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I try to answer the best I can. I will always be honest though. Even if it ruffles some Mareep fluff.

  • How can I stop accidentally putting weight on my badly sprained ankle?

    I have a bad sprained ankle that I’ve had for over almost 2 months because I’m dizzy on crutches. I keep almost falling while getting in or out of chairs resulting in putting weight on my bad ankle in order not to fall. This delays recovery over and over again making it swollen again. I’m unable to get a wheelchair or anything due to not having insurance or money. I have to get up a lot during the day because I have no one to take care of me. I have to get everything myself. This makes me accidentally stepping on it at a high risk every single day. What can I do to protect me from putting weight on it? Cushioning doesn’t seem to do much. If I put any weight on it at all, it hurts terrible and gets swollen again. I wish I could just stay in bed all day with it up, but I can’t. Have to eat, drink and use the bathroom. I dont know what to do here. I fear it will never get better like this. 

    4 AnswersInjuries3 weeks ago
  • My top molars are loose in my gums from biting down hard? ?

    A few days ago, I had a day where I didn't go to bed and stayed up all day really tired and I guess it caused me to have a day of a habit of biting down and sort of grinding my teeth (probably stress) and I did it about 6-8 times before it started hurting. I forced myself to stop, but sometimes I slipped up and did it by accident a couple more times throughout the day. The pain worsens when I lay on my jaw on my pillow at night. Yesterday while I was trying to sleep, I touched my molars with my tongue and pushed on them and I feel them going up into my gums when pushed on. Now I’m scared. I loosened them. It started out with two molars and now the teeth pain seems to be moving to teeth closer to the front of my mouth. I’m taking ibuprofen hoping I just inflamed the gums and that it will get better and my teeth will tighten back up, but I dont know if they will or not. I read online teeth naturally tighten themselves back up by themselves within two weeks. The pain is nothing severe, but it’s definitely there and bothersome. I’m not chewing on that side, but just moving my jaw up and down to chew seems to be making it hurt. I REALLY don’t want to have to go to the dentist. I have other injuries that I’m dealing with right now and I have no insurance or own money to pay for the expenses. I had nothing wrong with my teeth before I did this. I keep up with my oral hygiene every day and I doubt it’s gum disease. Do I really have to go to the dentist or will this heal on its own? 

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  • Is it REALLY not possible to delete a question On Y/A if people have commented on it? ?

    I’ve researched this in the past quite a lot and you apparently cannot delete your question once there are answers written on it. Yet I’ve seen lots of questions I’ve answered with other answers under them that are mysteriously gone when I go back to check on my answer. Most of the time it usually says “This question is under review or does not exist” like it was deleted  And other times the question disappears from my answered question tab completely. These questions weren’t even something that would get reported. Just questions people probably regretted asking and got hurtful answers and wanted to delete it. If this option is not a thing anymore, how are these questions getting “deleted”? Is there some trick I’m not aware if to delete your question? 

    9 AnswersYahoo Answers2 months ago
  • Can you only find new villagers to invite to your island on deserted islands at the beginning of the game? Animal Crossing NH? ?

    I know in the beginning of the game you can travel to deserted islands and find the first 3 villagers for you island.  But even now when I have the residents building built and Tom Nook is wanting to invite more people to the islands, I still don’t have any more villagers on deserted islands when I use a nook miles ticket. Was that just a thing for the beginning if the game? Are we forced to wait on the campsite alone now to get more villagers? I only have 5 villagers on my island and two of them I’d prefer to get moved out. If this is true, I’m very upset I didn't keep going to different islands looking for villagers I liked when I started. I didn't know they would stop coming at the time.. 

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games2 months ago
  • Are sprained ankles like this? Is this a common symptom?

    My ankle hurts on the outside on the bone. And sometimes a faint pain on the inside of the ankle on that same spot. As long as I keep weight off of it, it doesn’t hurt, but as soon as I try to move my toes, it makes it hurt again! Is that normal? Am I just supposed to not move my toes? It’s very uncomfortable not being able to move them. Is moving them ruining the healing process? It happened when I kept twisting my ankles around a lot of times A day frequently. Is this even a sprained ankle? If not, what is it? It burns sometimes and has a sharp sting on the ankle bone. 

