed. i appologize if this iis getting too long for you and just one more quick story. i was with a friend during break and she said she could see me and him being a gay couple. out of no where , she is one of those random people, and then she just said she can imagine us doing couple things and having sex and all that jazz. i just acted surprised and was like only you would think that. Later she told him and a typical straight guy at MY school would be like ' EW IM NOT GAY WTF EW WTF THATS GROSS IM NOT A ******" he just looked at her for like a minute then smiled and looked at me. i thought hed do soemthing to make it eem like he found it odd but he just smiled at me. a genuine smile. then he was his silly self again. anyways that was my ranting i apoligize for my spelling and this long story. but do you think from what ive said he could be gay and possible have feelings for me? if so what do you recomend i do?thanks everyone!

  • im 14 1/2 years old,and i cant pull back my foreskin! help?

    (sorry if its a bit detailed im just wondering what i should do!)so i found out when i was about 12 that i could pull back my foreskin, i didn't really worry cause i thought it was only for sex. By 14 i found out it wasnt for just sex. I have done some research on the topic and most of it says to stretch it daily in the hot shower, in a hot tub, etc. I have tried this for a few months and NO progress, my foreskin dosnt hurt at all if i try forcing it back its just that it seems to be so tight that the glans like kinda pop out of the small opening the foreskin has? So for about 2 months i have tried stretching my foreskin DAILY and it hasn't worked, my skin isnt stuck on my head because i can put my finger in bewtween my skin and my head through the smalll opening. Honestly i dont think this will affect me health wise because i can clean down there if i put some soap on my finger and put my finger through the small opening. Urinating is not a problem either. But whenever i try to masterbate even if i go for a loong time i dont *** or anything, ( like masterbating by jerking the penis with the hand). The only way that i *** is if im alaying down stomache on like a hard/soft surface like my bed and move my body up and down. Plus i dont usually have a full erection when i do *** /: mostly im worried aout the foreskin for when i do get sexually active! i hae done things with girls but they havnt done anything with my caue im scared they will laugh. anyways any help i can get wuld be great! thanks :)

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