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  • Stomach Problems?

    I drank a few nights ago and threw up because I drank a little more Jack Dan. then I should’ve. Then, the day after. I could not eat at all, I even threw up which is not normal for me the day after I drink. Fast forward 3 days after that and I’m eating but my stomach hurts after I do. And I have this sickly feeling in the back of my throat, I get light headed, and my head will start to hurt if I don’t sit down. I was thinking it could maybe be the inflammation of my stomach lining because my #2 hasn’t been solid either. It doesn’t seem too serious to get my doctor involved but I could also be dead wrong. I haven’t thrown up since the day after, and it seems to be getting better but just not better fast enough for me to not be a little concerned. 

  • Drivers License Suspension?

    Being a minor in Illinois, I got my license in February. At 17, and received a ticket for speeding in June. My court date is 6 days after the 6month mark of me getting my license. Anyone aquatinted with Illinois law? I just want to know if I’m getting my license suspended.

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  • Worker Rights?

    I got a temporary job in Walmart, and I was stated to be employed for 1 to 3 months but it can turn into a permanent position. I am now on day 113 of my employment and not heard anything. I'm still getting scheduled, but I don't want to walk in one day and hear that my time is up. Since they went over the 90 day period, what rights do I have as an employee. I work in Du Page county of Illinois.

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  • PS4 soundboard possibilities?

    Okay so if Im currently using the astro A10 s because they are cheap and sound amazing, but If I were to connect an audio splitter to the controller would I be able to use play audio from my phone as if it were a Mic?

    3 AnswersOther - Electronics2 years ago
  • what protein is affected by Methemoglobinemia?

    Since this disorder is very rare, I cannot seem to find any information to answer this question, if you know the answer please tell me. And if you have a website where you find it leave the link with your answer and you will get 5 stars.

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  • Child Nudity?

    What if Kid #1 sends a nude picture to Kid #2. And then Kid #2 posts the nude pictures online. Kid #1 reports this to the Authorities, what would happen to both parties of this incident?

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • Playstation Auto-Renewal on gift card?

    I just realized my PS Plus was about to expire and I went to go get a gift card from Gamestop (easier than putting credit card), And when I went to buy it; it said "Automatic renewal" and I was wondering if PSN glitched out and is going to give me the PS Plus membership for free???

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  • Should i chose 2 days a week or two hours everyday?

    My parents dont ever remember why there doing this but there still enforcing it, I can only use my ps4 ps3 xbo for two days a week, or two hours everyday. I am a very active person just so u know i do run around alot i go out alot and i eat healthy, but that still doesnt mean i dont likw to get away from the real world and go into a reality where things are much better than my real life(because my parents [more my dad] are really abusive). And please answer me the answer with the best explination gets 5 points! thank u!

    6 AnswersFamily6 years ago
  • Gta5 heists will not work?

    I m on the prison break and it will not let me do the setup missions and when I do they don t count

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games6 years ago
  • How to read music notes easily?

    I've been a percussion man for a few years and I've realized I've messed up. I havnt practice and I don't reaad the notes i go off of memory or I'll look at the person next to me. Can u please help like a website ideas to do. It would be greatly appreciated.

    2 AnswersSinging6 years ago
  • Can u play with people tht hav PS3 when u have ps4?

    I am thinking of getting the ps4 and GameStop and Internet didn t help I would won t to know if I can play with my fellow PS3 friends. PLZ ANSWER!!

    5 AnswersPlayStation6 years ago
  • How to apply a emblem to AW made on the call of duty app?

    I made an emblem on the advanced warfare app and it said it got appled to player emblem but it is has not what do I do?

    1 AnswerOther - Education6 years ago