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  • Why did Michael Jackson's family sue his promoters for 40 Billion Dollars?

    Michel Jackson was made what he became by his promoters. His doctor already has a case against him for giving the prescription drug that killed him.

    Michel must have been under a lot of stress of all the concerts and specially the Child sex scandal he was accused of (I thought that would have ended his career) He had to give a large some of money to hush the matter up

    It was natural he took prescription drugs to keep him going without quitting

    But why is the Jackson family (they are already a rich family by any standards)want 40 billion dollars from his promoters and if they get this money what will they do with it

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  • Are Phosphorous bombs are a Chemical weapon?

    Phosphorous bombs were used by the invading US forces against the Iraqis who were defending Falujah

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  • Why is France supporting the Govt forces of Mali against extremist rebel groups ?

    France supported extremist rebel groups and supplied them in Libya to overthrow Gadafi and some of the weaopns used by the Mali rebels are reportd to be comming from Libya(Frances own weapons?)

    Also France at present is fully supporting of extremist rebel groups in Syria and has suppled them indirectly.

    5 AnswersCurrent Events8 years ago
  • What Species of animals will I most likely to see in Denali NP(Alaska)?

    I hope to visit Denali this summer and hope to take the bus that goes to the Denali interior up to wonder lake and Kantishna. What animals that I am more likely to see and do I get good photo opportunities while in the bus?

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  • Is the US sponsored missile shield really to stop Iran and North Korean Missiles hitting USA as it claims?

    In a Recent much publicized North Korean missile launch which was a failure plus western intelligence now believe the huge missiles that North Korea Parades are fakes

    In addition if the sanctions wont stop Iran's nuclear program(Peaceful or not it doesn't matter now US doesn't trust Iran's Govt anyway) a military strike by US and her allies is likely. Such an attack will not only take the nuclear reactors out (If there is a huge nuclear explosion too bad for the Iranians living near the reactor as it is collateral) but also will take out any missile capability and missile facilities of Iran.

    So is it really necessary? The missile shield to be constructed close to the Russian border in several Eastern European countries

    The NATO (USA) has said these missiles wont be aimed at Russia to calm Russian fears?

    If a missile shield is stationed in Eastern Europe not aimed at Russia (Aimed at Iran and North Korea?) is US going to pack up these missiles and take them away if North Korea and Iran posers no threat? Also if it wants change its aiming these missiles from Iran to Russia I believe it shouldn't take more than a few seconds of time.

    Also any missile from Eastern Europe going to hit North Korea don't they have to overfly Russia?

    The Russians are worried

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  • Please name the countries that took part in Friends of Syria conferance in Turkey recently?

    A recent conferance in Turkey was held by some countries calling themselves friends of Syria about how to respond to a situation in Syria

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  • If NATOs mission in Libya was to protect civilians why did they ignore boats load of refugees from Libya?

    During the Libya conflict taken by a UN resolution of a No fly zone and Whatever means to protect civilians( effectively used by NATO for regime change and bombing some civilians to do this) there were some African migrants in Libya who fought with the Libyan army and were trapped as the rebels took over. Since the rebels known for their brutality and revenge tactics the Africans tried to flee Libya in boats in panic with very little water or food

    This was a time a whole fleet of armada of NATO war ships ( including Aircraft carriers, Battle ships, Cruisers were blocking the libyan coast with their big guns and big fire power and Libya was being bombed round the clock by Nato planes.The Naval Blockade did allow some rebel ships to bring guns and ammunition to rebels but with their permission

    One refugee ship with 62 refugees that left Tripoli were spotted by NATO ship and aircraft while at see and despite aking for help no help was given to this ship. The refugees starved to death till only 12 were left and came back to the Libyan coast (to be arrested by the victorious rebels and ...?)

    Human rights Rights asked the question from NATO why they didnt help? They tried to avoid the question and finally said said they didn't know

    Is this correct? The way the Naval and Air blockade was enforced with all of NATOs modern technology (Satellite images, electronic surveillance, Air surveillance etc) even a fish couldn't have got through from the Libyan coast at that time without NATO knowing.

