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  • TCC switch in 46RH location?

    I have a 92 Dodge 3/4 ton w/ Cummins 12 valve and I believe a 46RH auto transmission. I was trying to figure out where the TCC lock-up switch is in the transmission to clean it. The problem is the truck shifts in and out of overdrive going highway speeds. If anyone has any other ideas, it would be most helpful. Thank you for your answers and opinions in advance. And this truck did come with this tranny model, correct?

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  • Strong Shocks on 92 3/4 Ton Dodge?

    I have a 93 3/4 ton Dodge with a Cummins 12 Valve and 47RE Trans, stock suspension and height. Even with Gas Magnums my truck still has a bunch to it in the front end, do you know of any shocks that will give the front end and stiffer ride? I also have coil overs in the rear if that info helps. Any info will be appreciated. Thank you.

    1 AnswerDodge1 decade ago
  • transmission shifting in and out of overdrive?

    I have a 92 dodge 3/4 ton with a cummins and 47RE automatic trans and it shifts erratically in and out of overdrive from time to time. Any idea on a possible solution to help the problem would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Why does my 92 dodge cummins charging system flutter?

    When I start my 92 3/4 ton dodge cummins it doesn't charge for about five minutes and then it starts to charge when it warms up (needle flutters back and forth)? My 93 was almost the same way but worked a little faster. What is the cause of this and how can I repair it?

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  • How to install a car seat in a 92 dodge 3/4 ton with jumper seats?

    I have a 92 Dodge3 that I bought that is a 3/4 ton extended cab with jumper seats. The problem is that I need to find out how to put a car seat in the rear for my 10 month old or if there is some kind of devise that will allow me to put him in the rear, for my wife does not want him in the front seat. Any insight would be very helpful. Thanks!

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