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  • Is Yahoo making this site not bring up things correctly just for ad revenue?

    This website is so klutzy that it keeps coming up saying that there are no questions that meet your criteria (even when you did not specify any criteria under All Categories) or that a question is no longer available or under revue and you have to keep clicking reload repeatedly to get the question to come up. Or when answering a question it keeps saying there was a problem, so I copy my answer and then hit reload to see if it actually went through.

    Do they do that just to increase ad revenue, so they can keep charging advertisers for ads even when the pages come up with no content other than the ads? I wonder if advertisers know that.

    6 AnswersYahoo Answers4 years ago
  • Do I need to do anything with K-1 in an IRA?

    In my IRA I bought and sold 100 shares of Spectra Energy in 2016 which is apparently a limited partnership. I already filed my taxes and just received a K-1. My loss from the buy/sell was -$39, but it shows ordinary gain/loss of $98 (in IL vs. $100 elsewhere), maybe from dividends minus trade loss. There are some other things listed that may count towards that, $138 gross income from all sources, $4 foreign gross income, $15 interest expense deductions, and $3 deductions for foreign source.

    So within an IRA do I need to do anything with the K-1 or is that just for Spectra Energy's accounting?

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  • Is anyone getting lpflash ad taking entire browser window on YA?

    Tonight I keep getting adware for "lpflash" taking over my entire browser window in Yahoo Answers that looks like a regular flash update, but is not. The domain of the URL is "" and the owner of that domain hides their identity behind some privacy company in Panama. So I am certainly not going to click on "Install" (or "Later"). If it is a Windows exploit it would not work in my Linux OS anyway.

    But it is very annoying (wham it is in your face) and it is hard to believe that Yahoo condones that when it is of questionable misleading origin.

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers4 years ago
  • If call calendar ends up ITM at expiration, do you end up short the stock (in IRA)?

    If I have a call calendar or diagonal with near term short call and longer term long call and the near term call ends up ITM at expiration, do I actually end up short the stock (covered by the long call) even though it is an IRA account (cash margin)? That is what my broker said, but not sure if they noticed that it was an IRA.

    I know that I cannot normally short stock or sell naked calls, but I am approved to do any options trades with defined risk. And technically being shorted the stock while still owning the long call would be defined risk, since I could always buy the stock at the strike price of the long call. Although, I imagine that if I did not do something by the time the long call expired they would exercise the long call to close out the short stock.

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  • Which home insurers disallow galvanized water piping?

    I bought a home built in 1910 in 2002. I had home owner's and car insurance with another insurance company for years. But in 2015 my agent thought that Hanover Insurance was a better deal. Bad decision to change to them. A year later in 2016 Hanover Ins. or their branch Citizens Insurance of Illinois (with address in MI) sent me notice that I had to fix some peeling (which I was intending to do anyway) and do "plumbing upgrades" which they somehow determined had not been done for 40 years.

    I could handle the painting, but did not know what the ambiguous term "plumbing upgrades" meant. So now I got a notice that my insurance is being canceled because "Plumbing does not consist of copper or PVC pipes" which as far as I know has nothing to do with IL plumbing codes as long as you do not have lead pipes.

    So now that I need different insurance, how would I even know which insurance companies would require copper or PVC plumbing or disallow galvanized plumbing? I am unemployed right now, so I did not want to go through a lot of expense.

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  • Doesn't Amazon have a way to contact their own delivery drivers when they failed to deliver to the correct address minutes earlier?

    I ordered 2 items sold/fulfilled by Amazon and 2 items sold by others, but fulfilled by Amazon (free shipping) as a favor for someone in California. It shipped from Phoenix with Amazon's own delivery service and last I knew was in Buena Park, CA 1:13 AM Sat. Never had any problem delivering her orders or my orders to same address several times recently.

    It was scheduled Sunday by 8 PM, but Saturday 12:13 PM I got text that it was delivered. No sign of it anywhere at destination. Intended recipient did receive a phone call at that time, but just dead silence (maybe robo call gone bad), and when she called back, it was an Amazon 206 area code number that could not receive calls.

