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  • why is this new version of mail so very bad, are they going to change it back or what?.?

    This not only a question it is a complaint to Yahoo.

    Why change it, is this a way to get us to go to another mail service?

    It is not working at all. very glitchy, and frustrating way to arrange things. Why!!!?

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  • can you get fired if you have been sick for 2 days?

    My daughter works at a Fast Food restaurant. She got shingles (she is 18) and could not stand for extended periods of time due to the pain. She called in sick and spoke to the manager, and the manager told her to stay home.

    Next thing she comes back to work and she was taken off the schedule, later to find our that she was fired.

    Is this how it is on the fast food industry this days. Does she have any recourse against them?

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  • I am incorrect in assuming that my boss should pay me for salary not paid to me due to their own bad managemen?

    They shorted me 2000 last month. Now the bank is charging me for late payments etc.., and I told my boss and his answer was I can lend you the money if you want.

    Am I on drugs or is that as wrong as can be!!!!

    Is there anything I can do legally?

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    I am in the building industry. The work all but dried out long ago and have been paying my ex the child support I agreed for 2 years now. Last October I was hit by my employer with a 30% reduction in pay. I still paid my child support by going through my savings, selling my stuff on eBay, or whatever it took. Now, I have asked her to please let me reduce since I have no more money. If I were to pay her the same I would be left over with 670 dlls. to pay for all my expenses. It brakes my heart to do this, but I can't survive. When I told her this she threaten me with going to court to garnish my wages which would also put a 10% increase for court costs. When I heard this, I said to myself, I have no choice but going to court myself and settle this with the judge. This has major implications for her since I am also helping her outside child support to pay her mortgage and utilities. All that will stop now (don't have the money), but I would of helped by other means if she had not threatened me, I have always had good intentions. At least now she will realize that I was trying to help her.

    I told her I would help her, ....I can't anymore

    Am I wrong?

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  • Me and my EX's boy friend in the same house?

    Due to the economy I am helping my ex-wife by staying in (now her house) paying the mortgage and utilities which amount to about $2200/mo. Now she got a boyfriend and I offet to leave, but she does not want me to go. She says if the boyriend can't handle it too bad. I ind this extremely bizarre. The boy friend also offered to pay her mortgage if I moved out, and she refused. I was thrilled, but she does not want to let go. I have 2 kids for which I pay child support in addition of the money I give her for mortgage, and on top I am helping her by paying 1/2 omy daughter's private school. I am going broke.

    I guess the point is regarding the B.F. What should I tell her.

    I want to help but I am not happy with that arrangement at all.

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  • how is unemployment calculated in florida?

    I am seeing the writing on the wall, and it is possible this is my last month after 9 years of employment in the same office. We just do not have any architectural work.

    How is it calculated.

    Thanks to all in advance

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  • How do you reset the service light on a service c on the Mercedes e320 2003?

    The Carmax preformed the service and they say I have to take it Mercedes to take care of that. Does anybody know the procedure?

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  • Is the Nokia N95 a good phone or is it another hype like the iPhone?

    I was intrested on a phone that has a Gps and a good camera, also a posibility of retriving email and go on the net.

    Does anyone know if there is a phone that has an aviation GPS?

    4 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Why does Bank of America charge for paying them?

    I am outraged that they charged my account $15.00 dlls when I paid them a large balance, and on top of that the money is still not avaliable and I am still paying an over the limit fee.

    Why do banks need to make money this way. American Express does not charge for this service.

    I spoke to the man on the phone and he was a despot, and arrogant. If I did not need my points I would cancel my account.

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  • If I sold a house that belongs to me . What kind of taxed do I expect to pay to the IRS?

    My sister sold her house and she is moving to a new one. Does she have to pay taxes on that money?.

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  • Accura RL 2006?

    Is there anything wrong with it?

    I am thinking of buying one used with 22k miles.

    Appreciate any comments


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  • my original yahoo account has disappeared. I can not log in or send email to it?

    It was working fine, I was not able to find out what happedned. The help menu says there is not enough info to get me the user or password

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  • What's a fun thing to do with the teenage kids for the weekend.?

    Just divirced and I want my kids to have a good time without going crazy spending.

    Any suggestions?

    I wanted to take the to a movie, but then what else.

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  • What can I do to make my wife understand my dilemma?

    I have grown children, one 18 the other 23. My wife and I were separated for 45 dyas, and decided to get back together. I got very close with my children from my previous marriage (we had not been close for years due to my rocky relation with my current wife and me, and also between her and my ex-wife. I discourage them to come for fear at problematic issues that related to my kids being a litte spolied by mi ex, and us not having money to "wine and dinne them" meaninf taking them to amusment parks etc...Now they are adults, and we got very close during that time. I do not want to loose them. They don't realy want to be with my wife, but my wife only wants them to come to the house. I am in a difficult situation. I want to keep both, my marriage and my kids. I also have 2 kids with my curret wife, they are 13 and 16. I love them all. My wife wants to be with them thinking they like her but I know they don't. What do I do?

    The only thing is to meet them outside the my home at go out.

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  • how do i transfer my contacts to my new yahoo account?

    I have another yahoo account and I need all those contacts on the new account.


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