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  • What's the rule about company during Covid-19?

    Can you have family round for a hour for a cuppa? If someone has the virus and they stay upstairs is it okay if the family member stays downstairs? They're coming a long way and dropping off a few boxes of stuff. Sending them away wouldn't feel right.. 

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  • How is it possible for a bank to take your money out of an ATM machine without your bank card?

    I had a bank statement earlier and it says the bank had taken out money because of a mistake. But on the statement it says it was taken from their ATM machine. I'm just wondering how that is possible without my bank card? Is this normal or should I be concerned?

    2 AnswersPersonal Finance2 months ago
  • Bank took money out of my account using ATM?

    How is that possible? Just wondering if that's legit. Should I be concerned? They said they made a mistake and had to take money out but it says it's from the ATM outside their branch.

    I thought you needed to have the card and pin to take money out so I'm just asking if anyone knows anything about this.

    1 AnswerPersonal Finance2 months ago
  • Stung by wasp, safe to drink beer to ease the pain?

    Just wondering if it's safe to drink a beer to ease the sting pain. Nowhere is open so can't by cream or painkillers until later.

    I read somewhere that you shouldn't drink alcohol after being stung, anyone know if that's true? It'll just be 1-2 cans of stella and it's been approximately an hour since I was stung.

    If it's unsafe to drink alcohol how long do I need to wait? A couple of hours? A day? 

    6 AnswersFirst Aid2 months ago
  • How do you create the illusion that a lot of time has passed in a book?

    I'm not a big fan of just saying ten years later or a decade has passed etc.. but I want to create an illusion in the reader that a lot of time has passed. And I think 2000 - 3000 words is plenty so I'd rather not write more. Are there certain tricks to use in order to create the feeling 10 or 20 years has passed without explicitly saying so?

    7 AnswersBooks & Authors2 months ago
  • Can I name my book characters if the name is a trademark?

    I'm writing superhero fiction and giving my characters titles so I'm wondering if the trademarks that Marvel and DC have are to prevent people naming their characters something like Wolverine or Batman etc.. or if it only applies if I use those names on the book cover?

    Just to clarify I'm not planning to use those names. I'm just wondering if I need to check all my characters for trademarks or if the trademark only applies to book covers and not names.

    If it does mean I can't use trademark names then I'm wondering how I go about knowing. Do I just avoid naming my character any trademark names which already has a class 16? Or do I check the class 16 for something specific like "no books or publication?"

    Also if there's a trademark but it's not a class 16 does that mean I can name my character that? Any help is appreciated.

    5 AnswersBooks & Authors3 months ago
  • How do I check if my character name is trademarked?

    I'm writing superhero fiction so I'm wanting to check the superhero named isn't trademarked by marvel or DC etc.. as I understand the trademark for published books is class 16 so am I safe to presume if my superhero name doesn't come up in that class I'm safe to use it? Or would I also need to check the comics class?

    Also does the name need to be exact? For instance if marvel has a character called Starbolt, which would be the trademarked name, could I use Starrbolt or Starholt? Since they're probably not trademarks if that makes sense? And if not how different does the name need to be?

    1 AnswerComics & Animation3 months ago
  • Can I use names of characters that have been used before?

    I m writing a superhero book and just found Marvel has used the same name as one of my superhero name. Am I still able to use the name or do I have to change the name to something else? And there s another but a rock band has used the name so am I able to still use the name?

    4 AnswersBooks & Authors3 months ago
  • Can I use names of characters that have been used before?

    I m writing a superhero book and just found Marvel has used the same name as one of my superhero name. Am I still able to use the name or do I have to change the name to something else? And there s another but a rock band has used the name so am I able to still use the name?

    1 AnswerComics & Animation3 months ago
  • What is HF and LF in HRV?

    Just wondering what does a low HF and LF in HRV mean? Mine is pretty low atm. How do I fix it?

    HF is 420ms²

    LF is 267ms²

    If it looks okay then just let me know. The app I'm using says it's quite low so was just wondering.

    Heart Diseases5 months ago
  • Are my heart results are normal?

    I recently tested my heart using an app called Welltory and got these results. I just want to know if everything is fine as it tells me some should be higher and some lower etc.. for instance the LF and HF is too low?? I currently have a virus so that might effect the results. But should I just rest or get seen to?

    The results are as follows:

    Heart Rate: 64bpm

    Mean RR: 936

    SDNN: 37

    RMSSD: 31

    MxDMn: 0.13

    pNN50: 9.1

    AMo50: 43.0

    Total Power: 545 (total power of LF, HF, and VLF waves)

    HF: 243ms²

    LF: 170ms²

    VLF: 132ms²

    LF/HF: 0.7

    Wave Balance: HF>LF>VLF

    More details (dunno if they're useful or not) and they may be unrelated to the heart but I'll list them anyway as might be useful.

    ANS balance: 1:4.8

    Stability index: 32%

    Coherence index: 59%

    HRV Score: 31%

    cSDNN: 43ms

    PNSN activity: 21-29%

    SNS activity: 71-79%

    I'm just looking for someone who can tell me if everything looks normal. I don't really want to bother the doctors in this time of great need if I don't need to. So any information is appreciated. That's all the information it gives me too. Though it does say a little bit about each one of that's helpful to anyone? I'll post that as a reply if you ask.

    I know apps won't be as accurate as a real doctor but the reviews on it seem to be quite positive and it also gives an accuracy rating. And like I said I don't want to bother the doctors and hospitals with it if it's nothing to worry about.

  • Should I delete this app?

    I bought a new phone recently and it has GPay on it. It's my understanding that you need NFC to use the phone in stores via contactless but my phone doesn't support it. I'm just a little confused as to why my phone has GPay. I'm probably missing something but is it basically a useless app since I don't have NFC or can I do something else with it like transfer money etc.. ? If it is basically pointless for my phone I'm probably better deleting it for space so just wanted to know.

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans8 months ago
  • Is this classified as cooking?

    Basically my mate says that because I buy pack pasta and add water and then boil it it s not classified as cooking. His theory is that to be classified as cooking you must actually make the pasta fresh from scratch. I honestly don t know who s right cuz I do think he s got a point. But is just warming something up classified as cooking or do you actually need to do other stuff?

    21 AnswersCooking & Recipes8 months ago
  • Can someone smoke if I'm working at home?

    Firstly I don't smoke but I work at home and it's really off putting when someone smokes. I can't concentrate cuz it gives me headaches. Does the no smoking ban at a workplace cover this issue? I've numerous times told them to stop and smoke outside but he's got no respect and continues smoking indoors.

    6 AnswersRespiratory Diseases9 months ago
  • Attachment image

    Does anyone know of a plugin on WordPress that allows me to do this?

    I'm looking for a plugin that will do something similar to the screenshot. It's basically a prompt that pops up when you click the buy button and allows the buyer to choose where they want to buy the item from. It looks neater and more professional than just having 5-6 site logos next to my book so I'm looking for something similar to the prompt.

    If nobody knows of any plugins then any other ideas how I could have 5-6 sites (so buyers can still choose where they would like to buy from) without it looking tacky and unprofessional?

  • Attachment image

    Searching for a wordpress plugin.. can anyone help?

    I've attached a screenshot from a website that uses the effect I want. Basically, when someone clicks the buy button it should pop up with the different stores in which you can buy from. I'd rather not have each of the stores listed next to my books as it just doesn't look as good so want any plugin that will allow me to do a pop-up similar to the screenshot that I've taken.