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I began "experimenting" in car electronics well before I could legally drive. Like most novices I had no idea what I was doing. By the time I was in college (mid-late 90's) I had taught myself enough to be dangerous. Once car audio forums became available I was hooked. MOST of what I've learned has been simply a result of searching some technical forums and reading. Most of my education is in the mechanical engineering field, but I did have some basic electronics classes. I work in the civil engineering field. I don't have car audio "credentials" other than personal experience. I was once offered a job in the car audio industry based on my forum contributions at :)

  • If Hillary wins should I stop teaching my kid that lying is bad?

    I didn't have the best parents in the world, but my dad was absolutely clear that if we lied we would be disciplined.

    So naturally, I don't lie. I despise liars.

    Lying, cheating and stealing are all versions of one another.

    I am raising my son with that in mind.

    But it seems society has come to a place where lying is just part of life. Being a good liar seems to be a positive character trait these days rather than a negative one.

    Millions of people will vote for a woman who has made a career out of lying -- and we will sign up for more.

    How is an honest person supposed to process this?

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  • From a liberal's point of view, how do you identify someone who is racist?

    Please, no brain-dead responses like, "there's an (R) beside their name".

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  • Charging a small battery?

    I have a bluetooth earpiece.

    Its charger is the usual 120v wall-type charger with a cylindrical connector to the earpiece charging port.

    The output is 4.75v and .55A

    I would like to cut off the 120v converter box and connect it to a standard USB cable making it combatible with my phone charger, tablet charger - it would just be a lot more convenient.

    As I understand it usb connections operate at 5v.

    I would like to know if it would cause problems with the battery (or batteries) in my earpiece to charge at 5v instead of 4.75v.

    At a 5% increase I wouldn't expect it to make a world of difference, but I'm not sure how a watch sized battery would react to a slightly higher voltage charge.


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  • 4.3L OMC starts, runs a few minutes then stalls - repeatedly?

    Hi, I have an 89 OMC. I've had it for 10 yrs or so.

    We've had our issues, but generally it has been reliable.

    Just got it out of winter storage recently. Went through my de-winterization which includes hooking it up to water muffs. It took a good amt of cranking to start, but eventually did and seemed to run fine.

    A few days later off to the lake we went.

    It fired immedately on the trailer we took off across the lake. Seemed to be running great, running at 3k rpm or so.

    After about 5 minutes it sputtered a couple times, and about 10 sec later it died.

    It re-started, but wanted to die as soon as I gave it throttle.

    I poked around the engine a little bit, thinking it is a fuel problem, but didn't see any obvious problems.

    I pulled off the fuel/water separator and nothing seemed out of line.

    I thought there might have been some build up in the bottom of the can, but didn't have a spare so I threaded it back on.

    It started, seemed to be running fine. So we took off again.

    A few minutes later when through the same process as above.

    The 2nd time I pulled the water/fuel separator off I heard a pressure or vacuum release and don't know if there should be pressure (pos or neg) there.

    I thought maybe I my fuel tank vent line is clogged (I replaced inlet and ve4nt hoses ~3 yrs ago), but I don't know if it would cause this.

    The point is I have no idea what's going on.

    Thoughts/suggestions on diagnosis?

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  • patio door questions?

    hello - I am in the research process of replacing a worn out patio door.

    Currently installed is a 2 panel (one active) french door.

    The plan is to change to a gliding door.

    With installation prices being quite high, and a reasonable degree of home repair aptitude I am approaching this as a self-installation.

    I will have the help of my brother who is a professional concrete finisher with a lot of wood-working know how.

    My first obstacle is trying to determine the actual dimensions of the replacement door.

    The frame of my french doors measures 71-1/2 to 71-9/16 wide, and about 80 tall.

    I have not been able to determine the "standard" width of a 6-0 door, or if there really is a STANDARD. It seems pretty obvious a frame measuring 72" isn't going to squeeze into this opening. I'm hoping a 71-1/2" wide door isn't a "custom" (pricey) option.

    Besides the measurements -- I expect some degree of wood rot along the bottom of the door.

    I'm wondering what supplies I should have on hand to make sure the installation goes as well as it can.

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  • Exceeded FSA maximum, can I deduct the excess?

    I have a dependent care FSA account through my employer and contribute the yearly maximum (5K)

    Married filing jointly -- one dependent.

    Year's dependent care was ~6600.

    Can I deduct the 1600?

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