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  • How to quit a new job?

    I started a new Job in June as a nursery assistant apprenticeship.

    I'm not really enjoying it because the hours are way to long and i feel stressed and do not have time for myself anymore. I want to go into the catering environment. I'm not liking the atmosphere and I feel like no one makes the effort to talk to me or interact which makes me feel lonely and upset.

    Next week they will be signing me up for the actual course/job which is 1 year from when I started. If I quit then I won't have any money but I'm sure my happiness is more important then me feeling down all the time, while working here I am applying for other jobs but it will take awhile until i get another one.

    Should I stay in the job and sign up for the course and once I get another job quit


    Quit before signing up for anything and be left with no money or job

    I was thinking of writing a leaving letter it the manager but what is the best way to leave a job

    Please leave me some advice on what to do because i'm so confused on what to do,


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  • Nursery Assistant Interview?

    I have a Nursery Assistant interview on Monday and i would like to know what sort of questions they would ask me and also what are some good strengths and weaknesses.


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  • What was he thinking? (Gym)?

    I went to check my local gym because I want to keep fit, when I walked in and went to talk to the man at reception he was like hello gorgeous.

    I told him what I wanted and he was reading out names and making me laugh then he asked for my name and i told him.

    He told me to go and sit down, after about 5 mins he came and was smiling and told me to come so he could show me the gym, I didn't see where he wanted me to go so I waited then he called my name and asked why I was hiding from him, and I told him I wasn't, he then showed me around the gym and told me the prices etc.

    He was saying I was so cute, what do you think he was thinking?

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  • Would it be possible to change times I work?

    I went to a job interview yesterday and it went very well, the manger said that the cinema opens from 8am - 3am, on the paper I wrote any time but now thinking of it I would rather work around 8am till about 6pm.

    If I got times like 9pm - 3am I wouldn't be happy because I don't feel safe coming home around morning times (4am) because the journey is about 1 hour.

    I'm an 18 year old female

    Do you think the manager would mind if I told him this if not what is the best thing to do?

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  • Was I in the right to phone the police?

    I was sleeping but woke up while my sister was on the phone to my aunty and I heard her say I don't go to my grandma's much only for 2 hours so then she told my sister that she wanted to talk to me but my sister thought I was sleeping.

    Once she was off the phone I woke up and started shouting saying I will go to my grandma's when I want no one can tell me when to go etc.

    Later on my aunty was on the phone and I said I don't want to talk and put the phone on the bed then my sister spoke to her and she said she was coming to the house.

    A few hours later she knocked at the door and stormed up the stairs. I had a cover over my head and she came into my room and said is that Victoria and I said yes. She then pushed me while I was sitting on the bed and slapped me punched me etc. My mum told her to get off me she will kill me but didn't listen!

    My mum and sisters and brothers were getting her off me I was very angry and swore and cussed her because she had no right to do that because I said I didn't want to talk.

    I then phoned the police because it wasn't right what she did and they agreed with me....

    She has done this in the past to one of my sisters but it was her birthday so she didn't slap her she also has done it to another sister of mine but my sister was younger at the time and didn't hit back.

    The police gave her a warning so now she won't hit me and my sisters or brother were all teenagers now and doesn't have the right to do that. 

    Was I in the right what i did because she thinks because my mum don't beat us she will do it to show us respect or because she helped me with my college work she thinks it's fine to beat me up. By the way I'm 18.

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  • How can i download itunes on macbook?

    I need to download an old itunes not the new one but one below that so between itunes 5-10

    At the moment its on the new one but i want to change that to the old version

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    You would like to live forever?

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  • What is Manual & Automatic driving?

    I want to know more information about the different types of driving, Manual & Automatic?

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  • Poll: Could you live without Internet? ?

    If your answer is no why?

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  • Poll: What colour iPhone should I get?

    White or Black?

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