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  • Did the US soldier who killed 16 people in Afghanistan act alone as told by US Army?

    US army in Afghanistan has said he acted alone.It means that from a heavily guarded military base a drunkard lone soldier(Under Afghan law drinking is illegal but US soldiers may be above the Afghan law when they serve there) can leave the base at middle of night carrying fuel, and his weapon (if this is true a Taliban can also just walk into the base and shoot sleeping soldiers) go to two separate villages shoot over 16 women and children who are sleeping burn their bodies by pouring the gasoline he was carrying and not stopped by any villagers while doing this ( Some villagers are armed) and walk back to his base to have another beer.

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  • how much will it cost to visit Arusha National park from Arusha?

    Arusha a city in Northern Tanzania.A city close to some best wildlife parks in the world. I am keen on going to Arusha park.

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  • If the USA invaded Greneda to rescue its students why didn't they ask for a safe passage before the invasion?

    The small country of Grenada was invaded by USA soon after a military coup in that country. The USA with all its resources still got over six Caribbean nations to participate in the invasion.Hundreds of civilians were killed during the invasion. The students who were airlifted to US after the invasion returned back to Grenada after a few weeks( A Medical Degree is cheaper in Grenada than in the USA)

    A US friendly puppet government was installed in Grenada after the invasion. At the time of the invasion the US President, secretary of state, media and White house all said that the invasion was to rescue stranded US students in Grenada.

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  • What did you really do for world peace so that you were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

    Nobel prize is given to people with exceptional humanity and do something that really contributes to wold peace.

    Nobel peace prize winners have usually dont boast even if their enemies were killed in their actions and they certainly dont support revolutions in Africa to regime change by violent methods.

    6 AnswersPolitics9 years ago
  • Why does the USA need a massive 3000 employee embassy in Baghdad?

    Iraq war is finished now at least for the USA.( If Iraqis are bombing and killing themseves that is their internal matter)

    Most developing countries such as Iraq where the USA has embassies usually empoly only about 50 persons.

    3 AnswersEmbassies & Consulates9 years ago
  • Why would Newt Gingrit want the USA to build a Military Base on the Moon?

    Gingrit has said publicly he will build a base in the moon if he gets elected. When Gingit says base it can only mean a military base with all the weopens(including Nuclear) and systems.

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  • Best Place in Costa Rica to see a wild Barids Tapir?

    Costa Rica has a very rare species of Tapir not easy to be spotted or photographed.

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  • Will Charles be the next king of England? What will be his name as King?

    Charles is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth 2

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  • Will Gaddafi's killer ever be brought to trial?

    Gadaffi was killed after being caught by the rebels after dragging the wounded Gadaffi to back of a pick up truck. The NATO commander who bombed the Gadaffi convoy from Sirte told reporters he didn't know Gadaffi was there. What he clearly did not say was whether he would have not bombed the convoy if he knew Gadaffi was there.

    If Gadaffi was killed in a NATO air strike NATO would have just said Gadaffi was not the intended target.

    Mrs Clinton only a few days before Gadaffi was killed said in Tripoli to the NTC leaders Gadaffi must be killed or captured. Also the NTC was given 10 million dollars reward by a saudi as a reward to whoever kills or captures Gadaffi.

    There were several news items which showed rebels with knives telling they want to cutGaddafi'ss head early in the war and none of the western media or leaders criticized it.

    So when Gadaffi died in front ofcellphonee cameras at the hand of rebels it is hardly surprising that someone pulled the trigger as anyone to do so would be considered a hero of the New Libya and also get 10 million dollars.

    The NTC leader despite the many Telephone picture evidence actually said Gadffi was killed in a cross fire. He lied.

    Anyway the NTC leader said that there will be an inquiry (He did not say the killer will be brought to justice.) after western public opinion was to Gadaffis death. So the fact is the person who killed Gadaffi cannot come forward to claim his 10 million dollars as he will be charged. The NTC leaders so gets Gafdaffi killed by offering 10 million dollars and also gets to keep it for themselves.

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