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  • How do I hook up my Wireless G broadband router to my computer through a modem?

    MY internet is provided by Comcast, and is supplied through a modem to my computer. Lately I have been wanting to access the internet wirelessly on my mobile devices. I found an old linksys Wireless G router, and attempted to hook it up. I do not have the disc to it, but I realized there were other problems. All the videos and things I have watched/read help me none, because none of them show me how to hook up this device through a modem. If I need a disk, I can buy one. Anyway, I tried hooking an ethernet to the back of my computer, then putting it in the back of the router, then adding an additional cord from the router to the modem, but the network was not recognized by my computer. (Before you ask, I did supply power to the router) I have ran out of options. If I need a more modern router, I can go that option, but if I can get this working, that would be just great. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the responses!

    2 AnswersComputer Networking8 years ago
  • What kind of Kindle E-reader do you reccomend?

    I am thinking about getting a kindle this year for Christmas (Mainly because I heard it has a better selection of titles) And did not know which one to get. I would prefer an older model (Not the Fire) Any and all answers are accepted. Provide links if possible.

    3 AnswersScanners8 years ago
  • Starcraft demo connection problems (read description)?

    I know that Starcraft has been out for a while, but I decided to download it on my friend's computer so we could play online. What pops up when I try to connect online is "Your computer is not processing UDP packets.." etc. So my first thought was "Ok I will just turn on exceptions on firewall for Scdemo" I did this but it still didn't connect. So I looked it up on some forums and they were talking about allowing UDP and (TCS?) ports to open so that it can connect. My friends internet is not running through a modem, but is feeding off another internet connection. His internet runs decently and runs the game greatly. I also tried running as administrator. This didn't work either. Any way to fix this old problem? I have no problems at my house with SC Shareware..

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games9 years ago
  • I downloaded a ROM Emulator file for Super Mario 64 and can't play it?

    Okay, so I downloaded a Project 64 Emulator, it was a rather quick download, I extracted the files, so on so forth. Well I decided to download Super Mario 64 at

    I download it, unzip the file, and Windows can't even read it! I am pretty sure I have to open it with Project 64 but I am not sure how... any help?

    6 AnswersPC9 years ago
  • Any good Gamecube Emulators that do not require to fill out info?

    I have ran into some Gamecube emulators because I really want to play Wind Waker and Mario party. But EVery one I have ran into wants me to put in my card number and email... I am not doing that as I do not have a credit card. Any help?

    4 AnswersPC9 years ago
  • Do you believe African americans voted for Obama because he is indeed of darker skin?

    I honestly believe so, they wanted change, but change made **** worse, statistics say that out of all the African Americans that voted, 95% voted for Obama. your opinions?

    12 AnswersElections9 years ago
  • How can I understand Circuit Boards?

    I know about my technology, but when I set my eyes on a circuit board, I become Technologically challenged. How these work perplex me. Do you think you can tell me in simple terms how they work, and what parts are which? Thanks

    1 AnswerOther - Electronics9 years ago
  • How can I report a disgusting Facebook page so that it can be deleted?

    One day I liked a page called Brock Obama, It was a very funny page that made Pokemon references or jokes, Now someone has taken over or hacked the page. The page, With it's 134,000+ Likes, is now sporting Child pornography, Disgusting dead baby jokes, And other things that violate Facebook's Terms of use, Any help telling me how to Report so it can be deleted immediately?

    3 AnswersFacebook9 years ago
  • Why Do My knees hurt when I am jumping from a ledge?

    I am a 15 year old boy and I started parkour with some friends not too long ago, Lately When I do a vault over a ledge I land And my knees hurt, I was thinking that maybe I had weak knees, But I have no Idea. Do you have any advice Or is their any way I can fix this problem?

    3 AnswersPain & Pain Management9 years ago
  • Dead rising ending A (overtime mode unlock) Help!?

    I was playing dead rising and did all the case files.. I talked to Isabella at 10 Pm and made it to the helipad before 12:00 AM But I got the ending where the helicopter pilot doesn't see me and gets eaten by a zombie.. Was this supposed to happen? Was it an error on my disk? Maybe i did something wrong?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games10 years ago
  • How can I transfer music from my Xbox 360 to my Mp3 player?

    Got a new Mp3 today for my birthday.. Not sure how I can get music From xbox to mp3

    2 AnswersXbox10 years ago
  • What is the E-mail of Jin Kobayashi?

    He is the artist and original creator of School rumble and If at all possible i want to contact him.

    1 AnswerMythology & Folklore1 decade ago
  • i have been watching fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood (so good!) and i cannot find episode 27!?

    well i was watching the series on and they do not have 27, And to top it all off it was at the part where ed sais that he will come back for al's body i need to find one in english dub.. please help me!

    5 AnswersComics & Animation1 decade ago
  • why is my belly fat shaped weirdly.. (read description)?

    im 14 years old and am 115 pounds i am 5ft 1 inch yeah im short but im not fat for some reason my belly fat isnt spread evenly on my stomache.. their is a pooch on the lower abdomen and my upper abdomen fat is flat but uneven from the middle so right in between my upper and lower is flat.. with no fat. if you know what this is please tell me and give me some ways to get rid of it (im doing situps everyday)

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • why is mafia wars not working!!!?

    mafia wars on myspace isnt working... you can play it but the upkeep never comes in and everytime you refresh the upkeep starts over i havent been able to get money in a few days it started two days ago please an explanation

    3 AnswersMySpace1 decade ago
  • what is this sickness i'm having?

    i came home from school and in an hour i ate a bowl of cerial.. i had a really bad headache so i took two tylenol and laid down for a little while. When i woke up i felt nauseous and went to the bathroom because i had to take a #2 but instead i got this very nauseous feeling again and threw up... for some reason i dont think its the average flu... please help

    1 AnswerOther - Health1 decade ago
  • i need the right intercooler for my xbox360 can you help? (read description)?

    okay so i got my new xbox 360 at around a month and a half ago and i decided i needed an intercooler... so i ordered one on ebay and it wouldnt let me put my power cord in it, im guessing i have an xbox that has jasper becuase i got it not too long ago... if you have a link or know a good intercooler that will fit my new xbox 360 than please put a link in your answer or tell me what its called.. thanks ^_^

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • i have muscle cramps around my heart what can be the causes of it?

    im a 13 year old kid and sometimes i have a muscle cramp around my heart and when i breath out it makes a sharp pain in my heart i actually have to hit my chest to make it stop (by the way i am not fat i have an average body type and i do not have asthma)

    5 AnswersPain & Pain Management1 decade ago
  • how can i get rid of poisonivy around the eyes?

    yes i have used prednisoone before but i cannot get that subscription i cnnot use homeopathy because i am a kid and have no money and i was wondering what type of medicine can i put around my eyes without burning them severely

    4 AnswersSkin Conditions1 decade ago
  • do you know how to make a replica lightsabre or however you spell it?

    hey do you or anyone else know how to make a home made replica of a star wars lightsabre out of everyday items???

    1 AnswerToys1 decade ago