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  • is tiktok actually getting banned?

    is it getting banned or not 

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  • i need tiktok ideas?

    i need ideas

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  • the n word?

    can someone please explain why is the n word racist for white people to say, im just asking i have never said it i just want to know what the backgroud of it is so then i can tell it to someone that says it

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  • do you support trump?

    why do you support trump/why dont you support trump

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  • school yearbook?

    my mom payed around 100$ for my yearbook and i never even took my yearbook picture i contacted the school a long time ago but they never responded.

  • ideas for tiktok?

    i need some new trends/ dark humor

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  • science helpp?

    What is environmental science?  


    Why is environmental science considered an interdisciplinary field?  


    What is scientific inquiry?  



    What does CONPTT stand for?  


    Review your “science is and science is not” handout from the beginning of the year. Know what makes something a “science”! (CONPTT)  


    What is the difference between an observation and an inference?  


    What is a food web? What is a food chain? How are they different?  


    In your own words, explain the 10% rule.  


    Practice: If you 600 million calories were available to the primary consumers, approximately how many calories would be available to the quaternary consumers? SHOW YOUR WORK! 

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  • science help?

    23. Identify at least three ways in which fossil fuels can damage human health.

    24. What is mountaintop removal?

    25. Identify two reasons why energy conservation is important to practice.

    26. Describe what happens during nuclear fission.

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  • enviormental science #3?

    In 1979, an accident happened at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania.Through a combination ofmechanical failure and human error,cooling water drained from the reactor ves-sel,temperatures rose inside the reactor core,and metal surrounding the uranium fuel rods began to melt,releasing radiation. This partial meltdownproceeded through half of one reactor core. Area residents stood ready to be evacuated. For-tunately, however, most radiation remained trapped inside the building that contained the nuclear reac-tor.The accident was brought under control within days.The damaged reactor was shut down.It took years, and about a billion dollars,to clean up the damage.16.Which of the following best describes the sequence of events at Three Mile Island?a. partial meltdown, followed by loss of cooling water, followed by rising temperatures in the reactor coreb partial meltdown, followed by the release of radiation, followed by an explosionc. partial meltdown, followed by cleanup, fol-lowed by rising temperatures in the reactor cored. loss of cooling water, followed by rising temperatures in the reactor core, followed by partial meltdown17. People were not evacuated becausea. the cleanup had begun.b. most of the radiation did not leak out.c the evacuation would have cost billions of dollars.d. only one reactor was affected18.Which of the following was NOT involved in the accident at Three Mile Islanda. an explosion breactor damagec.nuclear fissiond.mistakes by people

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  • enviormental science#2?

    Write true if the statement is true. If it is false, change the underlined word or words to make the statement true. 

    10.Mechanical energy is associated with the forces that hold particles together in an atom’s nucleus. 

    11. Electricity is a primary source of energy 

    . 12. Fossil fuels form in an environment with little or no oxygen. 

    13. Coal is used to generate about half the electricity in the United States.  

    14. In strip mining, miners dig shafts deep under-ground to reach the fossil fuel deposit.  

    15. When sulfide in rock surfaces reacts with oxygen and rainwater, acid drainage occurs. 

    19. What is thermal energy?  

    20. What is combustion? What is the equation for the combustion of methane?  

    21. What are the advantages of coal as a source of energy? 

    22. Over the next few decades, what is likely to hap-pen to the world’s production of oil?  

    23. Identify at least three ways in which fossil fuels can damage human health.  

    24. What is mountaintop removal? 

    25. Identify two reasons why energy conservation is important to practice. 

    26. Describe what happens during nuclear fission. 

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    1. Briefly describe your view on climate change. Is it real? Is it caused by human activity? Be honest! 

    2. A) Briefly describe the key pieces of evidence presented in the movie, supporting the climate change argument.  

    B) Have any of your ideas involving global warming changed because of this film? Explain why or why not and use examples from the movie!  

    3. A) During the movie, we saw countless ways that our consumption is ruining the environment. What effect on our planet was the most shocking to you?  

    B) What climate change solution gave you the most hope for our future? Explain why! 4.A) As evidenced in the film, every decision we make can have an environmental impact. What changes are you willing to make in your day-to-day life to reduce your carbon footprint? Be real and honest!  

    B) How will you keep yourself accountable?  

    5. Every November, we have a chance to elect politicians with our best interests in mind, serving both locally and in Washington, D. C. If you were elected to office, what actions would you take to ensure a sustainable future on Earth for future generations? 6. This film has an incredible power to change minds and expand the common knowledge about the impact of climate change. Who do you think needs to see this film, why should they see it, and what can we do to make sure this happens? 

    7. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of our planet? Explain why! 

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