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  • Should I cut this friend off?

    This friend has very poor manners.(phone) He calls me and will have another call coming in. Does not tell me when another call comes in. So I hang up when I do ot hear him talking. Calls me 9:30 or 10 at night. I used to call him, but the phone goes to voice mail before the first ring. Like to move to fast in a relationship. His current wife left him (two times) He has not filed for divorce or has she. He met this other lady. Who he has known for a month. They looked at travel trailers this past weekend. There is a 50/50 chance she may or may not get the stimulus check. She works 2nd shift at a factory. He does not work. Claims he has back/hip problem. Tried numerous times to apply for disability. Gets denied. He appeals and is once again denied. He thinks he will get $37,000 for his disability. (for all the yrs applying) Which I know will not happen. He is 48. Has a 24 yr old boy and an 8 yrs old boy who are all lives at home because he will not work.

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  • Is it rude to ignore a friend's phone calls?  He calls me about four or five more times in one day.?

    Last night, I was talking to another friend. His (the other friend's call came in. I ignored it. I knew he would call back. He did call back. But I chose not to answer it. I did some errands. When he does call he don't leave a message. At times I hear him having a conversation with his annoying eight years old. Yes, I mean that. Also he watching TV and laughing about someting he saw on it. Sometimes he runs out of things to say. So I tell him I'm going to get something to eat.  It was like four or five months we did not talk. A week would go by and he did not call me. I've asked him numerous time not to call me late (past 10p or early in the am (8:30 - 9:00)

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  • Should I ditch this friend?

    We were good friends through middle school and high school. He moved to FL with his wife, baby and his parents to Florida. His father had a heart attack in 00. His mother, wife and child (4 yrs old t the time) moved back to the city that they lived in.

    He called me up and we made arrangement to meet at his place. It was nice to see him again. But he seemed different. He divorced his wife (She was cheating

    on him) He s lived with four or five ladies since 2001. Something happens and they end up breaking up. He ended up getting a lAdy knocked up. He has custody of the boy. He has not had job in yrs, claims he has back problem. Addicted to pain pills. Was trying to get on disabilty for his back. Keeps getting denied every time. He currently still lived at home (he is 47) With wife # 4 (She is on social security) for some reson. He s been married to wife #4. They met in Oct. of 2015 Married in Feb . of 2016. I ve met her a few times. Don t care or want to know her. She is 14 younger then he is. So at that age we do not have things in comnon.

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  • Is my friend's sons slow?

    He has two son's ( two different mothers)

    He Married the first one. Then He divorced her (She cheated on him) Meet another woman. Had his youngest. They never married. Both his son's have ADHD. His oldest son has held four jobs. He gets fired from them for some reason. He went to a community college for about a year. Then find out he could not understand the material. He has been at job # 4 for a few months.

    His youngest son had to repeat kindergarden over this year. For some reason he goes to class from 8 am to 10 am. I'm thinking he will be behind all the time. He gets send home 8-10 pages of homework to do 5 days a week. I can tell my friend get frustrated when he tells his son to do his home work. I asked if His son can do simple reading. He ignored the question and told me He knows what a Mc Donald's sign looks like; Taco Bell; Home Depot.

    I go visit him off and on. We live two hours away,

    What is your input?

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  • would this be rude?

    I've been friends with this couple for a number of yrs. There is a church that has a free (donations accepted) The breakfast is the third Saturday of every month.

    My friend called my phone and did not leave a message. I knew he was asking about the breakfast at the church.

    I ended up over sleeping by 10 minutes.

    I went to the church )not knowing they would be there.

    I sat down and he asked did you get my message he asked. I told him if you do not leave a message I will not call back.

    Over the yrs I have been going to the breakfast. I remember it is the third Saturday of every month. I keep telling this guy this, His answer is. "You better call me the day before to remind him.

    I stopped calling him to remind him about the breakfast. I've been going alone.

    I do not like it when he get started on political or government things. Those things bore me. I try to change the subject. Then goes back talking about political and gov things.

    Another time He was rambling about something and I has enough. I finished my breakfast. Excuse my self and told him I have to go... bye

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  • Do you listen to the radio on a daily basis What do you listen?

    I listen to a local station that plays a lot of 70's -80's music.

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  • Does this seem right? What your input on it?

    In the newspaper there was a sticker for a free hair cut. (new clients) The place opened in early June. My other barber has construction in front on her shop.. I hate dealing with construction traffic.

    I asked the gal if she knew how to cut a medium bald fade. She told me she did. The cut was nice and I was doubtful as I left. So I went home to check in my hair cut in the restroom (better lighting) She made one area look blocked/ pointy on area.

    I e-mailed them a complaint. With in a few days I received an e-mail from the manger. Saying I can come back for a free haircut. Make sure I bring in the e-mail with me the next time I come in.

    I could not remember her name (the lady that cut my hair there.)

    This time, another lady cut my hair. She did a great job. But I doubt I be returning lol. I like my regular barber and I'm comfortable with her cutting my hair.

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  • Did I do the right thing?

    There this one neighbor (a house down from me) Had a older mustang (late 80 s) Apparently. he had it parked in his garage.

    also it did not like it was driven in a long time. So I went to do an errand. For some time the car was back up towards the garage door. Something told me the car had expired plates on it.

    I do not know the guy that well and /or I do not want to know him..

    I called the cops when I came back from my errand. The lady told me they would send an officer to investigate the car.

