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  • English to Spanish translation please !?

    Hi all can a person that speaks Spanish translate this for me. I need it to be acute

    Because I want this message to come across exactly the way it's ment to hurt. Thanks all.

    Dear Dayana,

    This email is my goodbye to you. I was shocked to have seen you act the

    Way you were acting. You have a terrible attitude. I do everything for you and that is

    How you repay me. The first day after you childish behavior my cousins were ready to go home.

    Your first impression sucked. You always looked angry and demanding. You never say please or thankyou. You had no respect for me being engaged with my girlfriend. I am not cold hearted , I am giving and loving untill someoene crosses me in a bad way, then they also get to see the bad side of me. The day after you left my vacation was 100 times better I met allot of girls with smiles on their faces and they did not ask anything of me. You always want more. When you opened the bottle of cologne I got elier, I saw how greedy you were. And then you put that bottle in your purse. Anyways I hope you have a nice life, you screwed up a friendship. Good bye

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  • English to Spanish translation ?

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    English to Spanish translation .?

    Hi all, can someone that speaks Spanish as a native language translate this for me. Thank you all.

    Dear Dayana,

    I have a good news. I will be coming to Varadero with my cousin this sunday December 9 2012. I will be ariving in the morning at 10 am. I had a fight at work so I got suspended for 2 weeks so I decided to come visit you. This was not a planned vacation and Had to use my credit card to pay for my vacation. I will be staying at the villa lamar hotel. You remember the one that I first stayed at. Let me know if theres something that i can buy for you. And ask Elier also what he wants. If its shoes he wants ask him to give me the shoe size in US. I hope you will have time to visit me. Please find my cousin a pretty girl. I will see you soon Dii. I love you

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  • english to spanish translation?

    hello to all. Can someone translate this to spanish for me please. I use google translate but its never really acurate. Thank you.

    Dear Dii,

    Thank you for your email. I also enjoyed spending time with you. I always think of you, we did have allot of fun together. It always makes me laugh when I think about how we dont speak the same language but we managed to understand each other and share many laughters. I miss you allot allot allot. I am getting married next year september 14 2013. Remember that krazy african Nat, the one that kept knocking on our door for 3 hours. I told him that I was going to invite you to the wedding and he started laughing. He said Dayana will not sit through the part when you say " I DO" she will start a war. He had me laughing. But I just want you to know that I do love you very much. I think your heart is gold. I will never ever forget your face, that showed so much concern when I was sick. I hope you find love and happiness. remember the 3 stars i showed you. Every morning when I leave for work and its still dark outside, I can see them. And I look at them for a bit and think of you and smile. Take care of your self my sweet best friend. And hopefully I will see you soon. Tell my boy Elier I said Hi, and I hope to see him soon. Bye Dii

    The One and only 3P

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  • english to spanish translation help ?

    Hi all.

    Can someone that speaks spanish as a native language translate this for me please. Online translation sites are not acurate. Thank you.

    Dear Dayana

    I hope your doing well. I am sorry I have not written. I have bin very busy with work. I have bin working far away from home and staying at different hotels. I am back home for a little bit. I have never stoped thinking of you and cant stop thinking of our time together in Havana on the roof top of the hotel.We had a good time. I also always remember how you were so caring when I got sick in varadero. You are an awesome friend. I will always love you. Dayana I am sorry about the money situation I tried sending it a couple of times and my bank kept returning it to my account. I feel realy guilty.I will give you the money in person next time I come over there. Soon I hope. I was in Mexico for 2 weeks in August with my girlfriend. I asked her to marry me and gave her a ring over a candle

    light dinner at the beach. It was very romantic. We are getting married next year September. Dayana, the other day I looked up at the sky and saw the 3 stars that I showed you and always reminds me of you. I took a picture of it for you. I Love you with all my heart and hope you and your

    family are doing well. Tell Elier I said Hi, and I always think of him.


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  • english to spanish translation !?

    Hi can someone that speaks Spanish fluently translate this to Spanish for me. Thank you.

    Dear Dii,

    I tried sending the money with my bank today and spent 2 hours arguing with them. They said they cannot send it if I don't have your bank account number. They cant just send it to the bank, you must have an account there with them. Please get that number for me and I will try one more time.

    I have to go because I am working late today. I will try again one more time tomorrow, I hope it works. Tell Elier I said Hi and I always think of him. I will try to come there for a week in December.

    Love you


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  • spanish to english translation ?

    Can a person that speaks spanish fluently translate this for me please. Thank you ;)

    Hola lindo

    Te escribo por aquí con mas tiempo porque estoy trabajando y ayer

    tenia a mi mamá diciéndome que comiera y no me dejaba escribir.

    Quiero pedirte disculpas porque ayer mire tu estrella y te grite NO TE

    CASES POR FAVOR MORENO, hoy mi corazón lo comprendió y te deseo


    Como tu fuiste muy honesto conmigo tampoco te mentiré, sabes que eso

    nunca, no estoy feliz porque te cases con tu novia al contrario siento

    mucho dolor, se que siempre fuiste claro conmigo pero como toda mujer

    tenemos siempre la esperanza de obtener lo que se ama, ya vez soy tu

    amiga o tu familia, se que ahora cuando te cases las cosas serán

    diferentes, tendrás menos tiempo, vendrán los hijos, vivirán el uno

    para el otro y te olvidaras de mi, le dije a Elier lo de tu matrimonio

    pero no me respondió, párese que le asombro, no se que le paso por su

    cabeza porque ni siquiera me dijo. Te perdí y resignarme es de

    perdedores pero estas tan lejos, no tienes idea como me siento, solo

    te puedo decir que te voy amar tanto que mi corazón de tan grande que

    es tu espacio no te vera. Tu e-mail lo he leído muchas veces me lo se

    de memoria, seguro va hacer como tu despedida de soltero, pero sigo

    con la idea que la firma de un papel no solidifica el amor.

    No te escribiré que te ame, en pasado, te amare hasta que deje de

    respirar y si algún dia hechas todo atrás te voy a estar esperando con

    un lugar en mi vida para ti, algún dia llegara el hombre de mi vida,

    pero dudo que sea como tu significas para mi, te confieso que me

    hubiese gustado casarme contigo.

    Te voy a pedir lo mas importante de mi vida, quisiera verte pronto,

    antes que tengas hijos y tu vida se complique o sea lo mas pronto que

    puedas, por favor te lo pido, si me quieres de verdad, me concedas

    este deseo.

    Te prometo no llorar mas por ti, me lo jure ayer, fue mi ultima

    lagrima de amor por ti, de verdad no se como podré vivir con esta

    tristeza, te llevas en tu boda toda mi vida y cuando des el si, será

    un cuenta atrás y llegara todo a cero. Te amo.

    Mi nombre es: Dayana Teresa Rodríguez Hernández

    Carnét de identidad: 85101504413

    Dirección: calle 5ta # 100 Los Arabos- matanzas- cuba

    Lo necesitaras en el banco para la transferencia.

    Escríbeme por mi correo contándome de cómo estas y de tu despedida de

    soltero, fotos de tu traje, serás el novio mas lindo del mundo. Un

    beso de suerte y un abrazo de amor.

    Te ama


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  • English to Spanish Translation ?

    Can someone that speaks spanish fluently please translate this for me. Thank you.

    Dear Dayana,

    I will always make time for you. I am not getting married in the domincan republic, I am getting engaged, thats when I ask her to marry me and give her a ring. Dayana I went to a couple of banks and none of them transfer money to Cuba. Cuba is the only country that is isolated from the rest of the world. I spoke with my bank and they will try to do the transfer. They Need your full name and home adress. They also Need the name of your bank and full adress. They also need your account number with the bank. And they need the Swift Code for the bank ask your bank what a Swift code is. Also An IBAN number and a ABA number. Please talk to your bank and get that information for me and I will try again. I am sorry my love. I want you to remember that I will always love you. And the picture you sent me of you with the glasses on was very cute. Take care Dii.


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  • Spanish to English Translation ?

    Can Someone that speaks Spanish Fluently please Translate this for me. I would really apreciate the help. Thank you.


    Me alegra saber de ti, no sé porque te estás sintiendo triste, pues

    casarte era lo que querías y muchas veces me dijiste que la amabas, no

    sé porque te casas en república dominicana pero te deseo suerte y

    triste estoy yo, porque en este momento se que te perdí, me demore en

    escribirte porque se me hace difícil felicítate porque sabes lo que

    siento por ti, la envidio de corazón y daría cualquier cosa por estar

    en su lugar y de no ser para ti una familia. Te amo.

    Los datos del banco son ese

    Código swif BPA MCU MT 388


    Carlos Manuel de Céspedes # 7 entre séptima y novena Los Arabos,

    Matanzas, Cuba.

    Teléfono del Banco 379489

    Esto es todo lo que me dieron en el Banco, te amo mucho te escribo en

    otra ocasión y por favor no quiero que estés triste porque tu tristeza

    es la mía.

