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  • If a batter is announced but replaced before he makes it to the plate, has he entered and left the game?

    So, Charlie Manuel announced batter Geoff Jenkins in order to get Joe Torre to pull Chan Ho Park. Then, Torre switchers his pitcher and Charlie proceeds to announce Taguchi instead. Geoff Jenkins never made it to the bag or onto the field, but he did get announced. Has Jenkins entered and left the game? In other words, can he be subbed in at some later time or is he no longer eligible?

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  • Trouble calling in for American Idol?

    Ok, so I'm attempting to vote for Little David. When I call 06, busy signal. But, when I call 02, or 04 just dead air. No busy signal, no "sorry the lines are busy," nothing. Anyone else having the same issue (with either Cook or Archuletta's numbers)?

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  • Do I have to invite my father's fiance's children to my wedding?

    My father just announced that he is engaged to a woman he's been seeing for two months (this was our first introduction and a bit of a shock). She has two elementary-aged children whom I have not yet met but will likely know before my late fall wedding. My mother thinks I don't have to invite them as I don't yet know them, my father is planning a long engagement (at least 18 months), the invite list was already set (but no invitations ordered), and the list goes on. I think not only do I have to invite them, but I have to make sure I have a couple of "family" pictures with my dad, future-stepmom, and future-stepkids. So, I put the question to you. Are the kids invited? Are they hanging around for family pictures?

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