    I called Amazon and they re-entered an order no charge for the 2 items sold by Amazon, but only gave me credit for the 2 items sold by others. They were going to "try" to find the package apparently delivered to wrong address, but no word yet a day later. The 2 items being reshipped are scheduled Sunday (today) by 9 PM, but still "Preparing for Shipment", so hopefully will arrive Monday because the gate is closed after 5 PM today and the little old lady is afraid to answer the door at night. Now she is going to be missing 2 items.

    Doesn't Amazon have a way to contact drivers in their own logistic service if they apparently delivered to the wrong address minutes earlier? If they hire drivers who do not deliver, their reputation will suffer.

    1 AnswerCorporations4 years ago
  • 2008 Outback check engine keeps repeating for fuel cap?

    I bought a 2008 Outback w/150k miles on it last fall and maybe about April when I was supposed to go in for emissions testing the Check Engine light came on and Cruise control light started blinking. The dealer said it was the fuel cap, so I ordered a new one, but that trouble code keeps repeating every time the tank drops to about half full. I finally got to stay off long enough to do the emissions test before the end of May.

    But it has since come on again. I ordered an OBDLink LX, so I could check it myself and same thing, fuel cap. I made sure the cap was tight, cleared the code and the diagnostics does not show any pending code for that yet.

    What could cause that fuel cap trouble code to keep triggering if I always make sure that the cap is on tight and seems to happen when the tank is down to half full? Could it be a bad sensor and where would that be located?

    3 AnswersSubaru4 years ago
  • Day trading question if already owned some, buy/sell some (not all)?

    If you own 200 shares of stock, it takes a dip, you buy 100 more in the dip and sell 100 same day when it goes up some, is that considered a day trade since FIFO would consider you selling shares you already owned from an earlier date?

    2 AnswersInvesting4 years ago
  • How far/often do you need to drive after ECU reset before going for smog check (IL EPA)?

    I had a bad gas cap and the dealer apparently reset the ECU to clear the code. I went in for a smog check at IL EPA and it was rejected because of the reset. A couple weeks later check engine light came on again, but it was an old code and they cleared it. Then it came on again a week later for bad oil pressure switch and ECU was reset again.

    Anyway I need to get it checked by IL EPA before the end of May and need to know how far, or how many trips I need to drive for it to pass the EPA test. I am out of a job right now (deciding whether to retire), so I do not necessarily drive daily.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 years ago
  • Does stock premarket day limit order for premarket carry over into open market if not filled premarket?

    If I enter a day stock limit order specifically for premarket, does that normally carry over into the open market if it does not fill premarket, or is automatically canceled when the normal markets open?

    I have not done much premarket and after market trading, but once before I got a nice pop on the same stock when I bought it one day, it went into a short squeeze, and sold it premarket the next day for more than it was in the open market all day.

    3 AnswersInvesting5 years ago
  • What does "Experience Level Mid Level Req ID 150264" mean in job listing?

    In job listings I see things like "Experience Level Mid Level Req ID 150264". Where would I find a listing of Req ID's and what they mean? Web searching various terms just lists jobs with experience levels, not definitions of Req ID.

    I have been at the same company for just over 40 years and was recently thrown back into the job market due to consolidation.

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment5 years ago
  • Would a clean 2008 Outback w/150k mi be worth buying for winter?

    My 2001 Pathfinder that already had 99k miles on it when I bought it in 2004 is beginning to disintegrate and needs more work than it is worth. My summer car is a 2012 MazdaSpeed3. Not much cash at the moment due to property taxes due soon.

    A dealer has a very clean 2008 Outback w/150k miles on it and just wondering how much life it would have left in it for camping and winter use and what I should offer for it? It is currently listed for $7488.00 (US), but I cannot imagine that they gave more than $1500 for it as a trade-in.

    I have not owned a Subaru for many years, but put 106k mi on an 80 GL 4WD wagon in 3 yrs and 138k mi on an 83 in 4 yrs without any issues (just 1 oil pressure sensor). And I did a lot of woods and prairie off roading with the 83.

