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  • Moving computer; can I freeze the parts?

    So... I ve been dealing with a roach problem where I currently live, it s gotten progressively worse and I am moving finally. I am taking every extreme I can on this move to ensure I bring none with me. Thankfully I don t have much going with me at all other than clothing and cooking utensils; so no furniture or anything...

    But the one thing I have that I m unsure of is my computer. I plan on taking it apart and using an air compressor to clean it. With my accessories I know I can freeze them for a week before the move to kill anything inside. Can I do the same for internal computer parts? I d assume I would have to bag them with as little air as possible inside to prevent any moisture... but would the cold damage any pieces?

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  • Staying in Europe for longer than 90 days?

    I ve been trying to find out if there are any other forms of visa, other than a tourist or work visa, that I could use to visit Switzerland for a longer period than 90 days.

    I have a family who can sponsor me, and all expenses for however long I stay, and I do not have any plans on working during this time. I know Switzerland is far more strict than other countries... but I was hoping there would still be something to allow for a longer stay, but so far all searches have been fruitless.

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  • Looking to upgrade graphics card, but unsure which would work with my PC?

    I'm running an AMD Phenom IIx4 processor, 8gb Ram (also will be upgrading to 16gb), and currrently have a Radeon HD 6870.

    Turns out my GPU is one series behind the minimum requirements for Fallout 4. I'm looking to switch over to a Nvidia graphics card, but I'm not too sure which series would be the best? My motherboard has a PCI 2.1 express slot, but if I remember correctly PCI 3 can be used in a 2.1 slot?

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  • Kawasaki Eliminator 125, great deal, or pass on it?

    So I've been keeping an eye out for getting lucky and finding a good motorcycle cheap to start learning on. I've found a 2001 Kawasaki 125cc, only has 711 miles on it, started up fine. It's missing the title, mirrors, a bunch of bolts to hold the covers and seat on, and the front blinker's don't work. The carb is the only thing that should need to be cleaned, and the battery needs to be screwed back down into place.

    The original owner lost the title while moving to the state from GA, and in GA they required you to go in person to get a replacement (not sure if this is still the case), so they never went back for the title. The current owner knew them, and bought it to make a go-kart, and ended up using something else. So he never registered it either.

    Hes only asking $400 for it. I've never ridden before, nor worked on a motorcycle. Is this a great deal that I could learn on, or should I wait for something that has a clean title and doesn't need any work?

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  • What would you pay for this motorcycle?

    I'm trying to buy a cheap motorcycle to start learning to ride on. someone's offere me an 82 kawasaki kz750 and told me to make an offer. I went and looked at it, it's around 70k miles, has a large dent in one side of the tantank, but doesn't leak. The speedometer and tachometer don't work, and the bike tends to choke and die when sitting idle. And lastly, it's been sitting for in between 6months to a year. I was thinking of offering $400, since I'll need to pour a lot of elbow grease into it to fix it up some, but I'm not experienced with bike prices.

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  • Biking basics...?

    So, I feel kind of stupid asking this, but I never learned or was taught as a kid. I just bought a new mountain bike and it has the two shifters on the handles. The left handle bar has friction, and the right is a gear shift I think, it ranged from 1-7.

    So how do these work exactly? When should I change the settings between road and dirt, etc?

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  • Gaining "un-lean" muscle? Meal plan help.?

    I've been working on a complete lifestyle change in order to make myself a bit healthier. I started at 280lbs with a good mix of both muscle and fat (mainly just a big belly, lower body could be considered "ripped", but my belly is just ridiculously big). The main two areas I have problems with are, as stated, my belly, and my arms. My lower half is what I consider normal.

    Now that I've lost some fat weight, down to 250, I'm looking to start building upper body muscle. I've started lifting a few weights here and there, nothing serious yet. The main thing I'm looking at is how to gain muscle without losing "too" much fat. I've always been the guy who doesn't like the look of a lean, muscled guy. I think it looks ugly. I prefer the look of a muscled man with a healthy layer of fat. Kind of hard to explain, but I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about... pretty much the opposite of what most weight lifters and muscle builders are aiming to achieve.

    On to the main question. I'm looking for a meal plan that will give me healthier food, a good round calorie intake (I've heard a lot of people do a 3-4000 calorie diet for this kind of thing, but that just seems like a lot to me right now). Can anyone suggest a reliable meal plan that I can stock up on and always keep at the ready easily?

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  • Remote dog correction devices?

