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  • What does this mean? I just saw a dream where I was frantically chasing a ghost girl around my old house. ?

    It was a scary looking little girl with black eyes and a dark skin (literally black color) but for some reason she was running from me. I was whispering "You saw the real one" while i chased her. And when i cought up with her after hours of chasing and her trying to shake me, she turned around and strangled me. I felt like I was dying. And then i woke up. 

    I've been thinking what tf that means for the last hour. Can any dream experts help take this off my mind?

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  • What is the name of the song that has these words... In general... :P?

    "This town is make me town break me town bring me downtown"

    I don't remember where i heard it or if these words are the actual lyrics, i'm gonna go ahead and assume they are not, because every time i search for it, google returns "Lady Antebellum's - Downtown". That is NOT what i'm looking for.

    I'm talking about a more classic and old song sung by a male singer...

    If anyone knows what song this is, please help me.


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  • Does ANYONE know where i can watch/download Oreimo SEASON 1?

    PLEASE check the links you post because almost ALL sites have Oreimo S2. Just watch the first few seconds of the first episode, if it starts from a monorail train and then Kirino Kosaka waking up kyousuke kousaka, THAT IS SEASON 2!

    I want to watch SEASON 1 where it starts from Kyousuke bumping into Kirino.

    Thanks for your help. :D

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  • In which episode of Shippuden will the ninja war end?

    I have watched all the episodes of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden (upto 328) and i know the story. Also, i don't mind spoilers, so lay it on me.

    My question is, when the HELL is the ninja war ending already????? I mean don't get me wrong, it's all interesting and everything, but i gotta say, Shueisha and Kishimoto sensei like to milk the same old cow for years until it bleed and die.....

    I'd like to see the ending of this and see Naruto get back to his cheerful, happy life and Konohagakure. So how many episodes do you think the ninja war will continue on until it ends?

    Thank you :D

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  • What in the world makes my electricity bill so HIGH?

    The bill usually goes at around 100 dollars... Even when we only use a couple of ceiling fans, CFL lights, a laptop, a refrigerator, washing machine and occasionally a microwave oven! We don't use an A/C or a heater or a dishwasher....

    Can someone tell me WHAT does this.... ?!?!?

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  • What is the episode gap between Naruto Shippuden anime and manga?

    The last released Shippuden episode (322) got me searching and researching on all sorts of things about sages and Naruto. and i noticed, the episode gap between the manga and the anime is too huge. Currently, Naruto's clones and the kages are fighting Madara in the world war, but i even heard Madara was successful in reviving the Ten Tails in the manga. Now, that much of a gap is not entirely unbelievable, since i haven't ever read the manga, but it looks as though we will have to wait like another year for the anime to get to where the manga is at as of now.

    Now, there are a couple of things i need clarified. So please answer all questions if you wish to help me out.

    1. Naruto and sage of the six paths - What is that about? ( )

    2. Who the duck is the masked guy?

    3. Is there any indication in the manga that says naruto will achieve rinnegan?

    4. What is the episode gap between the manga and the anime?

    Thanks all for helping me out.

    And, oh, i don't mind spoilers. I like to see things coming.

    1 AnswerComics & Animation7 years ago
  • Places to purchase computer parts and phones in China?

    Hello all.

    I will be visiting China for a couple of days later this month. And i have some things i need to buy from there.

    1. EVGA graphics cards (Gtx670 Sig-2)

    2. A Google Nexus 4 (or a Sony Xperia T)

    Can someone tell me where i can purchase them and what the prices of them are?

    Thank you very much.

    3 AnswersChina8 years ago
  • Is it compulsory to plug the fans into the power outlets on the H100i?

    Hello all.

    I purchased an H100i recently, and i was wondering if i can plug the fans to molex connectors instead of the power outlets on the waterblock. I will be plugging the pump to a sata connector and the 3 pin RPM connector to the motherboard.

    So is it gonna be alright to power the fans through molex?

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  • Need the correct reference for the following quote?

    I was searching for Carl Jung's work and came across the line "Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people"

    I selected this to be quoted in my self reflection report. So i want the correct source where C.G.Jung mentioned this.

    Please answer with the name of the book.

    Thank you very much.

    1 AnswerQuotations8 years ago
  • What is this song? Please answer.?

    I remember a song on VH1 probably about 2-3 years back and now i want to listen to it. But i don't know the name. All i have is just a small part of the music in my head and some memory of "space invaders" being in it. The song had no words as i remember. it was more like slow techno or something. The space invader things in the song actually flies and invades the earth there.

    So if any one of you good users have any idea of what this song is, please help me.

    Thanks :)

    1 AnswerOther - Music9 years ago
  • Evga gtx 560Ti causes system to restart randomly. What is wrong?

    Hola good people!. Today i bought an evga gtx560Ti graphics card and i installed it on my main rig. The config of the rig are, Intel i7 950 processor, Asus sabertooth X58 motherboard, 6GB DDR3 1600Mhz Mushkin 998974 RAM, inwin commander 750W power supply, and a CM V6GT as my CPU cooler. I was playing NFS World and Crysis 2 for the first two hours on my new graphics card and i had no problem. But when i started playing Homefront, the machine restarted without any warning whatsoever. Then i tried running Crysis 2 and NFS Wolrd again, it didn't work. The computer keeps restarting. I have no idea why this is happening. I mean this can't be a power problem because my PSU gives constant 750W and it has 4 12v rails which gives 18A each. and the RAM, CPU and other hardware seems to be OK. Can you please help me and advise me on what to do next?