    1 AnswerBuying & Selling5 years ago
  • Is YA having issues, Submit grayed out?

    Is Yahoo Answers having some sort of issues? When I try to reply or comment the submit button is grayed out. Also many topics come up with "Your criteria doesn't match any questions" (including forum for Yahoo Answers, so I cannot tell if this is a general problem).

    Although, Submit button is apparently active for asking questions.

    4 AnswersYahoo Answers5 years ago
  • Why do agents try to sell insurance to dead people?

    Or maybe the question should be: How would insurance agents know if a mailing list they bought recently was way out of date? Over the years I have received mail from investment companies for someone who lived in my home before the previous owner. And recently I started receiving mail for a previous owner who was dead before I bought the property from his widow in 2002. The mail was from an Allstate agent and another agent trying to sell home owner's insurance for my property to the dead "former" owner.

    I did not think so much about the investment scammers getting scammed. But somebody is scamming insurance agents too with obsolete mailing lists.

    7 AnswersInsurance7 years ago
  • Win 8.1 driver for Zebra LP 2824 label printer?

    Did something change in Windows 8 (more specifically 64-bit 8.1) that regular Windows printer drivers may not work? I tried to install the printer driver for a Zebra LP 2824 label printer from its CD and after entering the IP address of the printer and choosing the driver, it just aborted with some error about "wrong environment".

    And after attempted install of the printer driver, when I tried to manually add a printer and updating to the full list that Windows had for drivers, there were some Zebra drivers, but nothing remotely similar.

    When I asked Zebra support their odd reply was:

    "The designer driver is not working in windows 8.1 yet..

    The only software and driver that i know to be working is a bartender driver from seagull scientific"

    I have no idea what a "designer" or "bartender" driver is, I am just looking for what I think is an EPL printer driver to be able to print to the printer from MS Word.

    2 AnswersPrinters7 years ago
  • What could zipped exe be attached to suspicious e-mail?

    A friend in California forwarded a suspicious e-mail to me to check out:

    "From: Notice to Appear

    Sent: Saturday, December 28, 2013 11:12 AM

    Subject: Notice to appear in court NY5002

    Notice of appearance,

    Hereby you are informed that you are due in the court of New York

    on the 16 of January, 2014 at 11:00 am for the hearing of your case.

    You are kindly asked to prepare and bring the documents relating to the case to Court on the specified date.

    Please, download the copy of the court notice attached herewith to read the details.

    Note: The case may be heard by the judge in your absence if you do not come.

    Yours truly,

    Anderson King

    Clerk to the Court."

    But the "Notice to Appear" in the from was support.3 at a major worldwide law firm with an office in NY (likely forged), and "Clerk to the Court" looks fishy (shouldn't that be "Clerk of the Court"). And it does not say which court or case they are referring to (no address, phone#, etc.). Unfortunately I cannot see full headers of the original message in the forwarded copy, so I cannot tell where it really might have originated from.

    The attachment was a zip file containing a 173056 byte file called Court_Notice_NY_Meagher_and_Flom.exe which I extracted in Linux. The "file" command in Linux shows it as: PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows, and looking at it with a hex/ascii editor shows near the beginning that it will not run in DOS mode. Scanning the file with MS Security Essentials or Malwarebytes in Windows does not reveal anything.

    So I am just curious what this file could be or its purpose. Who in their right mind is going to run a suspicious exe file, other than a clueless Windows user who has not enabled file extensions to be shown? Certainly if this was something legitimate it should be some operating system independent file, like a pdf, not a Windows only file.

    5 AnswersSecurity7 years ago
  • Why does our IT dept suddenly think Win7 Home is insecure campared with Pro?

    My boss has a netbook with Win7 Home on it which he won somewhere. Someone at our factory MIS/IT dept. originally set up with the SonicWall VPN client to be able to connect to our factory network (1700 miles away). Suddenly that person thought that Win7 Home was insecure and that he had to have Win7 Pro but, didn't say why (we never did anything about that). He also thought that Firefox was insecure for some reason and removed it from a friend's computer at our factory, when she needed it to work with a website of a major credit card company that would not work properly with the older Internet Explorer in WinXP. That person left our company since then.

