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  • What Zodiac Sign She Sound Like  ?

     She is carefree , open to the world

    She love freedom and flexible

    because she is always picking new path

    She has changable moods

    She don't like to stick to a routine

    She prefer a life style where the rules are flexible and changable moods

    She is active and often restless

    She is romantic , quirky, artistic, idealistic ,naive , kind , sweet , caring, thoughtful peaceful , creative , sensitive, forgiving, loyal, thoughtful , gentle , dreamy

    She is easily touched

    She is patience

    and NOT afraid to get her hands dirty

    She is unpredictable and she embrace change

    She don't stick anything for to long

    She get bored

    She is ditzy , socialbutterfly , playfull ,easy going , love to giggle ,

    She did bikini pole dancing 

    She love fairytales

    She protect weaker one and NOT money minded

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  • Guess her rissing sign from description?

    She like to wear more femminine like butterfly ,flower dress

    She love to wear boots and white shoes


    Leo,Gemini , Virgo , Aquarius , Sag, Cancer , Libra , Taurus, Pisces

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  • Why do bullys behave like this?

    If you don't bully the person he bully than they'll start attacking you 

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  • Eat too much stomach ache what to do ?

    I feeling bloated

    I ate abit of noodles  and my dad bought pasta hr ask me to eat now stomach ache  eat until to full :( 

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  • What is my body shape?

    160 cm  47 kg

    32B 24 35

    shoes size 6 

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  • Guess My Sweet Sister Zodiac Sign?

    She is quiet

    She love reading , writing songs

    She like singing too

    She is very kind hearted

    She is forgiving

    She help elderly

    She is humble

    She put other first

    She is intresting

    She doesn't mind sharing clothes

    She is generous

    She is quite naive and guilble

    She easily cry too

    She is sweet, innocent , trusting

    She is easily hurt, sensitive

    She is playful , fun loving

    She is unjudgemental

    She give everyone chance too

    She is NOT money minded

    She does NOT judge by apperance too

    She is forgiving

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  • What Zodiac Sign Does She Sound Most Like  ?

    She is cheerful, friendly, dreamy

    She has cute  personality too and funny 

    She  laugh loudly but  sometime giggle 

    She can be crazy  sometimes 

    She is simple minded and easily touched 

    She is peace  maker and  mediator for others 

    She is a good listener  and she is care taker 

    She  is  nonsencial and love  to joke 

    She can be disturb 

    She is indecisive too

    She  is care taker 

    She is nuturing 

    She will protect the guy she love 

    She is very kind even a jerk she  also don't want to  hurt 

    She has big hearts  and give the guy space

    She does NOT mind sharing spot light 

    She is responsible, like sharing 

    She love feeding   animals even stray cats

    She is quiet, sweet , soft , warm hearted , intuitive, peaceful 

    She is NOT money minded

    She does NOT  judge others by apperance 

    I know it depends on whole chart  I just want to know which sign she sound more like  

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  • What Zodiac Sign Does this lovely woman sound most like?

    She is uncouth , spontaneous

    She is indepedent , strong , tough

    She is laidback , unambitious , adventurous

    She is uncompromising in love

    She is very assertive , justice , tomboyish

    She rescue a cat before

    She Is incredibly vain

    She like to arrange thing beautiful

    She has big hearts

    She give freedom to the person she love

    She is NOT money minded

    She love to laugh

    She is trusting and no malice

    She love sharing and good listener

    She is responsible and loyal

    She appreciate simple things

    She is happy

    She don't mind sharing the spotlight

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  • What Zodiac Sign Does She Sound Like ?

    She is friendly  , polite, direct  , sporty 

    She can mix with diffrent group 

    She is easily touched 

    She laugh very  loud 

    She  is  very  cheerfull   , engertic   , sunny , happy go lucky  , forgetful, clumsy, playful, forgiving , indecisive 

    She  has high tolerance with bad hygiene 

    She is compassionate  , helpful 

    She  help  low iq people too

    She love  hugging others 

    She has  big hearts 

    She will give others space too 

    She loves to laugh 

    She   don't mind staring spotlight 

    She  is responsible  and loyal 

    She doesn't run away  because things are difficult 

    She love sharing  food 

    She  is  good at listening to others 

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  • Attachment image

    Atheists and Christian Why is being stalked a bad thing?

