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  • Supercharger for 2002 silverado 1500?

    The truck has 155503 miles on it. And was wanting to add a super charger to it. Which would you put in it? And please list the price and anything important.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • Fishing: rod to match my new abu?

    I just bought an ambassadeur c3 6500 and I just put it on a random rod I have laying around. I will be mainly be using it for heavy bass fishing, smaller catfish up to 10 pounds. I want a decent rod for it. Don't really want to spend more than 150. Please recommend a rod under 60 and one above

    2 AnswersFishing8 years ago
  • Fishing: mono for salmon drifting?

    This weekend I'm going salmon fishing and need new line? What's best

    2 AnswersFishing8 years ago
  • Fishing: Abu Garcia ambassoduer reel?

    Which one of those will work best for Inshore/dock fishing I was thinking about matching it with a st Croix mojo inshore

    2 AnswersFishing8 years ago
  • Is it weird?????????

    Is it weird that when I'm fishing I have to reel with my spinning reels with my left hand but if I'm using a baitcaster or a spincast that it has to be a right hand reel model. I don't feel comfortable reeling a baitcaster with my left hand even though I am left handed. But I don't feel comfortable using my right hand with a spinning reel. Does anybody else do that too?

    7 AnswersFishing8 years ago
  • Tight end in highschool football?

    I am an offensive and defensive lineman, and it has always been my dream too play tight end. And my team switched from the spread to the power I. So I figures bows my chance. My 40 yard dash is 5.66. Weight is 225. Height is 5'7. I am a strong kid for my age I am 16. I can catch pretty good and I always try my hardest. What do you think my chances of being a decent to good tight end are?

    9 AnswersFootball (American)8 years ago
  • St. Croix Legend Xtreme fishing rod?

    I was thinking about getting the 6'6 MH spinning rod, I will be using it for walleye and bass fishing, what spinning reel do you think would be right for it?

    4 AnswersFishing8 years ago
  • Maxima ultragreen fishing line?

    How is it? I just bought some today for when my Cajun Line runs low. Do you like it.

    1 AnswerFishing8 years ago
  • What is a good spinning rod?

    I'm looking to get a new spinning rod for bass, walleye and the occasional pike fishing. I Want to spend 150 dollars but I'm willing to go over a little for the right rod. I like St. Croix rods. I like 6'6 MH but if you think there's a better option ill consider it.

    1 AnswerFishing8 years ago
  • What is a good spinning rod?

    I'm looking to spend 150 dollars on a spinning rod. But if I have too for the right rod I will go a little over. The rod will be used for mainly bass and walleye and sometimes pike, I just want an all around pole. I would prefer a 6'6 MH, but I am open too other options. I'm fond of St. Croix rods

    1 AnswerWater Sports8 years ago
  • What is a good budget for a spinning reel?

    I want to get a new spinning reel for bass and walleye fishing. So I want to know what you think a good budget for a NICE spinning reel. Or recommend a reel, I want to upgrade from my shimano sonora

    6 AnswersFishing8 years ago
  • Do you have a favorite fishing lure?

    If so, what is it! Mine would have to be my first Rapala. A floating Rapala in size 7, shiner color. Or it would be my Rapala x-rap popper.

    3 AnswersFishing8 years ago
  • Trolling fishing reels?

    I was never sure is a linecounting trolling reel the same thing as a conventional reel like they use in saltwater? If not what are the diffrences

    2 AnswersFishing8 years ago
  • St. Croix pro graphite fly fishing pole?

    I have a st. croix pro graphite fly pole its a 2 price 5/6 weight pole. With a broken okuma fly reel. My friend offered me $115 for it. Do you think that's a good price. I payed 110 for it

    2 AnswersFishing8 years ago
  • Ohio state football under Urban Meyer?

    How do you think they will do next season and there record.

    They will do good and go only lose 3 games

    2 AnswersFootball (American)8 years ago
  • Handline fishing the detroit river?

    My friend and his dad are going fishing in the river and invited me. Im a shore fisherman but I want to go with them and wanted to handline. Can some one explain handline fishing to me

    3 AnswersFishing8 years ago
  • Beginner fly fishing rod and reel combo?

    I want to start fly fishing. So I was wondering what a good rod and reel combo would be. I don't want to spend to much money my limit is 80 dollars. I want it for trout, bass, small pike and walleye

    4 AnswersFishing8 years ago
  • Surf fishing in Hatteras for shark?

    Can I have some tips on catching 3-4 sharks in the surf. Luke what kind if rigs what to use as bait. And what size hooks to use

    1 AnswerFishing8 years ago
  • Penn Fierce 8000 spinning reel for surf fishing?

    I'm thinking about getting that reel along with a 10' surf pole for surf fishing in the outer banks specificly rodanthe on the island if cape hatteras. Also what baits to use? And what can u expect to catch in late April early may? Thank you.

    1 AnswerFishing8 years ago
  • Braided line in my reel?

    Will braided line destroy my shimano sonora 4000FB like it will with some other reels?

    6 AnswersFishing8 years ago