    Injuries2 months ago
  • Do guys like it when a girl they like asks them to hang out first? Should I ask him first? Afraid he won’t be able or want to?

    I have two guy friends at work which both like me. We’ve never hing out before despite knowing each other for almost a year. One of them that I see as just a friend, I asked him to hangout once because he lives in the same town as me while the one I like doesn’t and lives in the next town over. I thought it would be convenient. While he was busy the day I asked for the first time. He has brought up hanging out with me SO many times now when he didn’t before. Like I gave him some kind of push he needed. Like he afraid to ask me, but now that I asked once, it’s easy for him. The other guy friend that I have feelings for has never asked me to hang out either despite showing intense signs of liking me and liking talking to me. I think he might also be afraid to ask me to hang out so I’ve been thinking about asking him in the next 2 weeks. I’ve had some issues in my life resulting in not being able to be at work so I’ve really missed him not being able to see him for so long. Work was the only way I had to see him. I’d like to ask him kf he wanted to meet me at a park or something after work or on one of his days off to hang out, but I’m scared to. Even though I bet he would want to since he says he misses me, I still feel on edge thinking about it. Like he would say no or can’t. He might ask me next time if I ask him this once. I’m just afraid to bug him and ask for some of his time on one of his days off when he’s been working so much.. just to hangout with me for a few hours..

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating3 months ago
  • Is there a product that repels grease from shoes? ?

    I work in fast food and the grease in the air and on the floor keeps ruining my shoes and gunking them all up. Is there a spray or something similar to water repellent spray that you can put on your shoes to protect them from grease? 

    3 AnswersCleaning & Laundry3 months ago
  • Why are carnivals not canceled this year?

    Idk about other locations, but my carnival and others in my area are still having them this year despite the virus. Which I think is a horrible idea. Yes I get they want to keep tradition going, and need money for their charities but a carnival is one of the WORST places to be during a virus. The crowded areas, the rides spreading germs, the carnival games spreading germs, the money handling so spreading even MORE germs. I was really looking forward to going this year like every year, but now I’m not going because I don’t have a death wish.. What are they thinking? And is your town or city having yours this year?

    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys3 months ago
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    What kind of flower is this? ?

    I thought it was a pansy or a buttercup, but pictures of them don’t look like it exactly. 

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape3 months ago
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    Please where can I find Reebok running shoes?? Can’t find in any store? ?

    The shoe store in my town where I’ve gotten the same kind of Reebok running shoes that fit my feet correctly when no other brand does, stopping carrying them this year and I can’t find another store that would have them. I checked Kholes, JC Pennies, Hibbit Sports, Academy sports, even Walmart. I need to be able to try them on so ordering online is not an option. No more stores in my town carry shoes and I feel screwed.. I’ve even looked in Shoe Carnival when we outside of town and they didnt carry them either. I’ve tried on hundreds of shoes (men and women’s) in all the stores I listed and none of them felt good. Yet I used to be able to go in my shoe store, find the latest design in the same style of my Reebok shoes and be out in 5-10 minutes. Now it’s become a giant wild goose chase just to find reebok shoes and in the style I need. This is so frustrating. Is there any store that would have them? I am desperate at this point. My shoes are so worn down and I badly need a new pair.. this is the style that always seems to fit me. 

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories4 months ago
  • 23 and never been to a wedding?

    I live away from family and have never gotten to experience going to a wedding. We’ve gotten invites before, but not afford the traveling expenses or new clothes to go to it. Everyone seems to have been to one but me and they all can’t believe I’ve never been to one. They act like it’s something everyone has experienced in their lives by the time their teens are over. Is it? While i’ve only seen weddings on TV, I’ve never really cared or seen it as such a big deal that Ive never been to one, I can’t help but feel really left out like I’m missing out on a great experience or something. Is it really that memorable and special?

    18 AnswersWeddings4 months ago
  • What is life like growing up with 10 siblings?

    My friend says he has 10 siblings and he’s kind of in the middle. (His mom married twice) Im curious how life has been is for these people growing up. He acts like it’s no big deal and is pretty chill about it, but I for one would go nuts.