    Thank you.

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  • What graphics card should i buy? Gtx580 or gtx460 2Win?

    I was gonna get a gtx 580 for my new rig, but yesterday, EVGA announced their monster 460 dual GPU card, "460 2WIN" This card gives comparatively better frame rates than the 580 and is extremely cheap (it would be 2X 460's price - 10%) about 45 - 50 USD less.

    But i'm not sure whether to get this or the 580 .

    please advise me on this.



    1 AnswerDesktops10 years ago
  • Hi, question about PPL, please help me..?

    I'm hoping to get the PPL next year, so i need to know what the things i need to submit to sit for FAA qualification.

    please help me

    thank you..

    3 AnswersAircraft1 decade ago
  • problem in JAVA programming.. please help....?

    i've been learning JAVA programming for about a month now and this is a class that i made for a library inventory system. I know it's the most basic programming you might have seen in your life, but i want some help on it..

    There's no error in the program, it works fine, but i want to add a picture to the background of it. Please teach me how to...


    import javax.swing.*;

    import java.awt.event.*;

    import java.sql.*;

    import java.awt.Font;

    import java.awt.Color;

    public class Login implements ActionListener{

    JLabel lblUser,lblPass;

    JButton btnCont,btnClose;

    JTextField txtUser,txtPass;

    JFrame frm;

    Login() {

    frm = new JFrame ("Find Books");


    JPanel pn = new JPanel();



    lblUser = new JLabel("Username");


    lblUser.setFont(new Font("Calibri",Font.BOLD,15));


    lblPass = new JLabel("Password");


    lblPass.setFont(new Font("Calibri",Font.BOLD,15));


    btnCont = new JButton ("Continue");


    btnCont.setFont(new Font("Calibri",Font.BOLD,15));


    btnClose = new JButton ("Exit");


    btnClose.setFont(new Font("Calibri",Font.BOLD,15));


    txtUser = new JTextField ();


    txtPass = new JTextField ();












    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae) {

    if (ae.getSource()==btnClose){

    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"System is shutting down");



    if (txtUser.getText().equals("123")&&txtPass.getText().equals("123")){

    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Please wait while the system logs you in");


    MainMenu MM = new MainMenu();


    else {

    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Incorrect Username/Password. Please re-enter");




    void clr(){




    public static void main (String[]arg) {

    Login obj = new Login ();




    please help me..

    thanks in advance


    ps: i use JCreater PRO

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • hi.. what is the best software for object oriented programming?? - JAVA?

    I know how to code programs with java language. I used JCreater to learn Java. Now, i want an easier program like VB to continue.. You know, where you drag and drop an object, it automatically sets the coding??

    thanks for helping me out..


    2 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • What do you think about my new build??????

    Hi. I just finished my newest i7 build, what do you think about it?????

    CPU: Intel i7 950

    Motherboard: Evga 3X SLI

    RAM: 6GB DDR3 Tri-Channel Hyper-X 1600Mhz

    Hdd: Samsung 1TB SATA 7200Rpm

    CPU cooler: Thermaltec Frio

    PSU: Inwin Commander 750W

    Optical drive: Samsung DVD writer

    Casing: Coolermaster HAF X

    Mouse: Razer Naga Molten Edition

    K/B: Razer Lycosa Mirror edition

    I'm still using my Gts250 for the graphics.... i'm waiting for the release of the 6970. Or i will crossfire 2 6870s.... ( O_o .... Thinking)

    feel free to comment...

    thank you..


    4 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago
  • songs which are good to listen to when you are pissed off?

    i don't like hip-hop, techno, house, trans nothing. i listen to hardcore rock. I like soil's halo. I like the way they scream. So is there any other band/song like this?

    any help would be appreciated


    ps: i like rap too. you know? but it has to be only rap. not hip-hop/rap or techno/rap or nothing.

    22 AnswersRock and Pop1 decade ago
  • what is this song???? please make a guess.?

    i heard this song on one of the local radios. It's a techno/trans song. Totally cool. but i can't find it on the internet. I barely heard all the lines, coz i was driving. But it's like this.

    1> I live my life

    2> Day by day

    3> ..................

    4> ..................

    5> I care about you

    6> I care about me

    7> ......................

    8> ......................

    the blank lines are the lines that i didn't hear. Since i didn't find any song related to this when i googled it, i think the lyrics are not as i hear. If you guys know a song which has similar lyrics, please answer. :D

    thank you!


    2 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • A question to all the computer geeks... :D?

    Ok, think that you have disposable money that you can spend for a computer and the electricity bill, what kind of setup will you select?? ??

    (MoBo/CPU/RAM/Hdd/GFX/PSU/Casing/Optical drives/Sound card/monitor(s) and other components)

    my selection would probably be:

    MoBo: EVGA classified SR2

    CPU: 2X Intel Xeon 5600

    RAM: 24GB DDR3

    GFX: 4X ATI HD5970 (or 4 of the newest 6870s)

    Hdd: 5X WD 2TB SATA +265GB SSD

    PSU: 1500W InWin

    Sound card: X-fi Titanium Fatality PRO

    Monitors: 4X 32" Samsung LED....

    PS: please consider that this is not a real build, i don't have such money..:P...



    7 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago