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  • Does E*Trade offer any Money Market Mutual Funds?

    Amongst the 7000 mutual funds they offer, I haven't had any luck finding a MMMF or anything similar. I need a "safe" place in which to store my uninvested cash and the rates on their sweep accounts are an absolute joke. I do not want to open a banking account or standard money market account with them as I want to be able to buy/sell immediately by keeping the money in my IRA/Brokerage account. If E*Trade does not offer these, does anyone know if TDAmeritrade/Scottrade/etc does? Thanks!

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  • Can I contribute to both a Roth and Traditional IRA in the same year (so long as I'm under the $ limit)?

    I have a Roth IRA that I've already established and will be contributing the max amount allowed. I would like for my wife to do the same. However, earlier in the year she made contributions to a tradtional IRA (through an automated account she had already established, but has since been stopped). Let's say she contributed $500. Do I have to "convert" that into a Roth and pay taxes on it, or can I simply contribute $3500 into a Roth and leave the $500 in the regular IRA?

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