    Cuídate y felicidades o sea feliz boda

    Te ama Di

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  • English to Spanish Translation ?

    English to spanish translation .?

    Hi can a person that speaks spanish fluently translate this for me. Thank you. I hate google translate as its not acurate.

    Dear Dayana,

    I am happy to hear from you and your email has come at a good time because I have bin feeling a little bit sad for the past couple of days. I dont know why. I hope your doing well. You look very nice in that picture with your natural hair but where are those sexy glasses that I like so much ? They make you look so smart. Next time I come I will bring you a dress that fits. You should be more honest with your size next time, hahaha !! Dayana I want to tell you something because I believe in being honest with you. You know I love you very much like family and I will do anything I can for you. I am planning on getting engaged to my girlfriend next month in Domincan Republic. I tell you this because we are good friends and friends dont lie to each other. I hope you are happy for me. I promised you that I will help you with money to start your business, Please give me all the information on where you want me to transfer this money, I will do this for you tommoro. I hope everything works out. I also will always remember all our conversations and the good times we share. I hope to see you soon. I love you Dii.


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  • spanish to english translation ?

    can someone that speaks spanish fluently translate this email for me. I tried google translate and its incacurate. I really apreciate this. Thank you

    Hola papacito 3p:

    Lindo estas good, por aquí bien, lloviendo como nunca y extrañándote

    que creo no es nuevo para ti.

    No se porque te quiero cada dia y a cada momento y cuando estoy

    triste, me das fuerzas para seguir, que cuando todo me sale mal eres

    mi rayito de luz en medio de la noche y cuando estoy feliz quisiera

    compartirla contigo, no me preguntes el porque si algunas veces soy

    loca contigo y otras eres mi centro de vida, no lo hago por mal

    respeto tus ideas, tengo tanto amor para darte y tantos deseos de

    verte nuevamente que ni te imaginas.

    Te envío fotos de este fin de semana en mi casa espero te gusten,

    aaaaa mi 3p el cabello ya es mío, me quite las extensiones, para que

    no te rías de mi jajaja, mucho mejor así (claro).

    Te amo mucho, espero te estés portando bien y mis consejos los estés

    tomando, no olvides que los amores no son fuertes con los años, ni se

    agradecen con el tiempo, solo nace y crece natural solo basta un

    segundo para demostrar que se ama de verdad . La única persona que te

    puede dar tu felicidad eres tu mismo y nadie te va a querer como tu.

    Te escribo todo esto porque recuerdo que mucho me decías que no eras

    feliz, por favor el dia que tu corazón no pueda con tu tristeza te

    regalo el mío, que te va a dar fuerzas y te ayudará a vivir, te amo

    desde el primer dia que te vi. Se que me quieres como familia is that

    we are friends but my heart insists, es mi verdad.

    Te amo Moreno

    La palabra amor se encuentra en cualquier labio pero en, muy pocos corazones


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  • Engish to Spanish translation ?

    English to spanish translation ?

    Hi can someone help me translate this message from English to Spanish please. I would appreciate the help from people that speak Spanish as a native language. Thank you :)

    Dear Dayana,

    I hope your doing well. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures you sent me. It has only bin 3 month since I was in your country and it feels like a couple of years. I miss you very much. I always think of the conversations we had and all the laughter we shared together. Even tho we couldn't speak the same language we managed to understand each other. Dayana I love you so much and I consider you my family. I have bin busy with work and working out at the gym. I told you my goal was to get bigger and I am working on that goal. I quit smoking cigarettes from the last day I was in cuba. I also don't drink as much as I did. Dayana I read your email about you needing my help with some money to start a business. I will do anything I can to help you to make your life easier and better for you and your family. Ill do this because I have so much love for you and I want to see you happy. I know how difficult it can be to get money to start a business. I am going to be honest with you, at this time I have just helped some family member with money and It would be hard for me to send you 400 CUC. But I don't want you thinking I don't want to help you so, I will do what I can for you and within the next 2-4 weeks I will have that money transferred to you. I hope this money can some how make your life easier. I don't want you to have to worry about paying me back, I will be giving you this money as a gift. So don't stress about it. Dayana Your my best friend and I Love you. Take care of yourself. Tell Elier I said Hi, and I always remember his good heart.


