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  • Falsely accused of being banned?

    So I went to the mall today with my friend, and as usual, we went to Zumiez. The manager there stopped us right when we walked in and said “aren’t you banned here?” and i laughed it off and said “no you must have the wrong person for sure” and then we walked a bit further. She then consulted her coworker I guess, and told me, “no I know it’s you and you’re banned here, me and my coworker remember you” and so I’m like “what? is there any way I can prove to you that it’s not me, I’m very anti shoplifting and I would never do that” which is true, I have never shoplifted in my life. So then she’s just telling me that I need to leave now and that she’s been a manager for 2 years and she knows faces very well. Obviously she doesn’t because I’m not banned at Zumiez. Also she said that this happened a few months back, but I’ve been there within the last couple months and nothing has been said to me. This really ruined my day and made me feel bad because she treated me like a criminal. I think I’m going to call corporate. How should I go about this?

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  • chest pains? anxiety or heart?

    So at 7 PM yesterday at work, i started to feel my heart racing and light headed like 5 minutes after having anxiety around cardiac arrests at a young age. I’m only 17 but i have no care for how healthful my foods are or exercise. I went to the ER but left because it was very busy there. I was rocking, crying, moaning, and my heart rate was elevated. The whole night I couldn’t sleep and I had very bad chest pains, but no other symptoms. Today, I went to my normal doctor and he thought that I had anxiety, but I still got a heart x-ray, which showed that I do not have an enlarged heart. My heart rate has been stable, but i have been having on and off chest pain triggered by stress, but lingers even when i am not stressed. I am also very gassy and I fear that i will die. I also feel an odd bubbling sensation in my chest. Does anyone know what’s going on? I’m so scared.

    Heart Diseases2 months ago
  • What is going on?

    I love my girlfriend, but lately I haven't been feeling that feeling in my heart for her. I still think she's amazing and beautiful just like before, i just don't feel that feeling? why? what is this?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • How long will 4 gigabytes last me?

    I am out of my house for three hours and I wonder if 4 gigabytes will last through this.

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  • Do we have a chance?

    My girlfriend broke up with me. She said that there isn't anyone else, and I believe her. She said that she simply fell out of love and that I was too clingy and emotionally unstable. However, on many occasions I asked her if I was too clingy, and she said no. I'm confused where "emotionally unstable" came from, because I never acted crazy or anything. I always bought her gifts, and even the day before I asked her if there's anything I needed to do differently in the relationship, she said that I'm doing perfect. I gave this girl my first time, it seemed that we were both very invested in our relationship. I don't know where I went wrong. Her parents messaged me wanting us to make up. Just hours before the breakup she was acting the same, saying "I love you" and sending me hearts. Do you think we have a chance of getting back together? Could I just remind her of the fun times we had?

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  • Will my boobs keep growing?

    I m 13 and i started my period at 11. My doctor said I m done growing height wise, but I still have a cup boobs and I m overweight. My mom has DD cup boobs (she s overweight), my grandma has c cup boobs, and my aunt on my dad s side, I ve never seen. Will my boobs keep growing, and if they do, will they get to an okay size?

    5 AnswersWomen's Health4 years ago
  • My dog won't howl?

    He's a 6 month old Great Dane and Mastiff mix and he's never howled, even though we've howled at him. Is this normal?

    5 AnswersDogs4 years ago
  • How tall will I get?

    I m 13 and I m 5 5 1/2. My dad was 6 3 and my mom is 5 9, how tall do you think I ll get?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness4 years ago
  • Can I dye my hair black?

    So, previously, I bleached my brown hair. I did a really terrible job and my hair is stripey and not all of it is bleached. I want my hair to turn out jet black, but will it?

    3 AnswersHair4 years ago
  • What is this feeling?

    Every time I see my girlfriend hanging out, praising, or talking about this girl that she met on the internet (never met the girl, but I did look through her tumblr and instagram), I just want to rip my hair out and scream. I never see her doing these things with me, so I think she likes this girl more than me, her girlfriend. I don't know what this feeling is and I don't know what to do about it.

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  • What should I do?

    Okay, so I've liked this girl (I'm going to call her Jane) for 1.5 years now, and she's going off to high school. I've been really good friends with her for 2 years. In late February of this year, she got a girlfriend (I'm going to call her Sam). Also, Jane found out I had a crush on her just two months ago, but I assured her I don't like her anymore because she got a girlfriend, and all is well between us. I still like Jane though, and Sam is really rude. Sam was mad at me because I like Jane's pictures on Instagram. Sam constantly texts me telling me not to "flirt" (I am NOT "flirting" with Jane) with Jane and to stop talking to Jane and stop talking of Jane. Jane constantly tells me to disregard whatever Sam says. I want them to brake up but I don't want to personally interfere with their relationship. Regardless of my crush on Jane, I miss our friendship and I wish Sam didn't have to change it.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating5 years ago
  • Why do people tell us to cover up?

    I don't understand why people tell me to cover up when I'm wearing a crop top or shorts. They tell me that it's "not appropriate" when I'm wearing a shorts that show my thighs. They won't let me color my hair because it's "changing what god created", but they're telling me that the skin that God created is "not appropriate" or "slutty"? I don't understand the logic.

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality5 years ago
  • My crush got a gf?

    My crush got a gf a month ago and I met her gf today and I've felt depressed all day . My crush is one of my really good friends and I started crying right in front of her. I don't know what to do other than listen to depressing songs.

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating5 years ago
  • I walked in on my best friend and her boyfriend making out?

    I can t get it out of my head...

    3 AnswersFriends5 years ago