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  • What do I do about my terrible eyebrows?

    Okay, my eyebrows have been bushy af for years now, and I hate them. Over the years, they've become more and more sparse at the ends and right now they look half gone. On both of them. What I'd like to do is do a eyebrow reset and just shave them off and let them regrow back into place.  Theres a small complication though. I'm not allowed to do it, as my mom won't be seen with me if I shave them off. What are my options? I can't fill them in, as I have no skill in that. I can't reshape them, as any tutorial slips from my mind within minutes of a watching. I have brow serum somewhere, but that's a bit tricky. It may be eyelash serum to boot. I'm really considering doing an eyebrow reset, but I know I shouldn't. What can I do to fix this?

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  • Are there any new gender identity terms in 2020?

    Hey everyone:) I just had a quick question to ask,  are there any new terms out for gender identities? Back in the 70s and 80s, it was transvestite, transsexual, queer, that kind of thing. In the 90s, it was crossdresser, transgender and things like that. I know there's a Lot of new ones from the past few years, but are there any new ones for just plain crossdressing? I looked on Google, and the term has pretty much fallen out of use. At least for now. Is there a new term? I'm trying to keep myself informed/in the loop. What if you don't identify as another gender, or non binary or anything like that, you just dress up as the opposite gender occasionally, for your own reasons, or for some reason you can't define? Is there a new term for that?

  • What recommendations would you have for this band?

    I recently discovered a band that has actually been around for quite a while, but I've never looked it up until yesterday. The band is called The Birthday Massacre, and I really like it's sound and imagery. Are there any albums from them that really pop out? I rarely find music that really impresses me, and these guys are something I would gladly put on my mp3 player:)

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  • What is the name of this song?

    Back when I was a preteen, there was a song that would play frequently over the radio, especially at the roller rink. Some of the lyrics say " night..I live among the creatures of the night." Then something about not daring to scream. Then " I guess I'll just believe it. Tomorrow will never come". It has a very supernatural feel to it, like they're living a horrible nightmare. This would be about 1986-1988. I don't know if it's from a film or not, it's very spooky and uneasy.

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  • Why does this trans issue keep coming up?

    It's kind of strange, every few years, gender issues keep rearing their head, I get concerned, then it becomes an issue, then it disappears for another few years. Does this mean I really I really have gender issues to deal with? Or does it just mean that I over think it? Maybe it's nothing, I don't know.

  • What exactly does this mean?

    Okay, I've been crossdressing since the age of three, but never really considered why. I don't identify as a female, but lately I've been wondering why I do it. It seems like I would Love to look female most of the time, but not All of the time. As in the long hair, the clothes, all of that, but not be that way all the time. I'm not going to transition, but I would like to look like a girl. Not live as a girl, but just be that way 75% to 80% of the time.  Does that mean I'm demigirl or what does that mean? I identify as male 100%, but this drive to look girlish most of the time is kind of confusing me. I looked into transitioning back in late 90s -early 2000s, but I was rejected for hormones due to a few issues. They suggested I find a support group, but the only ones I could find broke up a decade ago. I don't really feel like I need a gender therapist right now, I'm just wondering what the stated factors would mean. If there are any trans people here, I'd like to hear from them, if possible.

  • I'm looking for a good mp3 player, what should I get?

    Okay, I'm looking into a new mp3 player, but it doesn't need a lot of extra features. I need Bluetooth, music player and the basics, but I don't need an FM radio or an you of that. I like the sansa clip plus, but that's a bit up there in price. I'm not going to spend $170 for something I originally paid $40 for. The problem with the ones that I have is that they don't play albums. I have a series of these called gothic spirits ebm edition, and my current players mix all 7 of them together. Id to be able to listen to each album individually. Is there a model of player that does this?

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  • Do I really need a screen protector on my phone?

    I recently took the original screen protector off of my android phone because it had a corner that was peeling off and was cracked. I bought some new ones, and got to thinking earlier, do I really need a screen protector on my phone? Im just curious, since I just ordered a second set of SP's, this time the ones for my phone model.

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  • What would be a good upgrade from Sony w730?

    Okay, I'm thinking about asking for a new camera for my upcoming birthday next month, but I don't really know what model to ask for. I currently have a Sony cybershot w730, and I'd like to get a substantial upgrade. It has to be a Sony.  It has to have a stabilizer function, a really good zoom factor, the beauty software, and at least 20mp. That plus autofocus.  It needs to come in a variety of colors, and not too bulky. Nothing like the kind you have to change the lens every time. Something nice and compact, and easy to use. Also not too expensive, as in under $200. What would you recommend?

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  • What surgeries would I need to feminize myself?

    I'm transgender, but using the term as an umbrella term, meaning that it covers transvestite, crossdresser and transsexual aka trans. As a crossdresser, I'd like to be able to wear the feminine fashions, but having a more feminine body to look better in them. It may seem unusual, but transitioning isn't really a big priority. I don't want the bottom surgery, I don't identify as female, but I'd like to look like I belong in the outfits. I don't dress sexy or anything, I prefer just regular clothes. I'd like to be able to wear women's jeans and be able to "fill them out"  and have a little cleavage but nothing too major. Just the basics. That plus a nice figure so that I can wear midriff baring tops once in a while. I know, sounds like a transvestite, but sex never enters into the equation. I'm ace(asexual), so my question is, how can I feminize my body without going through expensive hrt and that sort of thing? I've considered transitioning, but thats not going to happen.

