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  • Questions about wet cell phone?

    Alright guyysss... I dropped my phone in a pool of water today and it was completely submerged (way to go genius). As soon as it fell in (maybe like.. 5 seconds after it fell in) I grabbed it out of the water, took out the battery, and dried the insides as best I could with paper towels. Now heres where I went wrong; I didnt know that you werent supposed to turn your phone on afterwards and, out of instinct, did exactly just that -.- It worked at first, then froze. I took the battery out and tried it again and it didnt work :/ Unfortunately, I was at school at the time and it was the beginning of the day. Say I dropped it in the water around.. 7:20 am and wasnt able to put it in rice til 5:30 pm (i do sports). Out of experience or just common knowledge, how likely is it that my phone will be okay? How long should I keep it in the rice? Also, its a droid charge if that helps you answer it more accurately. Thanks for your help!

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  • Help with Statistics Homework? 10 points!!!?

    Ok so here's the question:

    A tire manufacturer designed a new tread pattern for its all-weather tires. Repeated tests were conducted on cars of approximately the same weight traveling at 60 miles an hour. The tests showed that the new tread pattern enables the cars to stop completely in an average distance of 125 feet with a standard deviation of 6.5 feet and that the stopping distances are approximately normally distributed.

    a) What is the 70th percentile of the distribution of stopping distances? (I already got this one solved. I got 128.409 ft; feel free to check)

    b) What is the probability that at least 2 cars out of 5 randomly selected cars in the study will stop in a distance that is greater than the distance calculated in part (a)? (this is the one I really need help with)

    c) What is the probability that a randomly selected sample of 5 cars in the study will have a mean stopping distance of at least 130 feet?

    Ive been trying at these problems for days and can't get b and c. Please help with as much as you can. I dont necessarily need the answers, just help with how to solve it. If you do give the answer, please let me know how you got it! Thanks sooo much for your time! No rude comments please! :) Thannkk youu <3

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  • Why is petroleum jelly able to be used for so many different things?

    Why are there so many uses for petroleum jelly? Are there certain ingredients in it that make it able to be used for so many things? Is there one key ingredient that does multiple things? Please explain and site your sources! Thanks so much! :)

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  • Homecoming Dress Help?

    So my homecoming dance theme is blacklight and I was going to buy glow in the dark converse to wear with my dress. I want my dress to be a bubble dress, but I' not sure where to find a dress that would go with these? Can you help? Thanks! :)

    Btw, these are what the converse look like. You can see them in both the light and in the dark. Let me know if you can't see the website! Thanks again! :)

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  • I broke my finger...?

    So I broke my finger almost three weeks ago (September 5th) during a field hockey practice. The doc said i'd be out for three weeks and that the fracture is at the very tip of my finger and there is a lot of nerve damage, so if i hurt it again I could be facing a life of nerve damage in my finger, which she said is supposed to be very painful. I have iced it as she said, and haven't done anything for almost three weeks now. I have missed almost half of my hockey season, which is a problem because I'm one of the best players on my team (not trying to brag). The day after my follow up appointment (which is this tuesday) I have a game and my team is really hurting without me, and im hurting without them. Is there any way to make sure that I get a good followup appointment? Any tips to make the healing go a tad bit quicker? Thank youuu! Please no rude comments :)

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  • would this look OK on me?

    hey guys! :) So I want to change up my hair and im thinking of getting bangs that go straight across my forehead. I had them once when I was little, and I liked them, but that was back when my hair was naturally straight; now it's curly.. so... Bangs: Yes or No? Thanks! Please no rude comments! :)

    lol i dont look to happy in that picture :/

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  • Anime recommendations?

    I am looking for some new animes to watch and im stuck! I have watched:

    -Kyo Kara Maoh!

    -Scrapped Princess

    -Black Cat

    -DN Angel

    -Shakugan no Shana

    and if you count it as an anime,

    -Avatar (both last airbender and legend of korra)

    I'm not interested in any of the super popular ones like bleach, fruits basket, naruto, etc.

    and it would also be nice if it was over one season, but it doesnt have to be! Subbed would also be great! Thanks! :)

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  • Help with a modem issue? Please help!?

    So my friend has been having issues with his internet and today he got a new modem. He says that it is a touchstone DOCSIS 3.0 gateway through Comcast. He also said that he hooked up the modem, then put in the modem's i.d. info, typed in the url needed for setup, and then the setup wizard wouldn't open. We don't know how to fix this problem. He's tried several times but the same result keeps occurring. Can anyone help? Thank you! ^.^

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  • If you can answer this,....10 Points!?



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  • Is it OK to try to get whiter teeth while I have braces?

    So I have terrible teeth. Really yellow. I DEFINITELY DON'T SMOKE (just putting that out there) and RARELY drink coffee or sodas. Recently, my self confidence has been REALLY low because of how imperfect my teeth are. I was planning on just using baking soda tooth paste for a long time, but then i thought, "If I get my teeth whiter while I have braces on, will there be a yellow spot when I take them off?" So the real question is: Should I wait to take my braces off to get my teeth whiter, or will it not make a difference? also, if I did start to whiten it now and there was a spot when I got my braces off, would I be able to brush that spot away or will it forever be a different shade?

    Thanks for the help! :)

    3 AnswersDental9 years ago
  • Homecoming 2011 Dress?

    Ok so I'm looking for a homecoming dress that is no more that $40. It cannot be strapless and I'd like it to be single strapped. I have Brown hair with brown eyes, I'm around 5'3" and I usually wear a small, if not, an extra small. I've already looked at Forever 21, Kohls, JCP, Dillards, Wet Seal, Pacsun, Macys, and a couple others that I cant remember the name of. Can anyone help me find a dress please? This is my first homecoming... Links please!

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • If I get my wisdom teeth removed when they're smaller, do you use less pain medicine?

    I'm 13 (almost 14) and my mom wants me to get my wisdom teeth out before school starts (ikes!). When my brother and sister got theirs out, my mom had to carry them out of the dentist because they were too loopy to walk. Theirs were larger when they were removed and so I was wondering; if i get my wisdom teeth removed when they're younger, do you use less pain medicine? and if I used less pain medicine, would I be less loopy? Please answer soon!! Thanks!

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  • waterbed bug problem?

    so I have a water bed and I was looking for my phone the other day under the edges of the water bed and i found some dark brown and light brown bugs. I don't think they were bed bugs because these looked thinner than the ones on the internet. I haven't found any bites on me either. The head of the bugs in my bed are dark brown and the ends of the bugs are light, which is opposite of a bed bug. they're pretty small, maybe the size of a grain of rice? anyway, any idea of how to get rid of them and what exactly they are?

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  • I need help learning how to french braid my own hair?

    So first of all, I know HOW to french braid, but all of the braids don't look even. Second, I look nice with my hair french braided, but I can only get it like that when I have a field hockey tournament cause thats the only place where I can find my friend that knows how to, therefore, I need to learn how to french braid my own hair. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks!

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  • Help with this math problem please?!?! Has to do with vectors!?

    A REALLY SLOW plane traveling North at 30 miles per hour encounters a 25 mph wind blowing North. What is the resulting speed and direction of the plane relative to the ground? How'd you get that answer? No rude comments please!!! :) Thanks

    6 AnswersMathematics10 years ago
  • I need help creating a scatter plot in Microsoft Excel 2007!!!?

    I need to create a scatter plot in Microsoft Excel 2007but it's not letting me, plus I just don't know how to create one. Can you please help me?!?! No rude comments please! Thanks :)

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