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    My samsung s7 shows this screen and wouldnt load, any advice?

    Please help, I have to save the data inside 

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  • How do I get my Samsung S7 to unfreeze? (Installing system update-stuck)?

    Hey guys! I'll try to make this short

    Basicaly my phone has been rebooting crazily for a couple weeks now

    Sometimes whem it would freeze I'd reboot it manually (power+volum down)

    Then a few days ago it froze on the "Samsung S7 android" screen as if its loading

    But it wouldnt load, just go from that screen to a black screen,

    It would also make weird old computer sounds sometimes

    Now I tried using power+home+volume up and it doesnt work anymore 

    Only volume down+power which now only goes from black to the S7 screen

    Im kind of worried I damaged the motherbase or spme other part because it's most probably not the battery (which would charge) butI also had it checked and the lab said its not the battery but theyre not sure thats the motherbase

    I'm kind of desparate right now because I have really important data and memories on the phone which I cant have access to if its not fully turned on(not only the S7 screen)

    Help would be extremely appreciated! Even on just saving my data! Notes photos numbers messages

    I need those 🙈

    Thanks in advance

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