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  • Extremely emotional lately and I don't know why?

    I work in an environment where I have to apprehend shoplifters on a daily basis. As of late, I have cringed at the idea of doing so, hoping that I wouldn't have any shoplifters. I don't want to deal with the confrontation as I have realized that for the past month I have been very easily offended and have had my feelings hurt- something that I cannot allow to happen when being strict with my apprehensions. It's causing me to dread coming to work in fear that I will break down when I'm supposed to be stern, and in showing weakness I might inevitably become involved in a case where the shoplifter sees an opportunity and causes me to get physically hurt. I need advice on controlling my emotions and getting out of this fog. I'm not even sure why I'm in this emotional state to begin with. Please help (serious answers only.. I'm tired of people insulting others who are reaching out).

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  • I have a problem with my money management. Please help (let's be adults here, serious answers only)?

    My fiance and I have been arguing a lot over money since he's been gone on deployment. At first I seemed to be getting better at managing my money. But it just seems like every time I start getting on the right track, I find myself spending on pointless things that I don't need. I nickle and dime myself to death until I only have barely enough to pay my portion of the bills. I don't know why I do it, but I do. And I can't seem to stop. I don't know what to do. I need serious help. It's tearing our relationship apart. It's not fair to him that I'm this way. And don't answer by saying "well how about you don't buy things you don't need then", because obviously I'm having a hard time with that. I need some way of cutting out compulsive buying. I need some way of getting my **** together so that I can help pay for a house when he gets home, help pay for vehicles and furniture we need...

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  • Orange colored discharge?

    For a little over two days i've been getting an orange colored discharge. Not rust colored, but orange! I've been tested for STDs before and all results came back negative. There's no foul odors thst come with it, no itching, no burning... nothing but what I'm used to, like the occasional pain I get in my ovaries and my abnormal menstral cycle that i've had since I was 13. I've tried googling it, but the results I find always include an odor or hormone change because of pregnancy. And I know I'm not pregnant. Someone please help

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  • When should one take a pregnancy test?

    If someone has a terribly irregular menstral cycle (almost non existant) at which time would it seem logical to take a pregnancy test? Considering it's recommended to take the epts a few days before your scheduled period and there's no set date that the menstral cycle can be tracked as it fluctuates a lot. Thanks in advanced :)

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  • How much (on average) does it cost to go to college to become a licensed nurse?

    I just wanted to know, because I'm trying to get a higher education. All of the programs I've looked at are pretty costly. One even went for 33k (including tuition costs, books, extra licenses and certificates involved with the program). Are they all that costly?

  • Im an emotional wreck?

    Okay, so I just got my boss in trouble at work. At our bar, people who come in have to have a membership to drink. A guy came in with a group of people who have memberships and I assumed he was their guest. Now they are getting a violation. Whats bad is, it shouldnt even be upsetting me as badly as it is, buf it makes me feel like I'm a bad worker. It might be the stress of my husband going on delpoyment soon that is making me feel like breaking down. Someone help me keep my self from stressing out. I need stress relief advice. Excersize? Music? Etc?

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  • Metallic smell from discharge?

    Someone please help. Every once in a while I get a strong metallic smelling discharge. I've been tested before for STDs and all results came back that I didn't have any. I clean properly down there, so I know that's not the problem. I'm not currently on birth control or any medication. And I know it's not an "after period" kind of smell because I haven't had a period in 7 months. :( any information would be helpful

    1 AnswerWomen's Health8 years ago
  • Dogs destroying my fiancé's things?

    my fiancé and I have an Australian Shepherd that just turned a year old. We thought he had already outgrown his destructive puppy stages as he hadn't destroyed anything in months. But recently he's been chewing up all of my fiancé's things. I think it might be from seperation anxiety since my fiancé's been gone a lot for his military training and our dog seems to only mess up my fiancé's things. Problem is, he is leaving for afghanistan soon. How can I break our dog of this habit? If I don't do something I know it'll just worsen when my finance goes on deployment.

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  • Fiance mad because i smoke?

