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  • Guys-- If you hang out with a girl in a group?

    Dear guys,

    If a girl asks you to hang out and you mention you prefer it to be in a group, does that mean you only see her as a friend, or you want to get to know her better first and in a more comfortable situation??? Or something else?

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  • I usually don't ask these types of questions on yahoo answers but....??

    I'm very hurt but mostly confused right now.

    There's this guy I really like and I was actually fairly sure he liked me back as well. He compliments me a lot and we share a lot in common, we are able to shoot jokes and sass back and forth and people have asked if we are a "thing" before. We snapchat and text a lot too, and it's never dull or weird when we hang out or drive places.

    So when my friend and her crush invited me to a haunted house this weekend and told me to ask somebody else too, I somehow worked up the guts to ask him to go. He said he would have to check and see, and when he got back to me he asked if we could go as a group instead.

    I'm not any relationship genius and I certainly don't understand the male brain, but that basically makes me friendzoned right??? (Not implying that he HAS to like me just because I'm nice to him, or what have you) And I know you can't tell the reasons from a short question here but I just need someone to talk to this about right now. I had high hopes for this weekend and now the fact he wants to go with other friends too makes me think maybe I was wrong and he just thought of me as only a really close friend.

    I just hope this doesn't ruin our friendship :( I don't know what I will do if things become awkward or any different between us now....

    I'm and junior in highschool and he's a senior if that matters.

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  • Why don't I have feelings for this guy?

    So there's this guy who likes me. He's really nice and kind to me and he's pretty funny and I don't find him unattractive. The problem is, there literally is not a piece of me romantically attracted to him. And it's not like I'm friendzoning him, I barely know him and we've only hung out once or twice, but I don't have feelings for him.

    It makes me feel like an awful person and I want to like him and no matter how hard I try to make myself, I just DON'T. I don't get butterflies around him or Day dream about him or ANY of those things you feel when you get a crush... I know he could be good for me but I'm not attracted.

    Why is this happening? Can I make myself like him? What should I do?

    I'm a junior in high school if that matters at all.

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  • Questions about love?

    Just wondering.

    Do you believe in love?

    Do you believe you can fall in love more than once?

    Do you believe in soul mates?

    If so, do we always end up with our soul mates?

    Do lovers meet by chance or destiny?

    Can you control who you fall into love with?

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  • Help with names/ BNG?

    Hi okay so I'm not expecting but am trying to create a list of complete names I love. I have some of it complete but am having trouble with the rest.


    First Names-

    Alice, Avairy, Blaire, Casandra, Carson, Finnlie, Keagen, Hannah, Lilianne, Lexie, Macie, Natalie, Safron, Tatumn, Teegen, Zoey

    Middle Names-

    Adele, Brynn,Catherine, Charlotte, Emily, Esme, Isabelle, Juliette, Kylee, Kate, Lucy, Lexie, Lillie, Maeve, Olivia, Raygen, Payge, Rosalin, Rosalie, Rose, Sofia, Saige, Scarlett


    First Names-

    Axel, Camden, Collin, Conner, Dalten, Dominic, Gradie, Jason, Lukas, Ryder, Rory, Sebastien, Teegen, Tyler

    Middle Names-

    Axel, Andrew, Austin, Bryce, Blake, Cale, Gage, Gavin, Hunter, Joseph, Jason, Jai, Justin, Kalub, Kyle, Luca, Landon, Logan, Mason, Riker, Rylen, Ryder, River, Ryan, Sebastien, Stanley, Vincent, Zachary

    And feel free to change any spellings. Thanks!!

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  • Golden snail care?

    I am new to the whole snail keeping thing and want to make sure my gold snail is cared for. The label said "gold snail" so I have no idea if that means mystery or inca or what.

    I only bought one and he is housed with 7 glofish tetra in a 20g. (cycled, don't freak out)

    I guess my main questions are for; decoration? feeding? more tankmate options? anything else?


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  • Attachment image

    Purple/ black stuff growing in aquarium?

    I currently have 4 glofish tetras and one "middle aged" guppy in a 20g reg. I know I need to up each of their numbers, but I've been hesitant to do so because of this algae or whatever it is. It grows on everything! Tank walls, pebbles, decorations, you name it. I've had it for one or two months and it hasn't affected any of my fish; all healthy.

    Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Believe me I've tried to do research but nothing quite comes up.

    Thank you to anyone who can help!!

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  • What would you name these children?

    Group 1

    (G) fn starts with "m", middle is a long name

    (G)fn ends in a "y", middle is a family name

    (B)fn is a traditional name, middle starts with "e"

    (B)fn is religious, middle is a name that could have nn options (if it were the first )

    Group 2

    (G) fn starts with "e", middle is a boy's name

    (G)fn has a nn option, middle is a common name

    (B)fn is irish, middle is long

    Group 3

    (G)fn is 5 letters, mn starts with c

    (G)fn starts and ends with the same letter, middle is unisex

    These are families I know so I want to see if anyone guesses any of the names as they really are.

