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  • Giving a guitar to someone: what should I include?

    I know nothing about playing a guitar, but I want to give a guitar to a teen.

    I've found a couple that are within my price range and that have good customer reviews, but I need to know what things I should make sure to include. The kid and his family won't have the money to buy extra stuff or replace things that need replacing and I don't want to give a gift that he can't use, so I'm wondering what additional things, besides a gig bag and picks, he's likely to need in the relatively near future and whether there are things I need to be aware of when finding/choosing these things.

    Is there anyone here who can help me?

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  • Can you recommend a psychology textbook?

    Someone recently mentioned that "Introduction to Psychology" on their campus was a weeder course. The only "Introduction to Psychology" classes I'm familiar with have been surveys aimed at non-majors, many of whom only took the course because it fulfilled a general education requirement, so they were pitched a little lower than a freshman course for majors would have been -- a world apart from a rigorous course aimed at potential majors that serves the function of keeping some people out of the major. So now I'm curious.

    Can anyone recommend an intro psych textbook that would work well for a weeder course? I'd love to see what is covered in a class like that.

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