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  • What is this anime?

    Been looking for a romance anime I saw years back, but can't find it. It was never dubbed. Around 2004-2008ish. Story features all the cliches. Boy comes back home from abroad to attend school. There's the childhood friend who obviously has a crush on him. Then there's the actual love interest, a loner girl with long black hair who lives alone in an apartment. First episode she throws a paper plane out of classroom window and the mc gets it and goes to investigate. Finds her and she decides to kiss him right there to see what kissing is like. 

    Comics & Animation10 months ago
  • AR 670-1 compliant gore tex jacket?

    I'm gonna have an aneurism looking for one of these things. There are dozens of manufacturers making ocp style gore tex jackets, but none really specify if they are actually made to army standards. The clothing and sales on post doesn't stock these for some reason.

    What is a good quality gore tex jacket I can wear that my 1SG won't look at and knife hand me down to Saturday staff duty?

    2 AnswersMilitary2 years ago
  • becoming a landlord as a single active duty soldier living in the barracks?

    Im just wondering if anyone has had experience or seen someone do this. I am about to pcs and want to try my hand at real estate. Id like to buy a house and rent it off to someone(through a property manager) and try to pay it off completely before my potential ETS date and keep it as a rental property until I feel like settling down somewhere. Live in the barracks until I am kicked out because of rank or my singleness ends.

    Houses near my next unit are way below the national average cost and Im fairly sure I can pay off a house I am eyeing completely, even without renting it in around 5-6 years given my savings and salary.

    Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate3 years ago
  • lowering refresh rate on asus rog laptop?

    hello, Id like to lower the refresh rate on my monitor from 75hz to 60hz in order to play a game that will not launch on any other settings (according to solutions Ive found online). The game is resident evil 4 on steam.

    Ive tried all the fixes suggested around the internet and the only one left is lowering the refresh rate from 75hz to 60. Problem is that the only refresh rate option on the monitor settings and the nvidia settings of my laptop is 75hz. cant raise it or lower it.

    Is there a different way of lowering this setting to 60hz?

    1 AnswerMonitors3 years ago
  • Tax refund still being processed?

    I filed my taxes back in early march and was told my refund would be transferred into my account within a month. I had since forgotten about that refund and checked the IRS status of it, and it says it is still being processed.

    I also never got my refund for last years taxes and checked that as well and it is also still being processed.

    Is this normal or is something terribly wrong? I am a total illiterate when it comes to taxes.

    4 AnswersUnited States3 years ago
  • origin of this meme?

    overnight, a meme of a guy in a tank top throwing salt, appeared everywhere. A meme about this meme said it came from a video. which video would this be?

    2 AnswersComics & Animation4 years ago
  • military and investing in marijuana?

    I know that it is and will likely remain forbidden to use marijuana in the US Military, but what about investing in marijuana stocks?

    1 AnswerCorporations4 years ago
  • AR670-1 boots?

    I am looking to buy some boots online, but can't figure out what size to get and avoid the hassle of returning boots that don't fit.

    The boots I currently wear are size 10.5, and are ar670-1 compliant, but I am looking at buying some Nike SFB boots. I currently also use Nike running shoes which are size 12.

    Does AR670-1 regulate size so that I am safe buying size 10.5 nike boots, or does AR670-1 not have anything to do with that?

    Military4 years ago
  • army, to retire at 20 years or at 6 years?

    Are there any military benefits for someone who retires at the end of his first contract? I haven't made my mind yet on this issue and would like to know.

    My MOS is one that has skills that carry into the civilian world with very high paying jobs. Would you stay in the army if there was opportunities to earn 3-4 times more out in the civ world? I love my time in service so far, but I'm not entirely sure about my future.

    8 AnswersMilitary4 years ago
  • 2 week contact lenses for a month or two?

    I have some of those 2 week contact lenses, but I only wear them like 2 days a week. Is it okay to use them for a month or two if I am not using them every day?

    1 AnswerOptical4 years ago
  • US Army, how to do taxes?

    I've been in the army for a grand total of 4 months now and it is my first real job. I've never done taxes before. I can reach my w2 form through mypay, but I don't have a clue what to do from there.