    More recently we changed from using the Sonic Wall VPN client to using Dell NetExtender (Dell bought SonicWall). My boss' Outlook (to Exchange server) worked fine with the SonicWall VPN client, but with NetExtender Outlook kept disconnecting/reconnecting, so it would take awhile before it could connect long enough to download mail and sometimes could not send mail. There are no other problems on NetExtender and even Outlook works fine on our office network connected with SonicWall VPN hardware to our factory network.

    I connected TeamViewer, so our factory could diagnose the Outlook NetExtender issue, and the only answer from someone who has been there much longer was that we could not use Win7 Home, that it needed Pro.

    In remote offices we do not have to log into a Windows domain. And to get on to any factory Windows computers someone would have to know a computer name and path along with username/password (WINS is no longer propagated to remote offices, so we cannot search for factory computers). So in that light, what makes Win7 Home so insecure and unacceptable compared with Win7 Pro, when if someone got unauthorized access to a computer it would actually be more difficult for someone not logged into the domain who would need to know path/username/password to access factory computers, than someone with automatic domain credentials? In other words what makes Pro more secure than Home Windows versions when not on a domain?

    3 AnswersSecurity7 years ago
  • Why does iOS (iPad) WiFi fail to connect when all other OS's do?

    We previously had this problem with an iPhone 4S, but this is an attempt to get 3 new iPads working on our office WiFi.

    The older Netgear router is set for b/g, its firmware is most recent (from 2008), and it was using a 128-bit WEP hex key for older devices to connect (Palm TX). All non-Apple devices worked fine. The iPads repeatedly say "Incorrect Password" whether the hex key is upper or lower case, or if specifically told it is a WEP key by using Other and manually entering its SSID and key.

    I changed router to slightly different SSID and WPA with a passphrase. Non-Apple devices work fine. The iPads now say "Cannot connect to network" (instead of incorrect password). Same when switched with same SSID and passphrase to WPA2, non-Apple devices work fine, iPads cannot connect.

    I have followed all troubleshooting tips I could find in web searches, including from Apple itself. Yet the iPads refuse to connect to WiFi, What is different or unique about WiFi on Apple iOS devices that they cannot connect to WiFi that works fine for all other operating systems (Windows, Linux, Android, even old Palm OS 5 when using WEP128)?

    2 AnswersComputer Networking8 years ago
  • How common, interior door handle fails to open 2007+ pickup?

    How common is it for the door opening mechanism to fail, so the interior handle does not open the door on 2007 or newer GMC or Chevy pickup trucks?

    I have a 2008 GMC Extended Cab 4WD work truck with 52000 miles and suddenly the driver's door will not open from the inside (something must have come loose or broke inside the door). That would seem to be a serious safety hazard because it could be possible to be trapped in the vehicle in an accident, especially if power went out for the power windows, so you could not reach the outside handle. I have been driving for over 44 years and have never seen a failure like that, including vehicles well over either or both 10 years and 100,000 miles. But the only GM vehicle I had was a 72 Buick Electra 225 and its whole bench seat broke out of the floor and fell backwards when it rusted out around the seat mounts at 8 years old.

    5 AnswersGMC8 years ago
  • Why hasn't Democratic Senate come up with "any" deficit reduction plan?

    The Democrats control the Senate, yet they have not brought up any deficit reduction bill of their own to even negotiate. If they did, can someone post a link? They are just sitting on their tails doing nothing while "trying" to make it look like whatever happens is the fault of the Republicans, when we all know that the accelerated spending and borrowing and revenue reduction due to joblessness the past 3 years is the fault of the Democrats. Do they really think that we are all clueless sheep just following whatever they say?

    9 AnswersOther - Politics & Government9 years ago