    4 AnswersFamily4 months ago
  • What kind of injury causes a stinging stretching feeling in your legs?

    I’ve been injured for a few months from chondomalcia patella and was off my legs for too long on crutches due to developing quadricep tendonitis also and so I sat for months with no activity. My muscles got really weak and even now when Im trying to walk, exercise and stretch, I get this kind of burning, stinging pulling feeling in my legs above my knees and other places on my thighs.. it feels like you trying to pull and stretch a string or thread harder than it will go. What is stinging or stretching? How do I make it stop?

    Injuries4 months ago
  • What types of bugs are small, round and gray? They look like a piece of cat litter.?

    I have some of these little round bugs in my house that I dont know what they are. They are gray and look like pieces of cat litter balls. They look like some kind of beetle underneath and appear to make themselves look completely round. What are they and should I be worried? Are they anything serious that could cause an infestation if I don’t take action?

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape4 months ago
  • How long does it take for outside bug repellent to fade in smell?

    My neighbors next door sprayed some kind of bug spray around their house to repel bugs and we had our windows open and now the smell is trapped in here. The smell is still outside lingering really strong even after 5 hours of her spraying it so if we keep the windows open for ventilation, more will just keep coming in. I can’t stand the smell snd it’s making me sick. I can’t sleep tonight with the smell in here. How long will it take to fade and what should I do until then?

    2 AnswersCleaning & Laundry5 months ago
  • Guy friend teases me about being Christian?

    This guy I work with that seems to like me, found out I was a Christian like a month ago and now he never stops teasing me about it. I don’t even bring up anything relating to God and he just randomly puts Jesus and that fact that I’m Christian randomly in conversations and brings it up oit of nowhere as a way to tease me. I am not ashamed of anything and he knows that, yet he keeps bringing it up on his own. Whats weird is he says he is not a believer has no interest in it whatsoever, and acts like he doesnt like hearing me talk about any of it, yet HE is the one bringing it up every time like he WANTS me to tell him things about it. I will gladly tell him about it, but then he teases me more about it and treats it like a joke not taking me seriously. So I dont know what he wants. If he doesnt want me to talk about it, why does he keep bringing it up all the time like he’s basically asking me to share stuff with him? He is also always smiling when I’m talking about Jesus and my faith and everything. Like he enjoys me telling him things, but then when I ever bring anything thing up on my own he is all like “Noo I dont wanna hear that” I dont understand him.

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating5 months ago
  • HELP I have fleas in my bedroom!! How do ai get rid of them?!?

    Out of nowhere I got fleas somehow! I have a cat but she is an indoor cat and she never in my room! I dont know where they came from out of nowhere! They are mainly in my room in my bed! I haven't been out of the house for months due to an injury and i dint see how I could have gotten them! They dont seem to be in any other room in the house. Just my room, for now at least! I could be carrying them to other rooms now! What do I do?! How do I get rid of them? How could i have gotten them out of nowhere!

    3 AnswersCats5 months ago
  • I think I have mosquitos living in my house, but I never see them?

    My house is old and sits on a big pile of water apparently and we have a dehumidifier to keep the humidity down in the house, but it never gets down lower than 52 percent humidity, This is our first spring since we moved here and it’s more damp now. Apparently I have mosquitos in my house because I keep waking up with mosquito bites. I never see them though. I think I saw just one in the bathroom the other day and killed it, but havent seen any others. But they have to be here because I just have more bites every day. I dont know when they are biting me exactly, but it seems to be in the middle of the night. How are they getting me when Im covered up? I dont see any signs of mosquitos in my bed and I dont have bed bugs. I also keep getting thr bites on my ankles which I dont understand at all because I pretty much wear socks 24/7 and my ankles are always covered up by a thick layer of sock scrunched up. How could they bite me so much and so easily threw thick layers of socks? And why always at night when Im covered up? Im just frustrated. Every day I have like 4 new bites that itch a lot. But I can’t even see the mosquitoes to kill them. Where are they hiding, how are they biting me and how do I get rid of them?

    4 AnswersOther - Home & Garden5 months ago