    I remember a friend recommending me to use turbotax. Another friend said I don't really need to file taxes since my total income for the last year was really low. Like I said, I don't know where to start

    8 AnswersUnited States4 years ago
  • CPU is slowed down all of a sudden?

    Hello, today I was using my laptop plugged into the wall and then the power went out in my area and came back in like five seconds. After the power outage, laptop got real slow. I checked the task manager and saw that the cpu was running at 0.85GHz. In catalyst controller I have it set to run at a constant 2.5GHz when plugged in and 1.4GHz-2.5GHz unplugged. It has always run at a constant 2.5GHz when plugged.

    The CPU in question is an AMD A10-5750M. All the drivers are up to date. Could the CPU have gotten fried with the power outage?

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks5 years ago
  • broker for trading as a beginner?

    I am looking for one with a virtual trader so that I can paper trade for a while, then start with a small trade, then go bigger. I dont think i will fall into the pattern day trader category and will be willing to risk $5k in the foreseeable future.

    I am simply looking at this as a hobby for now, something to look at during breaks at college.

    I've been told that suretrader sucks, but will be best fit for me in the case that I do become a pattern day trader at some point. Another mentioned thinkorswim.

    Something to mention is that I am not really looking into short selling at the moment.

    5 AnswersInvesting5 years ago
  • army exodus leave in basic training?

    Id like to know if I can request some sort of advance pay or get a quick loan at basic training before I come back home. I ask this because I leave on November 16 and will only have one month of pay (minus the PX card money). I would have to buy plane tickets to home and back and pay some bills and will be left with almost nothing to buy some gifts for my little sisters.

    I can choose to stay at the fort and save that money and possibly get my sisters gifts online, but my AIT is over a year long and want to spend this christmas at home.

    6 AnswersMilitary5 years ago
  • What is this oldish jrpg?

    The ending featured the main character, a robot girl being lost in space forever.

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games5 years ago
  • 2 years of reserve duty in my army contract?

    Hello, I recently joined the army on a 6 year active duty contract, but my contract also says that i am to serve an extra 2 years in reserve duty. I'd just like to know how that is going to work out. Will I be able to stay and work at home while attending Drills once a month? Since I plan on serving at least 20 years, I would have to reenlist. Will I have to reenlist at the 6th year of active duty or at the 2 years of reserve?

    Thank you

    7 AnswersMilitary5 years ago
  • how long until I can make E-4?

    I am entering the army as an E-3 and am just wondering what the time requirement is to get to one of the E-4 ranks. Also, when does this time requirement begin? I've been told by a friend that it starts after AIT, but my AIT is 52 weeks long (35P).

    3 AnswersMilitary5 years ago
  • New to exercise and need some advice please?

    I just started exercising for the first time in years. Two days ago I ran a quarter mile, walked around twenty meters, the ran another 100 meters, and did this for a mile and felt exhausted. My legs felt like they were trampeled on the next day. Today, I forced myself to jog the full mile and felt like I would pass out at the end.

    I am planning to jog in two days. I am not a fan of jogging to the point of near passing out like I did today, but I want to be able to run two miles easily as soon as possible. How should I run next in order to get better quicker without risking serious injury?

    2 AnswersRunning5 years ago
  • Army 35P language?

    I recently enlisted in active duty in the 35P MOS and am wondering if I would get a chance to choose a preference in the language I can learn and if there was a slot open for one of the preferred languages, I'd be more likely to get it. Im aware that I will get what the army needs and am perfectly fine with that.

    I qualified for the CAT IV languages and of those I would prefer Chinese and Korean due to post army business venture plans as well as travel.

    If I won't get a chance to mention a preference, are these languages in high demand like the middle-eastern languages?

    3 AnswersMilitary5 years ago
  • how cold does it usually get in oklahoma during the winter?

    Ive lived in Puerto Rico for my entire life and have never seen a day below 70. Would like to know what to expect since I am staying in OK for three months starting in mid november.

    4 AnswersOther - United States5 years ago