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Owner and Operator of a one of a kind Luxury Cat Care Kennel. Offering private furnished rooms to keep you cat/s as comfortable as possible while away from home. Inventor of the of the DryFur Disposable Carrier Cushion, designed to keep pets completely DRY and Comfortable when travel especially by Air.

  • Is a customer liable for merchandise she damages while shopping?

    I had a customer come into my store and damage merchandise beyond being able to sell. She then picked up another item of the same type and took it to the front of the store to purchase. At the register she was confronted and with some reluctance did finally agree to pay for her item and the item she damaged. She left the store after signing her Credit card slip and took both items with her. The broken one and the good one.

    Weeks later she called her CC company and initiated a charge back, claiming we did not have a signed contract stating that if she damaged our property while shopping she would be liable.

    Isn't that beside the point she took both items the damaged one and the good one and signed the CC slip with the total amount for both items?

    She has admitted on the report that she did damage the item and she did leave the store with both the items. Is this crazy or does she really have a claim?

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  • Actual Video Footage of Pet Air Cargo Travel.....?

    Airline website captures and releases actual video footage of puppy traveling in cargo hold.

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  • Are you planning on Traveling with your pets this Spring/Summer?

    IF so please read these actual incidents that take place on plane when owners do not properly prepare their pets carrier/kennel. One missing or faulty attachment can mean the difference of LIFE AND DEATH. We can not blame the airline for these incidents. Pet Owners please make sure and read before you travel.

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  • What happed to my Yahoo 360 Profile photo?

    Why has the Yahoo 360 profile photo no longer show up on Yahoo Answers. It used to then it just disapeared. I have tried to change the picture just in case but that photo also shows blank on Yahoo Answers althought it continues to show up fine on Yahoo 360

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