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  • Iado & sword question?

    I was watching a Musashi movie when a question struck me. The movie never showed Musashi drawing both swords at once so I'd say the creators found the same issue.

    How do you quick-draw dual swords?

    Anyone that has ever tried it will tell you shoulder draws are awkward as hell & quick-draws from the hip require two hands so how did Musashi get around the issue? Quick-draw a single blade then fight for space before grabbing the other or is there another way of drawing from the hip that might only require a single hand on each sword?

    1 AnswerMartial Arts7 years ago
  • If an instructor teaches a bad martial art can they still be a good instructor?

    I want an opinion here, people say the teacher matters more than the style...can somebody be teaching people that they can use energy waves in a fight and still be considered a 'good teacher'?

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  • Kyokushin...Traditional, Classical or Modern?

    Personally I describe it as semi traditional. Simply because they still enforce the gi, the formalities and the respect.

    But training methods are mostly modern or have been kept because they're still deemed valuable, it was always touted by it's creator as an evolving art. It also seems that people class it as both on this site. So let's hear your opinion.

    Where do you think it should be classed?

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  • What happens when a Monk leaves the Shaolin temple?

    I'm curious, people leave religions all the time so why do we never see Shaolin in athletics?

    I mean some of them would truly kick @ss in the Olympic gymnastics.

    So what do they do when they leave the temple? Take up a job and fade into obscurity? Teach a tiny little class where nobody can see? Wander off into the mountains? Westerners claim to teach authentic Shaolin all the time but I've never seen an Easterner claiming to teach the art.

    Is temple life that good that they never leave?

    Does somebody silence them?

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  • Intimidation techniques?

    I'm not talking about smack talk, puffing yourself up or the Kiai for the hesitation...well, maybe the Kiai to some degree...

    I'm talking about moves that intimidate. Have you ever seen someone unleash a technique and think to yourself 'Good grief I hope that never happens to me!'?

    The reason I ask this is that I have never been intimidated by the idea of getting knocked the hell out or death strikes but watching someone pick up another person and throw them bodily scares me.

    So here's my question.

    What techniques do you fear having applied to you and do you think they'd have the same effect on a crowd?

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  • Wheel Kick or Suicide Kick?

    I did Kyokushin for ten years and have been doing Muay Thai for the last two and I've been practicing the Kyokushin Dou Mawashigeri for the last nine years but every single time I do it I wind up on my back with the wind knocked out of me or on my butt with the wind knocked out of me. I trust my aim and I trust my judgement in using it but the whole winding thing means that unless I knock my opponent out or make their rattling worse than my winding it really lives up to the suicide kick nickname. Any suggestions on what I can do to stop the winding or is it time to go for a flat-spin rather than a rolling spin?

    I don't have any footage of my own wheel kick but for reference sake they look like this

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    1 AnswerMartial Arts8 years ago
  • What is your Art of Losing?

    To anybody who has taken a beating on the street or in a competition, even in the training hall.

    What went through your mind? Are you the kind of person who sees your mistakes over and over again? Shrugs and gets on with things or goes into denial about it?

    How do you deal with it?

    Personally I run through my mistakes again and again but what is your thing?

    4 AnswersMartial Arts8 years ago
  • The best looking training uniform?

    I know people will say this should be in the fashion section but I'm looking for a martial artists outlook. I'm not starting a school or anything like that, it's just some info I need in a university project.

    So what's your favorite on looks alone?

    5 AnswersMartial Arts8 years ago
  • Ambush styled Martial Arts?

    I wonder if a lot of people miss the point of Martial Arts like Capoeira and Drunken Boxing?

    Personally I believe that they're supposed to be used in a similar method to a hidden knife or high kicks, you use them when you know they'll make a critical difference to the fight and not give any hints before then.

    What are your thoughts?

    4 AnswersMartial Arts8 years ago
  • When are you no longer a partial artist?

    When do you consider somebody to be complete?

    What defines it?

    Time spent training?




    All of the above?

    In light of K_JKDs intriguing question I want to know when you believe you can define yourself as a complete martial artist or even complete at a single style.

    6 AnswersMartial Arts8 years ago
  • UFC tournament or 2nd vs 3rd?

    UFC before Dana White was largely tournament based but since then it has become more of a Boxing style format. In the absence of a Belted Champion do you think it's more logical to have 2nd and 3rd duke it out or a tournament to decide the new champion before returning to the boxing style format with second and third points ranked fighters able to take first crack at the new champion?

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  • What defines your art as traditional?

    I practiced Kyokushin which I always described as a semi-traditional style. Our formalities are of a traditional nature, as is our appearance but the style is very young 60-70 years tops and teachers are quite open to both modern and classical training methods.

    So my question is what defines your art as traditional?

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  • Bas Rutten the commedian?

    Sebastian Rutten is a bada$$, but who knew he might actually be a funny guy?

    Anybody know if he's ever had a television show or anything?

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