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  • spanish to english translation ?

    can someone that speaks spanish as a native language translate this for me please . Thank you

    Te extraño, vuelve plisssssssssssss

    Mi 3p, nesecito que me ayudes, sabes que a parte de pequeñas cosas

    nunca te e molestado para nada y menos para razones financieras. Lindo

    nesecito un préstamo de 400 pesos, es lo que me falta para completar

    una compra de un pequeño negocio que ya te comente que yo hacia antes

    de oro, que me dará mucho dinero o me llevara a la ruina, la cantidad

    que te pido es la parte que necesito porque el resto es un fondo que

    tengo, espero pagarte lo mas pronto que pueda esa cantidad. Sabes que

    no soporto vivir de mi salario de trabajo, ni estar de mantenida,

    lindo dime si cuento contigo?

    Si no puedes no te preocupes sabes que prefiero morir antes que perderte.

    Tengo deseos ahora de besarte hasta no poder respirar más y de hacerte

    el amor como si fueras el último hombre en la tierra,

    No puedo vivir si no estas

    Te amo Moreno

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  • English to Spanish Translation?

    Hi can a Spanish speaking Person as a Native language please help me translate this from English to Spanish. Thank you. I tired the Internet but its not accurate.

    Dear Dii,

    I have bin so busy catching up with work and eating since I have returned to Canada. This email will be short but I will write you a much longer letter once I get the chance. I want to thank you for hanging out with me while I was visiting your country. Dii, I love you very much. I think your a super amazing girl. When I looked in you eyes I saw how sincere and caring that you are. I really am grateful to have a friend like you. I will never forget the laughs we shared together and our walks at the beach at night. I am sorry for what I did to you In havana. Dii, I joke around allot about allot of things with you, but I want you to know that I sincerely love you from the bottom of my heart, And everytime you look at the star I want you to remember me. I will always think of you. Its hard for me to write you long letters because not everyone has the time to translate for me.But I will keep writing you. Dii tell Elier that I Thank him for those cigars, I really love them. Like you told me in cuba, those guys that were at the club with us are not my real friends they just use me, but Elier is more than a friend He is my brother from another mother. I love both of you.

    Your Best friend 3-P


    Ps; I cooked this when I got back ,Your favorite Pasta and steak.

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  • spanish to english translation ?

    Can someone please translate this for me to english. The computer translators are not acurate,

    Thank you.

    Hola lindo

    No te escribí antes porque tenia un poco de trabajo, es que quiero

    adelantar algunos detalles para poder escaparme, ya todo esta bien, se

    lo diré a mi jefe que me ausentare y si quiere gritar pues que grite

    desde ahora jajaja.

    En el Snack Bar 62 estaré ese dia 17, estoy contando los días para

    volverte a ver, no se si este a las 12, pero are todo lo posible, si

    estoy antes te esperare allí, no se con exactitud, recuerda que tu

    amiga no tiene carro jajaja, pero estaré sin falta. Te soy sincera una

    vez mas, no pensaba decirle a Elier que venias a Cuba, ni invitarlo a

    ir conmigo a Varadero, no me pierdo el privilegio de este encuentro

    contigo sin Elier, tu lo llamas y le dices que estas aquí.

    Mi habitación tiene dos camas!!! Estas como las niñas, si tus amigos

    leyeran esto, pues dirían Mike ese eres tu………jajaja. Apartando la

    broma confío en ti, aunque sea una cama, se que eres un caballero.

    Apartando todo eso, nos vamos a divertir, solo te pido que disfrutes,

    después de toda una jornada en Canadá unas Vacaciones en Cuba.

    Escríbeme cualquier otro cambio.

    Besos 10000000000

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  • english to spanish translation ?

    Can someone that speaks Spanish as a native language please translate this for me. Its really short. Thank you. And please no computer translator as they are not accurate.


    There has bin a change of plan. Meet me at snack bar Calle 62. Its on Av 1 & Calle 62. I have rented a casa particular on 56 calle. The name of the casa is Jose Ramon Y Elaine. Bring some extra clothe we will go to a disco that night. I have 2 beds in the room so you can sleep there. I will see you at 12 for lunch at (Snack bar 62). I know you live far so if you want to meet earlier than 12 let me know. Come alone so we can spend time together. Elier can join us the next day.


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  • english to spanish translation ?

    Can someone that speaks Spanish as a native language translate this for me. thank you.

    Hi Dii

    Remember when You and Elier met me at the snack bar on 23 street. Its called (Snack Bar FM 23) its in Varadero. Meet me there Saturday March 17 at 12 pm for Lunch. I got your email about the casa particular and I will call some and see if there is any rooms available. Let me know if you dont know where this place is. See you soon.

    exact address is FM-23. Snack bar. Ave. 1ra. y 23. Varadero. Matanzas

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  • spanish to english translation ?

    can someone that speaks Spanish as a native language please translate this to Spanish for me. Thank you.