    For me I am just a normal looking girl with low self esteem and feel ugly sometime

    so what's wrong of wishing to be watched and stalked by my idol

    at least I can feel desirable and a fruit that some one want to taste

    I wish I was prettier :(

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  • Attachment image

    How to improve my look please help picture included?

    I really need help thanks

    seen i want to look preetier to have more confident other than plastic surgery

    thanks . I really want to look preetier thanks

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  • Attachment image

    How to improve my looks ( picture included )?

    Thanks please help me other than plastic surgery .

    I want to look preetier

    thanks in advance

    I just want to look better

    I m not fishing for compliments thanks

  • What Zodiac Sign Does She Sound Like ?

    She is cheerfull, possitive  , quirky  , sensitive 

    She is fun loving  ,   

    She fall down after that will stand up

    She is sensitive 

    She  will admit her mistake 

    She does NOT push blame 

    She is fun loving 

    She is ditzy 

    She like healing others 

    She is unjudgemental 

    She is down to earth 

    She is patience 

    She is romantic 

    She is NOT money minded 

    She is quirky 

    She easily laugh and easily touched 

    and happy also cry 

    She love baking and  sharing food with others 

    She believes people are born good

    She is NOT money minded 

    She is a great dancer 

    She is polite even  you accidently spill soup at her 

    She won't be angry and said it's okay 

    She is gentle 

    She angry will just said stop it

    She love giggling  

    She NOT funny also  laugh one 

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  • What does it mean if I keep seeing symbol that remind me of someone ?

    I saw a moon  and his zodiac Sign is related to them 

    a song suddenly  came and remind me of him 

    and I see his  name too and even  his favourite food cococunut  is now create  in  Mc Donald 

    I see this *  symbol  and  I keep seeing the number 2 and 4 and I hear wind chime sound 

    and I saw a cat looking at me  too 

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  • What Zodiac Sign Does She Sound Most Like?

    She is kind hearted , conversative

    She love to be call Godness and pretty

    She like to try new things

    She will avoid her friend 's husband

    She is able to handle kids with tantrums

    She is secretive in relationship

    She is loyal, direct, indepent

    She like to post her thoughts and feeling on Facebook

    She dare to admit her mistake

    She is okay date botak , short, poor , fat guys etc she is unjudgemental

    She like traveling

    She go Africa, India etc and help before

    She is daring and brave

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  • Hey Atheists and Christians What's wrong of wanting to be watched and stalk?

    I want to be stalk by my idol

    and I will do strip dance for him and sexy dance too

    and if it happen i will ask him to meet me

    hope he will stalk and watch me one day

    I need it that's good seen I will feel desirable

    hope this will come true soon

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  • Should I play with fire ?

    my godmother and my Christian  Friend  claim my favourite actor will take advantage of me 

    I laugh said no way this is not going to happen 

    why he would I am not attractive at all he is just  a good guy 

    if really one day can go out with my idol i  m going to proof his a good  guy 

    I  will wear low cut top and mini skirt with red lipstick see  what happen 

    I want to play a bet with my friends  

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  • Why becareful what you wish for ?

    anyone has bad experience ? after wishing ?

    I am happy to know my favourite actor he is a nice guy

    then my God mother said how you know he might take advantage of you

    and I laugh loudly you serious lol that not possible

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  • Does Satan make wish come  true  ?

    I hate that I am ugly and stupid  I wish I was prettier 

    when I wear  modestly  no guys give me the attention but my friend can 

    For me I only wear low cut tops and mini dress  &  mini skirt then I will get the attention 

    and  I can't find any job because I am  stupid af I can only do pole dancing    

    seen from my country need high marks to get job 

    but sadly is so hard for me to get it 

    I will do anything to be pretty 

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  • What Zodiac Sign Does This Lovely Girls  Sound Like ?

    I know it depends  on the whole chart I just want know  which zodiac sign they sound most like  

    there are 5 Woman 

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