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  • Plz rate/fix my 5th gen only pokemon team?

    Plz only use gen 5 pkmn


    Timid, life orb, 252 sp.atk evs, 252 spd evs, 4 hp evs

    Quiver Dance

    Fiery Dance


    Bug Buzz

    (Note: I kno U-Turn is physical but I'm still able to do damage if needed to switch)


    Calm, Leftovers, 252 hp evs, 252 def evs, 4 sp.def evs




    Will O Wisp


    Modest, Life Orb, 252 sp.atk evs, 252 spd evs, 4 hp evs

    Dragon Pulse



    Draco Meteor


    Bold, Leftovers, 252 hp evs, 252 def evs, 4 sp atk evs

    Shadow Ball

    Will O Wisp




    Adamant, Choice Band 252 atk evs, 252 spd evs, 4 hp evs



    Brick Break

    Rock Slide


    Modest, Life Orb, 252 sp.atk evs, 252 spd evs, 4 hp evs

    Fire Blast

    Shadow Ball

    Grass Knot


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  • Fix/Rate my Dragunity Deck Plz?

    Monsters 21

    2 Dragunity Layvayten

    2 Light and Darkness Dragon

    2 Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon  

    2 Dragunity Aklys

    1 Dragunity Darkspear

    3 Dragunity Dux

    3 Dragunity Legionaire

    3 Dragunity Phalanx

    3 Masked Dragon

    Spells 13

    1 Book of Moon

    2 Cards of Consonance

    1 Dark Hole

    3 Dragon Ravine

    1 Monster Reborn

    2 Mystical Space Typhoon

    2 Terraforming


    1 Call of the Haunted

    3 Spiritual Wind Art Miyabi

    2 Icarus Attack

    Extra Deck

    Stardust Dragon x2

    Dragunity Knight Gae Bulg x2

    Dragunity Knight Varyjana x3

    Dragunity Knight Gae Dearg x1

    Trident Dragon x1

    Trying to be under $100 including 3 structures

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  • Plz rate/fix my Gemini deck.?

    Gemini Genocide

    Monsters 23

    Phoenix Gearfried x2

    Chthonian Emperor Dragon x2

    Evocator Chevalier x2

    Featherizer x2

    Gemini Soldier x3

    Blazewing Butterfly x3

    Future Samurai x1 

    Dark Valkyria x3

    Gemini Summoner x1

    Gemini Scorpion x2 

    Knight of the Red Lotus x1

    Woodland Archer x2

    Marauding Captain x2

    Extra Deck 6

    Black Brutdrago x3

    Superalloy Beast Raptinus x3

    Spells 15

    Supervise x3

    Unleash Your Power! x2

    Gemini Spark x2

    Symbols of Duty x2

    Double Summon x2

    Polymerization x2

    Dark Factory of Mass Production x2

    Traps 8

    Gemini Trap Hole x2

    Gemini Booster x2

    Birthright x2 

    Justi-Break x2

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  • What's a good,cheap MTG Infect deck?

    I want to make a good,cheap MTG deck based on infection with poison counters.

    Here's what I have so far:

    Swamp 20

    Carnifex Demon 1

    Skithiryx the Blight Dragon 1

    Relic Putresceen 1

    Necropede 1

    Ichor Rats 1

    Corpse Cur 2

    Royal Assassin 1

    Jinxed Idol 1

    Contagion Engine 1

    Throne of Geth 1

    Contagion Clasp 1

    Grasp of Darkness 2

    Sign in Blood 2

    That's all I have so far. Plz make suggestions on what cards I should take out if need be. Also, I would like this to be all black.

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  • Plz rate/fix exodia grave deck!?


    5 pieces of exodia

    Ryko lightsworn hunter x3

    Jain lightsworn paladin x3

    Celestia lightsworn angel x2

    Exodious the ultimate forbidden lord x3

    Mystic tomato x3

    Dark hole x1

    Card destruction x1

    Reasoning x1

    Hand destruction x3

    Seriel spell x3

    Monster Reincarnation x3

    Foolish Burial x1

    Level limit area b x1

    Swords of revealing light x1

    Messenger of peace x3

    Torential tribute x1

    Gravity bind x1

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  • What do u think of this Blue Eyes deck? Plz rate/fix.?

    Blue Eyes White Dragon x3

    White Stone of Legend x3

    Paladin of White Dragon x3

    Kaibaman x3

    Kaiser Sea Horse x2

    Decoy Dragon x1

    Shining Angel x3

    Masked Dragon x3

    Blue Eyes Shining Dragon x1

    Sangan x1

    Heavy Storm x1

    Lightning Vortex x1

    Mystical Space Typhoon x1

    Future Fusion x1

    Polymerization x1

    Dragon's Mirror x1

    Brain Control x1

    Enemy Controller x1

    Swords of Revealing Light x1

    White Dragon Ritual x3

    Luminous Spark x1

    Card Destruction x1

    Sakerestu Armor x2

    Draining Shield x1

    Trap Hole x2

    Spellbinding Circle x1

    Return From the Different Dimension x1

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  • Can you please rate my Yusei deck?


    Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode

    Turret Warrior

    Quickdraw Synchron (2)

    Road Synchron

    Max Warrior

    Hyper Synchron

    Debris Dragon

    Rapid Warrior

    Zero Gardna

    Assault Beast

    Junk Synchron

    Drill Synchron

    Level Warrior

    Gauntlet Warrior

    Eccentric Boy

    Shield Warrior

    Speed Warrior

    Fortress Warrior

    Nitro Synchron

    Synchron Explorer

    Turbo Rocket

    Quillbolt Hedgehog (3)

    Level Eater (2)

    Turbo Booster (2)

    Turbo Synchron

    Majestic Dragon (2)


    Synchro Blast Wave

    One For One

    Junk Barrage

    Double Summon

    Synchro Boost (2)

    Monster Reincarnation

    Monster Reborn

    Silver Wing (2)


    Starlight Road (2)

    Assault Mode Activate (2)

    Scrap-Iron Scarecrow (2)

    Defense Draw

    Skill Successor

    Synchro Deflector

    Extra Deck:

    Magical Android

    Gaia Knight, The Force of Earth

    Turbo Cannon

    Junk Warrior

    Junk Destroyer

    Nitro Warrior

    Turbo Warrior

    Road Warrior

    Ancient Fairy Dragon

    Black Rose Dragon

    Red Dragon Archfiend

    Stardust Dragon

    Majestic Star Dragon

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