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  • Rude questions to ask?

    A while back I asked a coworker who she voted for in the election. She started off by saying that it was rude to ask, but she did tell me who she voted for. I was a little surprised because I've never heard that asking such a thing is rude, but after being explained later why I do understand. Are there any other questions like this that is considered rude to ask? Besides obvious inappropriate questions, asking a woman's age or if she is pregnant.

    1 AnswerEtiquette7 years ago
  • What's the job field looking like for medical administrative assistants with a diploma?

    I go to a Technical college and sometimes worry that I won't be able to get a job with just a diploma. Other times, I think surely there are jobs out there that would hire someone with a diploma because if there wasn't the college wouldn't offer this major. I have talked to a woman in the field that I'm going for but honestly I feel like I made a fool out of myself. Just a little clarification and assurance would be great. Also it would be great to hear from an actual medical administrative assistant! Thanks

    3 AnswersHealth Care7 years ago
  • What is the correct wording of the following sentence?

    It's probably crowded there all the time.


    It's probably crowded all the time there.

    Or does it even matter?

    11 AnswersWords & Wordplay7 years ago
  • interest rates for suntrust bank?

    I need it specifically for the one called "Everyday" Checking account. I've looked everywhere on the site and couldn't find it. Please help?

    1 AnswerPersonal Finance9 years ago
  • Break up effects and how to break away?

    A little over a month ago my now ex-boyfriend broke up with me. He was the first guy who I could truly say I loved and still do. His reason was that he needed to get closer to God. Yes, he has been pretty much hated for breaking up with me in that way but honestly I can kind of understand. I tried my hardest to argue it out but ultimately felt bad. It was like me vs. God. Fighting a lost battle. Even saying we could both get close to God together. He's totally cut me out of his life and it has been killing me. I still remember all the important dates and I think about him everyday. Its kinda like torture. Every guy I talk to make me feel awkward. Its like I don't even wanna talk to guys at all. I guess my question is how can I break all of this? I'm tired of feeling awkward all the time, thinking about him everyday... I've tried fighting so hard but nothing completely pays off.

    2 AnswersPsychology10 years ago
  • What would you do if....?

    1. John Cena quit and went to TNA.

    2. Ric Flair died.

    3. Batista got caught with drugs.

    4. Sting came to WWE

    5. Vince McMahon bought TNA

    9 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • This PG rating...........?

    Don't you think the rating makes WWE more stupid and annoying. Cheech and Chong being "allergic" to Lucky Charms. It seems more elementary these days. I mean I still like wrestling.. Im definitely not a hater. TNA obviously doesn't have this rating considering Beer Money, cursing etc. I miss the attitude era. Do you think WWE has lost fans since then? What are your thoughts?

    9 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • (Guys) Your girlfriend is late....?

    And you learn you're going to be a dad. What is your reaction?

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • What happened on NXT last night?

    I missed it =/

    6 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Who misses The Rock?

    13 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Who loves Jeff Hardy?

    13 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Who hates Family Guy?

    I do.

    8 AnswersComedy1 decade ago
  • Don't you hate trolls?

    It seems like theres one annoying troll in every section Of Y!A I go into

    10 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • What is your favorite song by Korn?

    I honestly can't pick.

    Im listening to Evolution right now.

    4 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Who would win this match?

    Hulk Hogan & Macho Man ( In their Prime )


    John Cena & Triple H

    7 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • WCW Wrestler of the day(:?

    My real name is Randall Mario Poffo

    Im 6 ft 2 in

    Oh yeeeeeah (:

    8 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Same dream every time.?

    Okay so me and my bf have an off & on relationship...

    Every time I have a dream about him he kisses me...

    Then we had the off time

    I had a dream about another guy I like and he kissed me.. .couple weeks later I find out he only liked me as a friend...

    Me and my bf got back together.

    Couple nights later I had a kissing dream with him..

    Its like my dreams follow whats going on in my life...

    oh yeah and I've never been kissed.. In real life..

    What do you think? Does it mean anything?

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation1 decade ago