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  • howdy, all!?

    can we take a step back for a second? we're all people with blood and hearts and all. politics and the movements of every day won't change that. let's all have good, kind intentions today.

    2 AnswersPolitics7 months ago
  • can we stop talking about politics for a second and think about someone we actually like?

    I dunno. Think about your best friend, or your mom, or your brother or someone. Literally just consider something good in your life for a few seconds, buddy.

    Carry on.

    1 AnswerFriends9 months ago
  • Know any historic reformations?

    I'm not talking religious or political. I'm talking - are there any people in history who had a particular allegiance, and then they turned around and changed their beliefs entirely? You see stuff like this with Paarthurnax in Skyrim or Zuko (or Iroh) in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Has any such drastic reformations happened to a specific person in history?

    5 AnswersHistory9 months ago
  • What do you think of joke characters?

    Characters in shows, movies, video games, anime, manga, and other media types who exist mainly for comic relief. I probably get out of bed in the morning for comic relief characters who turn out to be way deeper and more interesting than anybody thought they would be. But then, since they're still comic relief, they end up dying or something. It's so sad. What do you guys think?

    4 AnswersComics & Animation11 months ago
  • Are you happy?

    I mean it. In your life right now, are you alright with where you are? If so, what do you think makes your life so good?

    11 AnswersPolls & Surveys11 months ago
  • What can I do to learn Spanish more quickly?

    I really love foreign language, but my progress is slow. School isn't doing much to help. Does anybody know of any effective ways to learn quickly?

    3 AnswersLanguages11 months ago
  • Are maternal instincts real?

    After women have babies, do they have any drive to keep it safe, or protect it? Child abuse/neglect is a thing, so does that mean those mothers are bad in the head somehow (other than in the obvious ways? I'm talking specifically about after the baby is born, not before.

    2 AnswersNewborn & Baby11 months ago
  • If a child is born in another country and raised in America, can they qualify to run for presidency?

    So if two American parents went on a trip to Spain or something and had their kid while they were there, then took their kid with them back to America, would that kid be able to run for president given that they meet all the other requirements? I've been told that you can't if you weren't born specifically in the United States, and that always confused me.

    7 AnswersPolitics11 months ago
  • why do conservatives go out of their way to antagonize liberals, and vice versa?

    I'm a centrist, to clarify, but I've scrolled through these questions and I've already found two different people trying to make liberals look bad. It just looks like this huge echochamber of people bashing liberals without making any real points. Both sides of the political spectrum are cool, but I genuinely don't get how this is a thing that exists

    Is there some psychological thing that makes people do this

    is there a reason this happens

    i'd like to know

    5 AnswersPolitics11 months ago
  • Can I wash my hair each day after marching practice?

    This is pretty self-explanatory. I just started my freshman year, and I live in the south. Marching practice gets extremely hot and we re out there for hours each day. I know that you re not supposed to wash your hair with shampoo each day, but because of marching practice, I feel disgusting if I don t. Is it healthy to wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner after each marching practice?

    3 AnswersHair11 months ago
  • How do I get a boy to stop asking me out?

    We're in the eighth grade. This boy asked me out on the first day. I told him that I wanted to get to know him before I gave him an answer. He nodded, and throughout the day, we would have two very short conversations that both ended in him randomly going to talk to his friends without so much as a, "'Later."

    He proceeded to text me that night about his guitar for, like, three texts, and then he asked me for an answer the next day. I said no.

    Since then, he's been asking me out once every two to three weeks, and I've kept saying no. He's done it again recently, and I'm incredibly fed up with it. I'm not trying to bash this kid, but I'm legitimately not interested in him. He asks out other girls directly after I turn him down, so I'm pretty sure he doesn't even like me and that he just wants the bragging rights that come with having a girlfriend.

    I'm fine with being his friend, but I have absolutely no romantic interest in him. How do I get him to stop asking me out?

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • Brynjolf disappeared and quest bugged in Skyrim?

    I'm nearly finished with the Dampened Spirits quest. All that's left is to talk to Brynjolf, but he seems to have disappeared from the game. The quest-marker takes me to the graveyard entrance of the Thieves Guild, but then turns around and leads me straight out of the door that I just came in through.

    I've tried duplicating Brynjolf's character, since I know about the "Brynjolf completely disappears from the game" glitch, but it keeps saying something about a parameter Id or whatever. Same goes for when I try to either teleport to him or teleport him to me.

    Any ideas? I'm really frustrated.

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games3 years ago
  • Only answer this if you're against gay rights.?

    Let's say a girl named Sarah has two love interests. One of them is a boy named Jack. The other is a girl named Sally. Jack is abusive, rude, and arrogant. Sally is nice, kind, and really attractive. I'm not saying all marraige should be any certain way, and I'm not trying to enforce my beliefs on you. I am just genuinely curious on what you value more - A person's mental and physical health, or your religion?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating4 years ago
  • Temporary Blindness?

    It only happens when I'm really, really hungry, or when I'm in pain. The most recent time it happened was when I hit my funny bone and it started with dizziness. Then I went blind in both eyes. It works like: A load of black spots eventually take over my entire line of vision. I usually have to close my eyes, otherwise it will make my eyes hurt really bad. When it lightens up, everything is yellow for about a minute. Then, as it goes away, everything looks static-y. Then, I can see just fine but I'm left somewhat weak and dizzy for a few minutes. What is this?

    1 AnswerOptical4 years ago
  • A peanut killed my throat and is making me ask a question that sounds sexual but isn t.?

    So, yesterday I ate a peanut and it got stuck in my throat. I think I got it out, but since then the middle of my throat has been hurting like hell. Every time I open my mouth to talk or eat, it hurts. It sticks mostly to the middle, but I can hardly do anything mouth-wise that doesn t hurt.

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management4 years ago
  • Is it legal to start a joke GoFundMe page?

    Say, for instance..."Donate walls to children in need! Just donate one wall every week to save a child in need!"

    2 AnswersCommunity Service4 years ago
  • My eyelid won't stop twitching.?

    For the past three days,my eyelid has been twitching relentlessly. It's always twitched every now and again, of course, but it has never happened this consistently. It's not distracting me or anything. It's just really annoying, especially in school. People already think I'm crazy (and that I eat three dictionaries every morning for breakfast.), so a twitching eye probably won't help my case XD

    Anyway, some help would be great. And a reason, too, since my grandparents have this idiotic habit of literally blaming all of my problems on the computer and I'd like a reasonable explanation to give them.

    2 AnswersOther - General Health Care4 years ago
  • Right under my knee (A kind of joint area, I think?) has been hurting for a while.?

    It started a little before I began running.

    I began running because I made a bet with a guy at my school that if he starts bowling, I'll join track. So, he's joined bowling already. To make it easier on myself, I've began to do at least five laps around the shed every day. I've been able to ignore it for the past week, but today after running it was particularly bad. I think it's the joint that hurts.

    Should I keep running, ignore this, and toughen up, or should I be worried?

    1 AnswerRunning4 years ago