    There will be a best answer.

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  • Help with middle names/BNG??

    Can you match some of my favorite first names with my favorite middle names? I'm having trouble coming up with good combos!



    Avery, Brynley, Casandra or Casidy "Cassie or Cass", Finnley "Finnie", Haiden, Keegan, Kaitlyn, Kirsten, Kaylee, Lindsay, Libianne "Libbie", Lilian, Mckayla, Maci, Natalia, Paisley, Saffron "Saffy"


    Alice, Avalin, Ava, Bryce, Belle, Catherine, Celeste, Claire, Charlotte, Esme, Emily, Isla, Juliet, Kate, Lexie, Lynn, Lea, Maeve, Mia, Nicole, Paige, Raeghan, Rosalyn, Rosalie, Rosie, Rose, Saige



    Axel, Bradley, Camedon, Conrad, Carson, Collin, Dalton, Dominic , Finnagen "Fynn", Greyson, Hunter, Jackson "Jack", Jason "Jay", Kaedon "Kaide", Luka, Maverick, Rory, Ronan, Ryder, Sebastian "Sebby or Seb", Tanner, Tatum "Tate", Teegan


    Augustous, Alexander, Bentley, Charles, Calub, Cale, Chase, Carter, Gage, Gavin, Hudson, Joseph, James, Jay, Levi, Lucas, Marcus, Michael, Parker, Riker, Thomas, Zachary

    Feel totally free to change the spellings.

    And also, if you can, suggest other names too (especially for boys)!


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  • How long can fish survive without a heater/filter?

    I have 4 glofish tetras and a three month old guppy in a 20g reg.(getting more of each kind soon)

    A fuze in my sisters room went out so the filter and heater currently are not working/on.

    If the situation is temporary (a few hours) will they be okay?

    If it isn't temporary, this is awful timing. We leave tomorrow morning for a week long vacation with no one to watch over the fish. We have a sinkable food pellet, but what would we do now that the heater and filter are off??

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not pregnant, I just think names are cool:)

    The problem is I have an endless list of girls names I absolutely adore....

    Brynlie May

    Finnlie Isla "Fini"

    Kassadie Ray "Kassie"

    Libianne Rosie "Libby"

    Paisley Marie

    Then this hit me- how about boy names? Sure I have a couple names I like, but not very many, not paired, and none I obsess over.

    Cayden "Caid"



    Sebastien "Sebby"

    Can anyone suggest any boys names?

    Or pair my already-existing ones with some middles ? I like Cale, Luca, Levi, Rider, Zacary, but I don't think any match well with my fn's.

    THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!

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  • What would you name these 5 kids?

    I do things like this in my spare time and was wondering what things other people would come up with .

    Kid 1-

    Whatever your gender is is also the gender of the child.

    Fn-Starts with an M

    Mn-Ends in an N

    Kid 2-

    If you live in a country starting with a vowel, it's a boy. If you live in a country starting with a consonant, it is a girl.

    Fn-Two syllables

    Mn-One syllable

    Kid 3-

    If you're brunette, it's a boy. If your hair is any other color, it's a girl.

    Fn-Nature name

    Mn-A guilty pleasure

    Kid 4-

    This child's gender is your choice.

    Fn-Your number 1, favourite name

    Mn- The most hideous name you can imagine

    Kid 5-

    If it's daytime where you are, it is a girl. If it's nighttime, a boy.

    Fn- Name must be for girls either Bethaney, Amanda, Luna,Maeve, or Erica. If a boy, it must be either Rider,Taylor , Sebastien, Adrian, or Caiden. You may change the spelling for any of them.

    Mn-Must start and end with the same letters as in the first name. (Seems hard but for each there are multiple choices, I checked )

    Mine would be -

    Girl: Makenzie Lyn

    Boy. Brayden Lee

    Girl: Skyler Jenevieve "Skye"

    Boy: Libianne Bertha "Libi"

    Girl: Bethany Bailey

    Hope you have fun!

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  • Something rebellious to do when home alone?

    I'm a high school girl and it's 2 am I feel like doing something rebellious.

    I can't sneak out because there's no where to go, by parents keep tabs on alc, and I'm in my room so I can't do anything loud.

    I realize this narrows options but anyone have any ideas? So bored


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  • If a girl says "aww thanks" to a compliment?

    Hi I'm a girl and I read on twitter that if a girl says that, it means you're friend zoned.

    Do guys really think that's what that means? If so, what should a girl say to a compliment instead??

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  • Stocking a 20g regular tank?

    Hi, I am looking for fish I could put into my 20g.

