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  • I have been hearing foot steps in my hallway?

    Sometimes at late at night I hear creaks on the wooden floor sounding like foot steps. Now at first I found it strange, but then my theory was that the floor records my steps because the temperature. Now some times my family hears light little running as if a child was running late at night and sometimes I could hear it as well. This usually happens when everyone is sleeping and some of us heard it.  I am not sure what it is, but could be just something. 

    6 AnswersParanormal Phenomena3 months ago
  • There is a ghost in my closet?

    I was on omgele talking to random people all of sudden this guy tells me there is something in the closet I then say what is it? He tells me its a black little fiqure or something. As soon as he told me this I check my camera on my computer and I see the doors slowly peeking and opening unnaturally that's when I freak out. This happened around 3 am I wasn't tired nor was I dreaming and such. What I saw is this a halluanation? if it is I did some research and there is like some child ghost living in house from what I heard from my parents. 

    6 AnswersParanormal Phenomena3 months ago