  • What cup size would be more natural for me?

    Okay, back in 2010, when I weighed like 50 pounds less aka about 230#, my best friend said I would look most natural as a D cup with my weight. It's 50# later, should I go for bigger? If I were really female at 287#, would I be a little more top heavy at that weight? I have a bigger belly now than I did then, so should I go up a cup size? I know, you'll say "don't worry about it, it'll be cheaper if you admit to yourself that you're a guy". But I've been crossdressing since the age of three, so this is more important to me than you'd think. 

  • How can I restore a good wig?

    I have 3 wigs that I've worn frequently since 2013 that have gotten frizzy and tangled, and I don't have the skills or equipment to restore them. Is there a way to restore them without a steamer or anything like that? I have a good dryer that still works, but I'm not sure if it would be safe to use for this purpose. I'm actually thinking about having it done professionally, but I don't know how much it would cost. Would it be expensive to do? I don't have a lot of money, but I'd like to get it back to original condition.

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  • Which gender identity would fit me better?

    Okay, I have a. Important question, and I need an honest answer. I used to call myself tran, but that stopped back in 2004. I called myself dual gendered after that. Now I'm not quite sure what to use. Some details: I normally identify as male, but I have a lot of femme characteristics, such as a love of shopping, love if makeup and clothes, and a love of having long hair. I like knee boots, and like female clothing over guys clothes. But, at the same time, I Love a good steak with a baked potato and baked mac and chedse. I don't mind getting a little dirty, don't really care about how people see me and don't mind that my house is a bit messy. I also like tech stuff and listening to metal. I'm not gay or bi or anything like that, I'm actually ace. Which part of the gender identity spectrum would that put me?

  • How much does a makeover cost in a salon?

    I recently discovered an app called pitu, it's for photo editing. I was going over the enhanced photo and thought is it possible to achieve this look in real life? I have pretty much the same look in most of my camera shots as in the photo, but there are a few key details. I'd like to take the pitu picture to a salon somewhere and ask how to do the look, but price is a factor. About how much would it cost to get this done? I wouldn't really need to go to a tg salon to do it, and I would bring a wig or two to finish it off. Would I have to go to a tg makeover place? I'm not really wanting to do the whole clothes and the whole nine yards thing, just the makeup. If possible bring my own makeup so I can learn. How much would this coat?

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  • Where do I find a minimal capacity sd card?

    Okay, I tried earlier to update my pictures folder on my 256mb sd card that I keep in case I need to print them at Wal-Mart. That way, they're right there, and I can just pop the card into the machine. Well, the card stopped working, and I need to get a new card. The original is about 15 years old, and I don't need gigabytes of capacity just for 15mb of photos. I looked on Amazon, and the lowest I can find is 1gb. And that's Really expensive. I just need maybe a 64mb card, and I don't trust ebay for things like this. I'd try walmart, but they won't have any, guaranteed. My local computer shop might have one, but I doubt it. Where can I find a decent unused sd card that won't be fake or unreliable?

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  • Can you recommend a good makeup organizer?

    Okay, I have a rather sizable makeup collection, including at least 7 or 8 foundation compacts. I also have a lot of different mascara, lipsticks, lip glosses, concealers, the works. It's not as big of a collection as it used to be, but I also have a least a dozen eyeshadow palettes, which will require a ton of space. Is there any particular configurations or sizes of organizer racks that would hold all of this?

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  • How do I make a diy breast form set?

    I accidentally broke a good set of breast forms that I"d had for 3 months, and I need to make a new set. Preferably ones that I can show outside my bra cups to show a lot of cleavage. I don't have a lot of money to devote to this. What can I do for this in diy?

  • What would be a suitable replacement for this concealer?

    Okay, I have Really dark circles around my eyes. To the point that if I get ill, I look like someone gave me a black eye. I normally use covergirl clean concealer in light/medium , but I just found out its no longer made. I plan to order a couple of them from amazon, but I go through it pretty quickly. I also use it to cover my facial hair if I have a little stubble but still want to get dressed up en femme. Long story. Anyway, what would be a good replacement product that will do both effects while not costing too much?

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  • How do I flatten my chest?

    Okay, I recently ordered a strap on breast form piece, and forgot it required a flat chest. These firms aren't concave, and I need to find a way to flatten my chest so the forms will lay better. I'm about 290# and have somewhat of a good chest going. I would have gotten concave forms, but they're a bit expensive and outside my money range. I got these on amazon for like $45 and that's all I could afford.

    Anyway, I looked on youtube and did a long google search, but the duct tape method is a bit scary. Are there any other ways to bind without a binder or duck tape? I'd like to be able to go braless for certain tops, and I'm out of ideas.

  • How do I keep my wig from sliding around after my haircut?

    Okay, first of all, I got a wild hair the other day to cut my hair into a high fade. It didn't turn out as planned, as I cut it myself. Anyway, I had it professionally cleaned and neatened up, and now my wigs aren't fitting right. They were find before the cut, but now there's nothing on the back of my head to support the cap on the wig. How can I make it fit better, without sewing anything? I don't think my head is any smaller, but now it slides around on my head.

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