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  • Why would a forgiving God punish me?

    For not believing in a faith that has no evidence? The minute evidence is showed to me proving that there is truly a God and there is true Evil, I would convert to Christianity in a heartbeat. But why should I be sent to hell simply because I don't believe something that has no reliable evidence (besides the Bible, yet that was written thousands of years ago. I don't consider it reliable). I live my life better than most Christians do and attempt to follow my life in a way similar to metaphorically "following Jesus," yet I don't actually believe in Jesus himself. What kind of rational God would punish me for this? Why would I want to belong to a God so unforgiving as to punish those for not believing in Him when there is no physical proof of Him, even though they would follow with sufficient proof?

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  • Why are abortions so looked down upon?

    Here is my thought- if you are coming from a religious standpoint, every person has a soul. If a fetus is a person- which means they have a soul- why is killing them such a bad thing? They cannot fee pain, and there is no torturous aspect to the death. The soul would simply go to Heaven since it has not sinned. And because nobody on this earth truly knows whether or not that fetus does in fact have a soul, how could one go to Hell for having/giving an abortion, when they did not do it out of bad intention? The God most Americans worship is a loving God, after all.

    Then again, I'm not that religious of a person. Just wondering whether or not religion can actually justify abortions.

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  • How can conservatives claim that Santorum supports freedom?

    Straight from Yahoo, he wants to ban porn. If people want to film themselves having sex to the benefit of others, why not? Just seems like conservatives in general are getting more and more hypocritical everyday...all the while helping Obama to his 2nd term.

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  • Should high school students be allowed to vote?

    *Not just any student, but those whom pass an AP government exam with a 4 or 5. This equates to passing a college level class at least above-average. I would think that any student able to do good enough on these tests surely knows enough about government to vote, and is probably actually more qualified to vote than some voters out there. The students that would be allowed to vote would be 16-17 year-olds. Sure the youth is impressionable, but so is the rest of America and they would simply represent another voting block that, perhaps, would make politicians put a larger emphasis on the future.

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  • Did we drop any bombs in the Middle East before 9/11 occured?

    Or participate in any violence in the region leading up to 9/11?

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  • How to break up with my girlfriend?

    I'm 16 and feel like I don't need the distraction of having a girlfriend- she really likes me and wants to be with me a lot but I just don't have the time. I have a job and classes that are on a downturn- the last thing I need is to be worried about pleasing somebody else and spending the little money I have on dates. So here's my situation- she lives kind of a far way away from me and I don't really want to drive all the way over there. So I'm left with over-the-phone, either through a call or through a text, which seems heartless, but I know how to make my texts sincere (if that matters, or maybe texting that is bad regardless). I'm just not entirely sure how to handle this, especially since I'm her first real boyfriend and I don't want to hurt her. Please help..

    TL;DR- How should I break up with my girlfriend and what should I say when I can't be with her face-to-face and don't want to hurt her?

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  • Should every presidential candidate play by the same rules?

    I'm thinking that since money corrupts politicians, it would be in that nation's best interest to fix the amount of campaign $ a candidate can spend during an election. In this way, every potential candidate could get a decent shot versus candidates who buy their elections with unlimited money and take corporate funding in exchange favors if the candidate wins (which seems like an absolutely unacceptable practice). Also, I believe in equal ad and air time, which allows candidates to have their voice heard on the same level as everyone else. Anyone in disagreement?

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  • How to stop myself from slacking off in high school?

    I'm a junior in high school and having problems like never before. I used to be able to study for hours, read uninteresting history articles and cram like no tomorrow- this all amounted to a 4.0 gpa. However, this year has been totally different. My social life has definitely picked up- have more friends, have a girl friend, and in addition have a job. With all of this going on, how can I find motivation to do school work? I am simply repulsed at the idea of spending more than an hour on homework. Then I get angry at myself about how kids most kids seemingly get past distractions, yet I, for some reason, can't, which leads to even less work getting done. Advice on how to get back on the right track again?

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  • Is it smarter to cut back spending or gain more debt during a recession?

    I think this is the ultimate question as how to deal with the economic crisis- to me, the first option is a losing stance since the economy could sink further. The second option, however, is bad short-term but gives more time to solve this thing..Your answer?

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  • Are all 320 kbps mp3s the same quality?

    I know that 320 is the best mp3 quality you can get, but are there any more variables other than bit rate that could make the sound quality more or less like a cd?

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  • Is the income inequality gap good for the U.S. economy?

    And if not, why do conservatives oppose anything to tackle the issue by labeling it "class-warfare"?

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  • Is this Alpine car amp worth $150?

    It's an Alpine MRD-M605.

    I could trade my xbox 360 for it, which would value around $150.

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  • How to convert a 1 1/2 DIN car stereo slot to 2 DIN?

    I want to get a 2 DIN stereo but my current stereo is a 1 1/2 (2004 Chrysler).

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  • How much propaganda are we being fed about the War on Terror?

    People still believe that the atomic bombs saved lives even though Japan was seeking peace for more than a month before the 2 blasts happened. Are we being as mislead as Americans back then were? Is the media still lying to our faces about our current conflicts? Or in this modern connected age, is it too hard to keep anything secret for long?

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  • Who will be the NL Wildcard?

    If the Cardinals win tomorrow against the Cubs, and the Braves win tomorrow against the Nationals, then should the Cardinals win 3 of 3 against the Astros and the Braves lose 2 of 3 against the Phillies, there would be a showdown between the Cardinals and Braves. Any chances of a St. Louis miracle?

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  • Is cam newton worth a good trade?

    Would it be logical for me to trade mike tolbert or frank gore for cam newton (I'm pretty deep at rb)? My current qb is Eli manning and mark sanchez is on my bench. Any help is appreciated!

    P.S. Should that not work out, I am in desperate need of a tight end and would consider trading one of the 2 rbs for jermichael finley.

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  • Is there an economic alternative to capitalism and socialism?

    Not including facism or communism?

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  • Would it be a good idea to raise the minimum wage?

    People who make minimum wage are the most likely to spend their money on necessities such as food and clothing. Given that there is an exemption for struggling business that cannot afford to give more, do you believe workers at the very bottom level should be getting paid more?

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  • Who will win the NL Wildcard?

    Braves (1st), Cardinals (2nd), or Giants (3rd)?

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