    My fiance got mad at me today because he saw me smoking. We got together over 15 months ago, and he knew I smoked then. I've cut down A LOT since the first few months we were together. We've already gotten in to a blow out about it, midway through our relationship, and I take full responsibility for that. But he claims I do it all the time, when I don't. We work at a bar and if anything, I smoke out of boredom here. I don't even smoke at our apartment. I only smoke when I visit my mom and when I'm at work. We're both adults. I know it's not good for me and I'm glad he cares. But is it really something to get mad about. There are things he does that I don't like, but I don't get mad because he's an adult and can do what he wants. Any Advice? :/

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  • Help! what should i cosplay as?

    I'm having a hard time deciding on what character to cosplay as for Halloween. I love pretty much all anime and video games, so if you name soneone I'm likely to know who you're talking about. I'm just having a hard time deciding, since I only seem to find revealing costumes I'd rather not wear. I am a female and i weigh 140lbs, so I don't want to scar anyone lol anyway, please leave siggestions and websites where these costumes can be found, thank you :D (bte i don't mind cosplaying as a male)

    2 AnswersHalloween8 years ago
  • Car overheats when idle?

    I have an 02' Pontiac grand am se 4cyl that overheats when idle. But, its drastic. Today when I was stuck in traffic it went 5 ticks over 200. I've already replaced the head gasket. What else could be the problem? How much would it cost to fix? Is it even worth it considering its already at about 300,000 miles? Thanks

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  • What should I get for my boyfriend for our first year anniversary?

    We'll be together for a year in September. :) He and I have had a wonderful relationship so far, but I still have no clue what to get for him. He's not like the guys who like to go out to sports games or anything like that. He's more of a gamer/nerd type of guy but he already has all of the games he wants (pre orders included). I want something to let him know how much I treasure him and to let him know that I'll miss him terribly when he goes on deployment, but that I'll be waiting to spend the rest of my life with him when he gets home (even if we don't get married). ^_^ Any ideas?

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  • Men's thoughts on marriage?

    I'm not saying that I would like to get married now.. just eventually. I'm only 19 years old, so there's plenty of time for me to mature more before I do so. I just want to know if my boyfriend ever really thinks about it. He's been married before, so I know it's not the first priority for him. (His last marriage was pretty hellish) But we've been together for almost a year now. He says I'm the only person to ever make him this happy, and honestly there's no one I'd rather be with ^_^ But I've caused some trust issues (not cheating mind you/ never did that). And I know he's going on deployment next year. Do you think that maybe he just wants to wait until he gets back from that to see if I'll really be there for him through anything? He never talks about marriage, but sometimes the thought creeps up on me. I think it's because I see so many other couples (people I know) getting married. I don't, by any means, want to rush things. But we are a very happy couple. We've only gotten in to two major arguments and we were able to talk it through. I've heard some people say that we would never work because of the age difference, but I highly disagree. Personally, I think a man's opinion would be better for this question- how do you think my boyfriend feels about marriage?

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  • I had an abnormal pap smear?

    But there were no signs of infections. They want to preform a Colposcopy and possibly a biopsy. Should I be worried? :(

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  • How can I spice things up?

    I'm not saying that my sex life with my fiancee is dull, I just think that if I do something a little differently, maybe it'll put him in the mood more often. I've noticed we have a routine for the way we make love, and I'd like to get out of that and in to something new to spice things up for him. I want to be sexy for him, but not like a stripper/hooker/whore you know? Any suggestions?

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  • How can I tell if he's cheating on me and how can I catch him?

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year now. We've only gotten in to two fights that were kind of serious. Other than that though, it has been smooth sailing (almost too smooth). I don't have any outright proof that he's cheating on me, and I'm too paranoid to just go on a gut feeling. I can't say that he goes out too much, because he doesn't really go out at all (his personal choice, I don't tell him he can't go anywhere). I go to my mom's or friends house to spend an entire day, so he would have a chance (if any) to cheat on me at that point. But, anyone can cheat, even if it's just over the internet with that live sex chat on webcam and what not. I only feel inclined to ask because we don't really have sex (he's quite older than me so he doesn't have the sex drive I do), I feel like I'm no longer attractive to him because I put on a little weight, and he changed his passwords to his email and facebook (but he DID feel that the people at work had hacked in to his things, I was the one who originally brought it up to him because computers are linked at work... he just never brought up his password change). ANYWAY, I'm just nervous because our relationship seems too good to be true. I've had many people cheat on me before so maybe I'm just an overly jealous woman...

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