    I wanted to get a suggestion for long range correction for a dog who wants to bark and run towards people when off leash. He does fine when I'm with him outside, but if someone else lets him out he has picked up a bad habit from our older female who will bark at anyone approaching.

    I was thinking a high vibration collar might work, or tone collar, but I'm afraid of him reacting to things like the microwave or someones phone vibrating. Or that it may not work at all with his size. I would hate to use any static correction.

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  • Cleaning a meat department's floor?

    So, recently I was hired on as a clean-up boy for a meat department to start working my way slowly to the top becoming a meat cutter. I'm trying to find out the best way to clean up the floors at the end of the day. At my previous store the best way was with a squeegee, but the only squeegee they have is a hard rubber one. It doesn't do anything on the tile floors, barely pushing water and leaving meat and material stuck between tiles. Do you think a foam squeegee would work well on tile floor? Or does anyone else have any methods to share?

    The floor is rectangle in design with two floor drains along the middle, each half sloping towards the drains.

    3 AnswersCleaning & Laundry6 years ago
  • Runescape - Which to lvl first and how?

    So, I've just gotten back into runescape to take up some free time when I don't feel like playing anything else. Right now my Att is 40, defense is 37, and str is 30. I wanted to know if I should keep them all around the same, or if it would be more worth it to get my Att to 50 for rune weaponry (after I hit 40 defence first of course).

    Second question is what are the best areas and ways to lvl combat exp now? Last time I played was close to 2004, and things have changed drastically. I've been finding that I lvl faster off monsters I can one or two hit and kill multiple of them faster, than on those that have higher exp, but take longer to kill.

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  • Looking for a meal plan? Men's weight loss.?


    I've been struggling to try and get myself motivated and on the right track towards exercising and losing weight. Having asthma my entire life it has been hard... and I put a lot of weight gain on due to inactivity mixed with medication with a hunger side effect. Now that I've finally found something to keep my asthma in check as long as I don't push myself over the edge, I have the motivation to get started.

    My only problem is that I've never calorie counted other than to see what proportion and how much I can eat. I haven't gained any weight since the initial gain (haven't lost any either...). I'm great with my portions now, I'm not so great at eating right, nor do I know what I should eat to help keep me full without being full of trans fats. If anyone has any links they could give me to help, that would be great! What I'm looking for the most is some kind of mix and match meal planner where I can look at meals and side dishes and match things together.

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  • Does anyone have any info on Naberius?

    I'm trying to do some research on the mythological figure known as Naberius. I know of him as a demon with the image of a three headed dog, or raven. But what I'm more curious about are the stories that say that he was once Cerberus, and that Hades released him from his post as guardian of the gates of hell. The only info I have on that so far, is that once released he took on a more human form to join the gods as Naberius. So, anyone know anything?

    1 AnswerMythology & Folklore7 years ago
  • Moving to Switzerland and Pets?

    So, within the next few years I will be working on moving to Switzerland. I've been trying to research it, but I could only find information on bringing animals into Switzerland while on vacation. I'd hazard to say that the rules aren't much different for animals permanently coming into the country, but I figured I'd ask in a few places to make sure.

    Does anyone know what all is needed to permanently move an animal to Switzerland with you? I know for visitation you need all proofs of ID, as well as proof that it has had a Rabies shot (at least for dogs, which is what I will be bringing) within 21 days before visitation. Dogs with docked tails/ears are not allowed as well. I will be bringing a great dane with me. He is currently a puppy at nearly 3 months old, but he'll be a full grown adult by the time I will be moving.

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  • Looking for an old PS2 game...?

    So, this may be a hard one.

    When I was a kid I could only rent games from time to time, I rarely ever was able to buy one for myself, or received them as gifts. I was luckily enough to get a PS2 at the time.

    Anyways, there was this one game that is stuck in the back of my memories, that I rented more than any other game until it disappeared from stores. I can't remember a name, only a little of what the game is about. I remember it was a third person view game, set in a dark area, where you played a male character who would control spirits to fight other monsters. I remember that you had to unlock each spirit and rank them up, and each spirit was different with its abilities, and the number of spirits summoned. For example, I remember 3 of the spirits. There was a group of sword fighting spirits, a group of spirits that would use claws, and then a group of bomb-like spirits.

    Not much to go on, but anyone have a clue? I've been hunting it down for years, looking through sites full of PS2 game covers to no avail.

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  • Boa scratched by rat?