    I woke up the next morning to get the morning paper, I noticed the car was gone. Either he pulled it back in the garage OR it was towed

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  • Your opinion wearing pajamas pant's out in public?

    I see it off an on basis. I can some people wear them late at night at a gas station to get a few things.. I went to a Dr.'s appt. today ..there was a lady wearing pajama pants in the waiting room..

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  • What should I tell this friend?

    The other night (Sunday) around 12:30a.m. my friend called me, waking me up from a deep sleep. We talked about 40 minutes. He did most of the talking. We used to be close. I used to call him at times, his phone would go to voice mail before the first ring. So I stopped calling him for that reason.

    Then today he called me around 8:30 am Tuesday. Again, waking me up . Him: What are you doing? Me: You woke me up,,,, Good bye... I hung up the phone..

    He called later in the morning.. His dumb girlfriend, (Yes I really mean it) kept repeatedly coughing.Which I thought was rude... He has volume up on the TV that I could hardly hear him... Again he was rude.. Never has considerations for others. Towards the end of the conversation he told me he will call me later tonight. I told him okay... But i KNOW he will not call me....

    Staying the night is out of the question. We live two hours away. He still lives at home with his mom, twenty year old son; four year old (annoying pain in the a$$ to be around) His stupid g/f... I do not know her and do not care for her...

    He has not had a job since 2007. Claims he need to be on disability. Has back problem and hips... Has not had any back surgies of any kind. He is the type that does not like working very much or long...

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  • What is right?

    A friend sold his Piece of sh!T (truck) to his son lol... Son drove it for a few months.. Truck leaked anti freeze... Son pulls over... Truck catches fire... Truck is totaled... Friend has another POS. (car) Friend thinks he can transfer truck plates(burned) one to the car...

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  • Do you need a radio, TV or a fan to be on so you can go to sleep.?

    Please give me your input. Since I was in middle school, I always had the radio on as I went to sleep. I would set to go off between sixty minutes to 90 minutes

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  • Is this sexist?


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  • Why can other people smell my cologne? But I can not smell it?

    For a long time, I've worn popular colognes like Aqua Di Gio, Eternity, Burberry Touch, Jean Paul and One Million

    I do not wear the cheap/ imitation stuff you see around lol

    I only spray two or three sprays on me.. For about two or three minutes I smell the cologne...

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  • What should I tell this friend?

    I've been friends with this guy for a long time. Occasionally, he will invite me to his church's activities. I went to one. They were a hog roast in September when it was still warm. They had it on the future site of a new church. Then I find out they could not get the land... lol.

    For some time.... I've been going to a church breakfast (the 3rd Sat. of ever month. I would call the friend 2 days prior before the breakfast. I stopped calling, figured they were busy with something. I went alone. Then find out they came to the breakfast. We talked some. He invited me to some church function (10-28) at the vacant land... Something about food and games..... Here in Indiana, it gets real cool at that time of the month. I don't thing I will enjoy going there. I'm not a "holler roller" lol.

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  • What should I tell this friend?

    He's mad at me because I was granted disability after working about 25 yrs (2 different places) The reason was I was applying was that I was let go from my job in 2014... I have Cerebral Palsy in my legs, I have had CP most of my life. I walk slower then everyone else. I have "gait" when I walk. (knees go inward) I have a handicap plate on my truck.

    Unlike my friend, does not have a good work record. Does not hold a job very long (either quits or gets fired... Has not worked since '04. He thinks he should get disability because he has a bad back and hips. Addicted to pain pills (prescribed) Live with his mother @ the age of 44. Has one son (20) from his first marriage. That marriage did not last long He hooked up w/ another lady which resulted in a pregnancy.They never married. His second son is 4 He's was married two other times. Which ended up in divorce.

    I called him the other day. He was not very talkative at the time.... It seem Like I was doing most of the talking. He lost signal 2 times.. I called back and he seemed interested in a show he was watching... I told him I'll talk to him later, He asked me to call him later in the evening.... Why would he want me to call him later in the day.When he was not talking to me that much earlier in the day.... Over the years He has became "boring" to be with and to talk to. We live two hours away. I was there to visit him last May '14. We did not do or go anywhere. We just sat on the porch swing and talked.

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  • Should I say something to this friend?

    My friend has two dogs. They picked one up from a church friend. The second one is a yr old. The oldest is more laid back. They do not let the dog outside to "go" use the rest room. Instead they have the dogs "use" a pee pad. I was over there two weeks ago. The smell of urine hit me in the face the second I was inside.. He real religious. He always praying and preaching to me. Telling me I should come to his church or a function at one if his church members house. I would sometimes go to this church breakfast (3rd Sat of ever month) Sometimes I would call them on Thursday to ask them if t hey wanted to go...They would pray at every meal. Even when I used to go to a place in public... It seem weird... Another time we went to the church breakfast. He started his preaching to me.. I was almost was done. I stood up... and told him I had to go....

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  • Why do some people think bald fades (low medium and high) hair cuts are ugly?

    I get a hair cut between two to three months. I received a hair cut Last wednesday/ I observed a lot of men getting a fade hair cut. When I was in high school (this was 25 yrs ago lol) I seen some men have that hair style I thought it looked weird. I've been getting this hair cut for a number of years. Easy to take care of/

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  • People that were in Special Ed?

    People that used to be in school that were in Special Ed .... Are they mild mildly retarded?

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