    I currently have 4 glofish tetras (I am getting 2 more soon) and 2 guppies that are 3/4 inch long (1 died or I would have 3, I can get another though soon)

    The problem is my glofish chased and nipped the guppies, so I was forced to put them back in a breeder's net which kills me. When the guppies get bigger, will the nipping stop or is it permanant? I have an empty 10 g I could set up and move the guppies to eventually.

    So what other fish could I get for my 20g?

    Scenario A) WITH 3 guppies.

    Scenario B) With OUT 3 guppies.

    I was thinking corycats or shrimp for the bottom and a snail, but would a dwarf gourami be okay too? Or maybe some other type of fish?


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  • What should I do?

    I'm about to be a junior in high school. I've known this boy for 10 years and we became friends 7 years ago. We've been pretty close ever since.

    He's always been into girls and partying, but he's gotta be the nicest kid I've probably ever met. That's why I was pretty happy when he said he liked me about one month ago. I've liked him on and off since we met, but at the same time I was nervous because I wasn't sure if he was just trying to use me or something.

    As a result I did admit I liked him too, but maybe it came across as not genuine since I was hesitant. However, now he hasn't talked to me in a week.

    I'm very confused. I haven't contacted him either because I think I've just been scared because I really don't want our friendship to be ruined. I at least do want him as that. Any advice?

    My friend said I should text him because maybe he got the wrong vibe, I just don't know I've got butterflies. I think I need to hear it from someone else too.


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  • GLOfish tetras with guppies?

    I have a 20 reg. I currently have 4 glofish tetras (I know I need 6 total, I will be getting the other 2 very soon). However, my friend's guppies had babies so I took 3 off her hands. They are about 3/4 in. long. When I added them to the tank, the glofish went crazy and started chasing them.

    My questions are-

    1-What caused the nipping? Is it permanent? I only see 2 guppies now, and they have been in there a few days. They hide in the artificial plant I have in there (so they aren't chased)

    2-Should I move the guppies to a breeding net? I did for the last hour just to see how it works out and they seem to be swimming healthier, but I feel bad cramping them in there.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!

    Btw the tank is cycled.

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  • Stocking a 20g reg?


    I like to say I know a decent amount about fish, but I live with three younger siblings who don't know anything, don't care, and get to decide how to stock our tank.

    That being said, it's very frustrating and I want to have a healthy tank but I don't really have authority to. My best bet is being able to compromise with them at the least.

    Right now we have four glofish tetras and two female guppies. They are set on getting albino cories and mollies as well.

    What would be my best bet on getting those four types of fish in with out too much overcrowding?

    I was thinking

    3 albino cories

    3 guppies


    5 glofish tetras

    I hope this isn't too cramped, but I'm thinking it's better than 4 tetras 1 Cory 6 mollies and 2 guppies. And whatever other random fish they want to throw in.


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  • Why do so many people in GS think feminism is not needed in the US anymore?

    Feminism has accomplished much in the past few decades, but work still has to be done. Feminism isn't about making things "close": it's about making them equal

    -Women earn 77 cents for each dollar a man earns

    -In 43 presidents,0 have been women

    -Only 20% of Congress seats are held by women/Only 20 Senate members are women

    -Women are told to control menstrual hormones yet men don't have to control sexual hormones

    -Women who cuss are"unladylike"

    -Women cannot serve front line in military even when capable

    -Women are expected to be attractive: when was the last time a less than flawless woman was in an ad?

    -Women in control are "bossy" but men in control are leaders

    -15%of women are raped

    -"Feminism" is now a negative word yet it supports equality for each gender

    -31%of women are physically/sexually abused by men

    -Women are degraded for having sex but are also degraded for being virgin

    -Women are portrayed as submissive in media yet men are seen as dominant

    -Girls are sent home from school for showing a shoulder

    Because I am a feminist,I realize men don't have equality either. For example,

    -Men are degraded for expressing emotion

    -Men are told from young ages not to cry

    -When men express any"femininity" they're called gay

    -When men are raped,the attacker often gets off free since "he should be thankful"or "he could have fought them"

    -Men cannot commit violence against women(it is good they cannot)but women can still slap/etc men

    -In custody cases, kids usually go with the mom

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  • I drank unrefrigerated Gatorade?

    Hi, I had a bottle of unsealed Gatorade in my room for about a month an got really and thirsty and so I just drank it. However, me being the genius I am, I decided to look at the hazard of this AFTER I drank it. Apparently bacteria starts growing after a week and you're not supposed to drink it. But I did.

    So will I be okay? I doubt I will die but will I get sick or anything? Also is there anything I can do to prevent being sick, such as throwing up (gross but hey) or drinking something else?

    It didn't taste extremely funny but it did have a small aftertaste and my throat feels a bit different.

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