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    Will scene hair look good on me?

    I love rock and I look up to Hayley Williams (lead vocalist of Paramore). I love her hairstyle and it's almost like the scene hair. I also love the scene hair and want to look more like a rock girl...? I know I am different, especially since I hate rap, lol. I love the way I am, anyway. But yeah, any advice? Will it look good on me?

    1 AnswerHair6 years ago
  • Which of the following elements of the Constitution is the author defending in this quote?

    "In republican government, the legislative authority necessarily predominates. The remedy for this inconveniency is to divide the legislature into different branches; and to render them, by different modes of election and different principles of action, as little connected with each other as the nature of their common functions and their common dependence on the society will admit."–Federalist No. 51

    A. creating a federal system of government where states and federal government share power and responsibility

    B. splitting Congress into the Senate and House of Representatives with different structures and functions

    C. determining the process of electing the president to be through a vote of all members of the legislative branch

    D. providing ways for the executive branch and Supreme Court to check the legislative branch's powers and actions

    I cannot choose whether it's A or B. Both seem right. Any help, please?

    1 AnswerGovernment6 years ago
  • Please help me check my answer. Which of the following possible court cases could be argued under the terms of the quote above?

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    A. a person shoots and kills someone who broke into the family's home

    B. a person refuses to serve the military when called up through a draft

    C. a person sues the state for building an armory on nearby property

    D. a person retires from the military in order to build an independent army

    On this one, I chose A. I have more questions coming later.

    2 AnswersGovernment6 years ago
  • Please help on this one. Which of the following is true about U.S. Supreme Court justices?

    A. They are appointed by the president, approved by the House, and may serve for 10 years.

    B. They are appointed by the Senate, approved by the House, and may serve for 10 years.

    C. They are appointed by the president, approved by the Senate, and may serve for life.

    D. They are appointed by the House, approved by the Senate, and may serve for life.

    Please help me on this one. I guessed A.

    2 AnswersGovernment6 years ago
  • What happens if I eat a bunch of Airheads?

    I can eat a whole bag in one day. Or two.

    I am worried about my teeth or health because of being slightly addicted to Airheads. I love them so much, and they are tempting to get while I am at the grocery store. How do I get rid of this addiction and stop eating candy for a long time? I've stopped eating candy for a long time before, but this is just really hard to get away from. Every time I eat one Airhead, I want another. Then another and another until the whole bag is gone :/

    4 AnswersOther - Food & Drink7 years ago
  • Should I be worried about my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?

    I have almost all of the signs of OCD after reading medical articles. I know I absolutely have it. Should it be something I should worry about? I love cleaning and constantly clean, which is one of the my main signs.

    4 AnswersMental Health7 years ago
  • Is there a limit to how much apparel I can wear on graduation day?

    Today, I am crowned a senior. High school. When I graduate in 2015, I want to wear a lot of things...

    First, whatever I get from my school, and then NSHSS (National Society of High School Scholars) grad apparel. is there a limit, or can I wear whatever I want with my cap and gown?

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories7 years ago
  • I was just crowned a senior. How do I savor my senior year and make the best of it?

    I'm in high school. Today is crown day (when juniors are crowned seniors). I want to love my senior year :)

    1 AnswerOther - Education7 years ago
  • Should I spend my money?

    Well, I have been applying for jobs like crazy. I've completed almost 50 applications and I'm waiting. I get little income from allowances and this program I'm in (I'm 16) and I was wondering if i should care what i spend right now because if I'm going to be working soon, should I have to worry about what I spend now? It takes too long to save up, especially without a job. I want to spend right now and then have good budgeting skills when I get a job because I'll have more money by then. Should I save? Or no?

    3 AnswersPersonal Finance7 years ago
  • Nobody likes me anymore?

    My friends were liking my statuses and pictures all of the time and messaging me, now it's just blank. I message them and they don't message back and ignore me. I'm such a f*cking loser.

    1 AnswerFriends7 years ago
  • I'm depressed from being so bored?

    I have a type-a personality. When I don't do anything productive or fun for a long period of time, I start getting depressed. I hate staying indoors at home all day. I don't want to just walk around the neighborhood when there's nothing to do out here. I can't drive anywhere because my mom's car is in bad shape for now. She's not taking the car to the shop until tomorrow I think.

    What do I do? I am so bored. I can't find anything fun to do. I want to go to the beach, but I can't get there. HELP. I'm going crazy staying inside.

    2 AnswersPsychology7 years ago
  • Why are there always good shirts but no good pants?

    It's so annoying looking for bottoms. Plus they are more expensive than shirts. This caused me to have more shirts than pants. Why don't stores make pants better?

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories7 years ago
  • How am I able to type fast without looking at the keyboard?

    How am I able to do this? My typing speed is 88 WPM without looking at the keyboard.

    5 AnswersOther - Computers7 years ago
  • This guy's breath stinks so bad who sits next to me?

    What do I dooo? It's horrible. My nose stings and it makes my stomach bubble.

    Like, when I'm hungry, the smell makes it worse and bubbles my stomach (like gum would). How do I avoid this? The dude is right there and I cant move my seat.

    1 AnswerDental7 years ago
  • Should I get a guitar teacher?

    I am having a hard time learning how to do everything alone by using YouTube. Should I just go ahead and get a teacher?

    2 AnswersTeaching7 years ago
  • I am losing hope in finding a white guy?

    How do I keep up hope and determination? Because I am looking at this blog with a bunch of white guy/black girl relationships, but I am making no progress. I know he's out there, but things are moving very slowly.

    I'm a black girl, by the way.

    And please no negative comments. I am only looking for advice and helpful encouraging answers.

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • Why do I shake after being very upset?

    After fussing, I start shaking for about a minute or two, then it goes away. Why does this occur?

    2 AnswersMental Health7 years ago
  • When I move my back it hurts?

    I exercised for half an hour, and just got out of the shower. I was sitting down for a while, and I think I was leaned over. I did squats and knee running and all of that stuff. It hurts to move my back. I can move it, but it feels like my spine is.... ugh, ouch. Help?

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management7 years ago
  • I messaged a guy but he didn't message back yet?

    We had a convo last night and it went great!

    Today I messaged him at 7 something (pm) and he still didn't message back. It's almost 12am now. But he didn't see my message either. Sometimes people can see your message on Facebook and not click it because it shows that they've seen it. Is he avoiding me now?

    I think I am overreacting. Am I? I am just so nervous....I built up the courage to make the first move and I did. Now I am extra nervous and worried.

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago