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  • How can someone take me down with 3 body shots with an AKM in pubg mobile tdm? Is it possible?

     I'm quite new to pubg mobile. I'm quite decent in classic mode. Because that involves tactics, strategy, camping etc. And I can somehow manage that and I mostly land in top 10 almost everytime with a decent 5-7 kills. I thought I was doing pretty good for a new player but TDM has made me realize how bad I am. 

    I see an enemy running that way and start firing at them and I've already landed 3-4 body shots on them but they turn around and shoot for a second, yes literally a second and I die. Like counter attack. It wasn't even head shot .They may be pro conquerers but I don't get how I die so easily in a second while it takes a ton of ammo from my gun to kill them even though I'm using the same weapon as them. 

    It's not that I don't move and stand still so the enemy gets an easy kill. I do move, hop and run around but I always die. I don't get it. I've cried out of frustration too. 

    I'm not a candy crush player directly jumping to pubg. I've been supreme at CS:GO. But pubg is really hard for me. Everyone seems to be so good while I suck *** at it. What do I do? 

    Don't tell me practice more blah blah blah ....I've been shooting the **** out of walls in training mode and tried various sensitivity and layout settings. I've been trying to improve my recoil control and also learn about what gun attachments do you favour in different situations. I've been trying everything I can and at least devoting 5 hours a day for pubg. But I still suck and that is so evident from the TDM mode. 

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