    Can you please call this casa particular and ask them if they have something available for March 17 until march 19. If they do please ask them to reserve it for me and I will call them back. The phone number is +53.456.12640 ask for Yamila.

    Thanks Dii

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  • english to spanish translation?

    Can someone please help me translate this short letter from English to Spanish. Please only people that speak fluent Spanish only. Because the computer translators are not accurate. Thank you in advanced.

    Dear Dayana

    I want to let you know I have bought my plane ticket to cuba. I will be arriving at varadero airport Saturday March 17 at 9:00 am. This time I will be staying longer than usual, I will be staying for 10 days. I have not found a place to stay yet, but I am looking to rent a casa particular in Varadero for a couple of days and then maybe go to Havana for the rest of the time. I will let you know exactly where I will be. Try to get allot of time off of work so we can spend time together. Meet me at (Snack Bar Fm-23) at 12pm Saturday March 17.

    your best friend


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  • spanish to english translation ?

    Hello can someone that speaks spanish as a native language translate this for me please. I know its long but please help. Thanks

    Hola lindo

    Estoy bien, gracias por el e-mail me divertí muchísimo con todo lo que

    me escribes sobre todo por el traductor horrible, eres especial y

    sobre todo tienes una manera particular de hacerme reír y cambiar mi

    vida . Por lo de la emigración ni te preocupes tu amiga esta loca,

    quiero salir de cuba y si lo logro vas a saber siempre donde estoy. Me

    alegro también tu llamada y fue una salpresa, me encanto y por tu

    viaje a Cuba te espero cada dia, cada segundo, cada mes, cada año,

    aquí voy a estar para ti y gracias una vez mas por ser importante

    para ti y ser tu mejor amiga, jamás te defraudare porque te amo como

    ningún ser te llegara a querer (apartando tu familia). El dia de San

    Valentín o sea mañana, lo pasare en una disco,, con mis amistades

    ,que ninguna se puede comparar a ti porque para mi eres el mejor y si

    un amor me encontrara le pido a Dios que sea como tu. No tengo novio,

    nunca habíamos hablado de ese tema, tuve una amarga experiencia hace

    unos cuantos meses, por estar con la persona incorrecta, en el lugar

    incorrecto y acabo mal, y como amiga te quiero dar un consejo, si no

    estas enamorado o no la quieres no empieces una relación porque

    termina en un fracaso y la próxima vez tendré en cuenta quererlo,

    tanto como te quiero a ti. No quiero nunca que entre nosotros existan

    las mentiras, quisiera que fuera verdadero y una amistad sincera vale

    más que todo el oro del mundo, porque esas siempre van a estar ahí en

    las buenas y malas, como voy a estar yo ahí contigo. Dale mis saludos

    a Franklin, dile que le buscare una chica bonita para el. Elier

    siempre le doy tus saludos, y todo tu cariño. Disfruta mañana ese dia

    del amor y que tu ángel cupido te de una chica bien buena y linda, por

    dentro y por fuera. Te mando muchos besos ese dia y el 23 que no se te

    olvida que esa fecha para mi es sagrada, porque cumples años, no se me

    olvida, me lo dijiste una ves y no se me olvida porque cuando se

    quiere a alguien no se te olvida ni tu color preferido, que me dijiste

    que era el rojo (no se) jajaja.

    La pasaremos bien esa semana que estés en Cuba, te lo prometo. Me

    encanto todo lo que piensas de mi, lo que sucede es que Dios nos puso

    en lugares muy lejanos, porque si no, el mundo me quedara chiquito

    jajaja. Lindo me haces un favor me recargas hoy mi teléfono, es que de

    nuevo esa oferta tentadora te lo voy agradecer es esta

    y mi numero ****** te adoro for ever

    Tu foto esta lindo eres mi chico, me encanto. La voy a poner en mi

    trabajo de fondo de pantalla. Tengo inmensos deseos de verter.

    Hermoso poema, y mirare las estrellas y seguro pensare en ti.

    . Me informas la fecha exacta en que vienes a La Habana para estar

    ahí. Te amooooooooo


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  • can someone translate this English poem to Spanish ?

    Hi can someone translate this English poem to Spanish for me without losing its translation. Thank you.

    Look at the stars 2night

    As we see the same light

    & in da moment

    It will be alright

    If u miss a falling star

    I'll catch it for u

    Keep it in my heart

    & we can share it 2

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