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  • rabbit help?

    so we have had our female lionhead daisy for a year now . She hasn't been spayed as the vet recommended we not do that as its a dangerous op etc. Today my mum has rescued a male rabbit from someone . He hasn't been neutered.  He is a sweet heart . Very well natured . But my female has turned into the devil . She is grunting and charging , she even is attacking us . Could this be redirected aggression as she has never done this before . Yes we are certainly going to get one or both of to the vets to get the snip ..Will this resolve this . Or is it better to just get her done ? He has been a perfect house guest and she is very frustrated understandably . Any help 🙏 

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    What breed is my rabbit .?

    My short haired rabbit had a litter of 4 babies 10 weeks ago . I dont no what breed she is but she definitely didnt have long hair . Weve decided to keep one of the female rabbits and call her tulip . She is the most beautiful rabbit ever.  But I'm absolutely baffled where shes got her head of hair from . She looks like a lion head rabbit ? What do you guys think 

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  • help with baby bunnies :)?

    hello . my rabbit daisy gave birth to 4 beautiful babies 3 weeks ago , there doing perfect, growing well etc, but I need help with there diet as Im worried what they can and cant eat . we was advised by the pet store to put junior rabbit food in for the mum and babies which we have done, they are eating that well, we also put in alfalfa hay and some dandelion salad, all of which they eat :) but we put carrots in and broccoli etc for the mum and ive heard that young rabbits should avoid veggies that young? they do like to nibble on it though . also when shall I start putting water bowls out for them. im presuming they get all there fluids from mums milk for now . any tips + advice welcome

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  • New car insurance? ?

    Hello I'm a new driver . Got my licence in april and started driving in June,  I'm currently insured with more than smart wheels for my little fiesta.. I bought a new vauxhall corsa Friday and it wont be ready to collect until wednesday or Thursday... my problem is how do I go about insuring it as for the meantime I still need to use my original car to travel to and from work   . Its not like I can swap it over as I dont have the vehicle on my path yet and I dont wanna leave my current car uninsured . They'll also need to remove the black box and refit it in new car . Thanks 

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    Strange cat behaviour with pet rabbit ?

    We have 3 pets a elderley female cat tiggy who is 17 . Milo a Male cat who is 3 and daisy the new addition a bunny who is a few months old . From the initial meeting of the animals milo loved the rabbit it's a new little playmate for him . Tiggy on the other hand only tolerated the bun when she was standing still . Woke up yesterday and tiggy was cuddling and grooming the bunny and is now attacking milo whenever he comes near. Almost as if she thinks daisy is her baby. Its completely knocked the house dynamics now though. Poor milo is afraid to go anywhere near the rabbit or the kitchen. What could explain this sudden over neediness of tig?

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  • my cat gets the zoomies after going in the litter box ? is this a normal thing?

    my female cat is a very anxious shy cat who doesn't really play or do much . shes 15 now. but whenever she goes and does her business in the tray , she comes out and darts across the house like a kitten again. is this normal? just a release of pent up energy or something like this ?

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  • started new job as a care worker for elderly people with dementia? any tips on handling certain situations?

    hello i recently got a job working in a care home which has a normal residential unit and a dementia care department, i have always wanted to get into mental health nursing , and absolutely love elderly people so this is the perfect job for me, but i have been there for 3 days now and its had ups and downs, first shift was very good with the dementia residents, the second shift was harder as i was dealing with the normal residential patients who are coming to the end of there lives. i have always been a sensitive person but that shift reminded me that i will see things that will knock me down , i have never seen a dead body and i dont no how i would deal with that . i also need tips on how to engage the dementia residents as they have difficulty explaining there needs? i am enjoying my time there and im steadily getting better with communication etc. the staff have already said i have a knack for it as i have patience and could sit and talk with them for hours on end . so i just need tips to help me make the best situation possible? thank you

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  • boyfriend has been on escort websites?

    hello i posted a previous question about my boyfriends elusive ways, but i sort of brushed it to the back of my mind and tried to forget about it, so i stayed in his the other night and i used his laptop, when i clicked on the search bar and wrote in Viva all his search history was from a website called Vivastreet and the escort section, he had also clicked in northwest england for the area which is our area? i have pulled him up about it but he said he was looking at it for the Porn aspect, he said he wanted to see natural girls and when he searches amateur porn on other websites it doesn't look like real girls, so realistically he is lusting over other girls? i personally dont mind him watching porn, but its the fact he was on an escort page and wrote in our area for the girls to look at . that to me would suggest he wanted to see them, he didnt seem to be lying when he told me the story so it could be true , but i dont no what to believe, he said i could look at his phone etc to see if there was numbers but i declined . he states he hasnt done anything and was just curious , makes me feel like **** because im one of the most natural girls ever, i dont wear any make up and my body is real , some of these girls were beyond real:/ has anyone else man ever done anything like this ? and what shall i do ?

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  • am i right in worrying about my boyfriends elusive ways?

    hello i dont no wether im worrying over nothing but it seems my boyfriend has been very shifty and elusive recently . his phone is glued to his hand, but it always is , so thats no different to usual, but when he tells me where he is etc, his story never makes sense and he trips up on his own lies, he told me friday he was out with a certain mate, but when i spoke to that mates girlfriend, she said he hadnt gone out...he tried to backtrack and say i didnt mean to say his name...hmmm :/ saturday he was out again all night , and now tonight he has gone out again to the pub and his phone is off . i have major anxiety and self esteem issues but he is making them much worse with his behavior , it seems that pub is more important than our relationship . when i got with him i knew he always went to this local pub but he hasnt changed and if anything it has gotten worse. im starting to think the worst now about why i cant get him home once he is there? any advice please

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  • constant headaches getting me down :(?

    im a 24 year old girl and since april i have been waking up with migraines most mornings, they are debilitating and make me throw up and just want to curl up in a ball in the dark. ive been the doctors twice now, first time they gave cyclizine which is a motion sickness tablet and the second time he prescribed me a box of ibuprofen , none of which have resolved the problem...i have been the opticians too encase it was a eye problem , but they said no . im at the end of my tether now, i feel like i have a hangover everyday . i just need coping methods and factors that contribute to this . its draining me now :(

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