    Alright, this is the one area in snake keeping that I have no experience in, simply because I've never had to deal with it. I have a Nicaraguan boa, as well as a Blood python, both eating pre killed (haven't been able to get them to take F/T yet, I've tried all the tricks, still a no go). My Blood eats like a champ, but my nicaraguan is a bit feeding shy. Sometimes she'll eat, sometimes she won't. So I'll give her a test, holding the rat outside her tank to see if she takes notice at all, if she shows any hint I'll attempt to feed.

    I've started to feed them in a separate container from their own tanks, and this time while testing my nicaraguan she struck at the rat (medium) before I'd killed it. As soon as she took it I made sure it wasn't biting her, but now that I look at her I see what looks to be a tiny scratch on one eye. I see no blood, and it looks similar to what stuck shed looks like.

    Is there anything I should do at home to help her? Do you think she'll be fine? It doesn't look like there is any permanent damage, and after she was done I used a glove hand and lightly touched the area and got no reaction from her. Normally I'd take her straight to the vet, but it is 11:30 at night. Tomorrow I plan on giving my local herp vet a call and she if shes in office, and if not what she suggests.

    Here is a link to a picture I took of the area, I've circled the area (its hard to notice in the picture at all).

    3 AnswersReptiles8 years ago
  • Looking for a good winter jacket.?

    I'm going to Switzerland this Christmas and am in need of a thick winter jacket that can stand the -C temperatures there. As a southerner (from SC) I'm not used to freezingly cold winters and have no need of a jacket. So I don't know what brands are good for such cold temperatures. Style isn't much of a problem, as long as its wearable and gets the job done, and price isn't too much of a problem either, but I do have a range.

    I'm mainly looking for good brand names right now, but if anyone has any good jacket they want to link me to go ahead! So far I've been looking at this right now: but I can't find any good reviews on it for colder weather, but what reviews it does have are always good.

    (Also, I wasn't sure what subject to put this under in questions, so I chose Snowboarding since most snowboarders would know what would be best).

    2 AnswersOther - Winter Sports8 years ago
  • Dwarf Caiman care and info?

    Alright, I've started working in a petshop a few months ago and was talking to a few people about getting a more exotic reptile for display (would not be sold until someone who specifically asks and knows about their care comes in). I know of the basic care for food and living area, but the questions I have I have not been able to find easily and what I have found aren't specific.

    I've read that dwarf caiman prefer more land than water, which will easily be worked out. My question is from a young age, just how fast do they grow? I know they grow to 4-6 feet depending on male or female (male 5-6, female 4-5). How long do they get within the first year, the second, and so on? My second question are specific temperatures. I've also heard they prefer cooler water than most (around 60F), but what basking, ambient, and water temperatures are suggested?

    I'm working with our fish department on setting up a partial aquatic/land aquarium out of a huge tank we have, and hope that it will be big enough for the first few years (otherwise we may have to scrap this project for now until we can build an enclosure large enough).

    2 AnswersReptiles8 years ago
  • Opinion wanted for a Nicaraguan Boa and feeding problems.?

    So, I've recently acquired a 5.5 ft Nicaraguan Boa who is afraid of rats. Apparently she was in an accident at a younger age with a rat that left a scar on her side, but it isn't that bad; but since then she hasn't touched a rat. So I'm left to feeding her mice. I've been trying to move her to F/T (trying both rats and mice, but nothing is working. I've tried scenting rats to smell like mice, soaking them in chicken broth, feeding her a mouse then offering a rat once shes in the zone... nothing.) So I want a few other's opinions on what I should do.

    The previous owner was feeding 6 mice to the usual medium rat ever week/two weeks dependingly. I feel like she might not be getting enough of a meal though. If I cannot find anything else locally to try (I've been trying to find someone who can supply rabbit kits, but no luck so far), then what would you suggest trying? If I stick to mice, about how many and how often do you think I should feed her?

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  • Visiting Switzerland for a while, anything else I'm forgetting?

    I'm planning to head to switzerland for most of May, and all of June, and I want to make sure that I have everything that I need to.

    Money isn't a problem. I plan to exchange currency once I'm there (I plan to check the airport there, a friend I'm staying with says they have a good rate, so I'm checking it, if not I have another way that is the cheapest I've found so far that I will do once there), so it is settled.

    I have my passport, I do not need a visa for this trip... So other than packing up to go what else is there I need to watch out for? This will be my first major trip like this. I have never flown alone, let alone flown since I was a child. Any help would be appreciated so I can double check everything.

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