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  • What's all this stuff about "S reg" and "03 plate" mean?

    I'm from the USA, and I have no idea what these terms mean. Yesterday someone said they had a Hyundai, but they didn't give a model name like we use here, just "S reg" and Coupe. Heard stuff like this for other cars which are sold here in the US too, as well as Vauxhalls and such. Are these model designations, or something else?

    A short explanation if possible would be appreciated, or better yet, some web links for research and future reference. Also interested in websites for auto parts stores in Europe and other technically oriented sites dealing with cars and light trucks.

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  • What happened to my picture, and how can I fix it?

    Had a picture for (instead of?) my avatar for a long time, and a while ago, it turned into the gray smiley face. It's still there on my Yahoo blog and everything, and I've tried re-setting it (with same pic), but still just the gray smiley face! I see other people still have pics, but it seems like fewer of them. I checked on the Answers blog after it happened, but couldn't find any mention of a change. Any ideas what might have happened, and how to fix it?

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  • Any idea why my Firefox keeps crashing when I do a Google or Yahoo search?

    Started about a week ago, on both my PC-installed and Portable (thumbdrive) application versions. Through the main search box, or the side box, and even from the Mozzilla start page. Works fine if I type in a specific site. Wikipedia and IMDB and other search engines work fine. Already did virus and spyware scans. Pattern files up to date every night. Did a system restore to a while before it started. No other problems of any kind that I've noticed. I'm running XP Home, SP2, on a Dell Dimension 1100.

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  • Good free software to convert batches of bitmap pics to jpeg?

    Can anyone recommend some free software that would work with Windows XP-SP2? Preferably something not too complicated or hard to learn.

    I have a lot of old pics from when I was using Internet Explorer, that I'd like to convert. I have some Nero PhotoSnap software that does it, but only one pic at a time.

    Something I can download, as opposed to online service, as I am on dial-up. I do have limited access to hi-speed to download the software if needed.

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  • Problems with Windows XP Home, SP2, folder management.?

    1. My "My Documents" folder is in "video" mode, and I can't figure out how to change it to "Documents" mode. I right-click folder (while in Desktop), click properties, but no customize tab there like other folders. Which brings me to...

    2. I set my sub-folders to appropriate mode, but when I come back later, it has changed.

    3. I set my folder "view" one way, but when I come back later, it has changed.

    4. My folders wind up with thumbnail pictures on them, from completely unrelated folders, that I never set that way. Sometimes whole batches of sub-folders at a time.

    I am the Administrator, and the only person who uses it. Dell Dimension 1100. Both my internal and external Hard Drives. Otherwise everything works fine. No crashes or lost data or anything like that.

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