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Hello~ My name is Jessica or Jessie Kate, and I'm a lolita. When I say lolita, I don't mean anything to do with the novel or pedophilia, I mean the Japanese fashion that has the same name, but nothing else alike. I'm 17 years old and I love drawing, painting, sewing, cotton lace, tea parties, flowers, stuffed animals, Asian ball jointed dolls, and cute little miniature hats. I love making friends, and I'd love to talk to you. If you'd like, you can email me on here, I check my email about once a day.

  • About citizens of US territories being given the right to vote?

    Are there any groups or organizations supporting this?

    Are there any political parties overwhelmingly in favor of or opposed to this? Why?

    I need to know for a research paper I'm writing, and I can't seem to find this information anywhere.

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  • What free virus protection do you think is the best?

    I've tried Norton and Mcafee before and neither of them worked very well. My friends kept saying that Avast was the best and it's free, so I got that. It was great for a couple of months, and now virus after virus is springing up on my computer and Avast can't seem to fix it. It pops up saying there's a virus and telling me to move it to the chest, but when I try it won't let me, and it doesn't say why. Then when it pops up again I click "delete" the virus, and yet a bit later I get another one saying that the exact same file is still there.

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  • Is it the soymilk making me feel nauseous?

    I feel sick.

    I'm going vegan, and I haven't gotten enough protein today and yesterday, I'm sure, so that might be making me feel sick.

    But also.. Earlier today I had a glass of soymilk (I don't usually drink it and I don't think I've ever had a whole cup before or anything) after that I felt a little sick, but it went away. Just a bit ago I made potato soup and replaced the milk with soymilk. (Some people on some forums I was looking through said that they make it this way.) After that I started to feel even more sick, and it hasn't gone away.

    Is it the soymilk or lack of protein? I don't want to drink soymilk anymore if that's what's making me feel sick.

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  • How much protein should I have every day?

    I'm 5'2", weigh 96 pounds, and excersize very little, if it matters.

    I'm wondering because I'm going vegan and just reading the number of grams of protein on cans and packages is not helping when I don't know how much I should have.

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  • Perfection Miniature Sewing Machine?

    I borrowed one from my friend, and I can't figure out how I'm supposed to get the bobbin off of the side. I tried pulling at and twisting the plastic green thing holding it there, but it's not working and I'm afraid I'll break it. Does anyone know how to get it off?

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  • Are Teddy Bear roses edible?

    I have some recipes for candied rose petals, rose jam, and rose punch that I'd really like to try, but the only roses still in bloom in my yard are the Teddy Bear roses. I asked my parents what they thought and they said they probably aren't edible, because they seem really different from normal roses. Are they?

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  • What should I charge for setting up a website for someone?

    I'd really like to know how much I should charge for this, I'm not sure.

    A friend of my mother's wanted a website for her new small business, and I was asked to help her. I found a cheaper place for her to get a domain name, and designed the website for her. It's kind of simple, it doesn't use anything more than HTML/CSS, and it's only got a homepage and two or four pages with more information on different things. (I'm not sure whether it will be two or four because I haven't quite finished yet) She wants me to make a suggestion as to how much I'd like for it, and I'm really not sure what to say.

    I'm also not sure if I posted this in the right section, so if you think I would get more answers in another section, I would be happy to hear your suggestion as to where I should post this.

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  • I'd like a dream interpreted, please?

    Before I explain the dream, I thought I'd explain some things. I met Tyler 7 years ago, and I had a crush on him. We admitted to liking each other the next year, and then we were dating until two years later. I still loved him two years after that, when I finally got over him. I haven't talked to him in years. I rarely think about him when I'm awake, even though I see him in school everyday, but I still dream about him all the time, and I'd like to know why.

    Here's the dream: I was in a museum. It was in a building, and then part of it went out and it was all on platforms like 50 stories in the air, and there were exhibits on them. Tyler was one of the exhibits, and I kept trying to get to the platform he was on, but I'd eventually fall, and have to start over. When I got there, he was gone. I left the museum and walked to a nearby beach, and he was there. Then we had to run because something was chasing us.

    If you want more detail, email me here:

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