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  • Where can I customize a MacBook hard shell case that doesn’t cover up the Apple logo?!?

    I’m trying to find a website that allows me to customize my own case...I found one, but it covers the Apple logo and I paid too much for this laptop to cover up the logo lol. Most websites only offer customizable skins. I don’t know how I feel about a skin rather than a case. Not for protection, but just looks. Will the skin not peel off or look off centered? If y’all think skins work fine then I will try it, but I’d much rather have a hard case!

  • UTI symptoms? Severe pain in my ribs?

    So I’ve been having UTI/kidney infection symptoms for a few weeks now and I finally went to the doctor yesterday and they diagnosed me with a UTI. My ribs and back (where my kidneys are) are hurting severely to the point it hurts to take a much needed deep breath or walk for too long. Tonight at work, (I’m a server) I felt like I’d just drank 5 gallons of water and then went to run a marathon. I’m having the worst “side stitches” ever and it usually is either in my left or right rib, never both at the same time. Doctors told me it’s not really a common thing to happen during a UTI, but it’s possibly I’m feeling this pain because of inflammation. They said if the pain doesn’t resolve with antibiotics after 4-5 days to come back for a chest x-Ray. Is this normal? What could be the issue if it’s not from UTI? They said the infection wasn’t in my kidneys yet, but tbh, how can you even tell from a urine sample whether it’s in my kidneys or not?? Btw, I do have a history of UTI’s and kidney infections and although one of my kidney infections were very painful, it was mainly sharp pains in my lower abdomen and not rib pain like now.

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  • Bleeding with UTI but it’s not coming from my urethra?

    So I found out this morning from the doctor that I have a UTI, but I’ve been noticing blood when I wipe every now and then and it’s enough to be in my underwear. But it’s not coming from my urethra like it would be from a’s coming from my vulva like a period would. I had taken a Plan B on September 11th and have had 2 periods since then. Could this be spotting from my hormones being messed up from the Plan B?? Because this isn’t the same type of UTI bleeding.

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  • Bleeding from kidney infection, Plan B, or implantation bleeding?

    So I posted on here last night but I have a different question...I had sex on the 10th. He was using a condom, but when he finished, he realized there was a hole towards the top. Since it was towards the top, it’s unlikely that anything leaked out and got inside me, but it’s still a possibility so I took a Plan B the very next day. At the time, I wasn’t even ovulating. My period app said I had a medium chance of getting pregnant. After taking the Plan B on the 11th, I started my period the 14th and it wasn’t supposed to start until the 30th. My period lasted like a normal period, but I started bleeding again a week later and the flow was crazy heavy to the point I was very nervous and concerned. Well, that period ended like normal as well. It’s been less than a week since my last period and I noticed last night I was bleeding a little when I used the bathroom. I have already been having lower abdominal cramps and rib cramps, but I have a history of kidney infections and UTI’s and I’m feeling the same way I did all those past times. I also keep having to pee often! Well I’ve been bleeding on and off since last night but I notice blood more after I pee, although sometimes I’m bleeding LIGHTLY when I haven’t peed. I took 2 pregnancy tests tonight and they were both negative. But the internet says it may take a few days after implantation bleeding for a test to show up positive. Do y’all think this is a kidney infection/UTI or implantation bleeding?

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  • Took a plan b and got my period 2 weeks early and less than a week later, I’m bleeding again?

    On the 11th, I took a Plan B and I started my period the 14th...I wasn’t supposed to start until the 30th. I bled for a week like my normal periods except it was severely heavy. I’ve never bled as bad as I did that week. Well, it ended like a normal period and I’m fine, but I just noticed I’m starting to bleed again. What?!?! What is going on?! I’m also having bad lower abdominal cramps too...what I assumed was a kidney infection because I’ve always went through that twice with the same abdominal pain symptom. Any ideas?

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  • How to style short, THICK hair fast?!?

    So I just cut my hair right above my now that it’s short, there’s not much I can do with it to make it look good (for how I prefer) without curling/beach waving it. This process takes me about 50 minutes!!! I hate to do this when I go to work every day. I use a wand to do this and it works great, but it just takes so long because I have soooo much hair, even tho it’s short. Any tips on how to make this process faster or cute, short hair styling tips?

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  • Can Plan B pill cause random spotting?

    I took a Plan B Friday afternoon and this afternoon I started bleeding. My period isn’t expected until the 30th of this month. Is this normal to happen? I’ve taken 2 other Plan B’s in my life and this never happened. It’s not enough to be a period, but it’s definitely enough that I need a pad. 

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  • Bleeding after sex? ?

    The last 3 times I’ve had sex, I’ve bled lightly afterwards. Last night this happened, but I’m STILL bleeding this morning. It’s not much...just light spotting. But why is this happening? I’ve never bled this long after sex.

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  • Hole in likely is it that I could get pregnant?

    My boyfriend and I just had sex...he finished inside the condom and then we realized there was a hole in it. My period ended yesterday...I’m going to take a plan b in the morning. How likely is it that I’ll become pregnant?

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  • How to clear troubled skin?!?

    For about 3 years now, I’ve had constant breakouts. Not only do I have breakouts, but I have bumps all over my forehead. They’re not really pimples because they’re skin colored and you can’t see them unless I’m wearing makeup and you can see the texture. They’ve been there for years and I don’t know how to clear them up. People have suggested it’s milia but it’s not. They’re almost like dried up pimples that still have texture but haven’t went away yet. I’ve used Revlon Colorstay foundation for around the same time these breakouts have been an issue, but I even went a month without makeup during quarantine and they didn’t go away. Could the foundation still be the issue?? If so, what do y’all recommend me use? I’ve tried other foundations because of this but I can’t find any others I like. I’ve never really had a skincare routine so this could be part of the issue too. I’ve had face washes here and there but I’ve never seen any changes in my skin with any of them. I’ve tried Neutrogena products and Mario Badescu and I’m currently using La Roche Posay. Any suggestions on how to clear my skin or foundation suggestions?!

  • Good drugstore foundation that is medium/full coverage and doesn’t have flashback?

    I’ve used Revlon Colorstay for a couple years now but I’m starting to notice a flashback when I take pictures. In the mirror I look fine, but when I take a picture with flash, my face looks WHITE and my neck looks like it normally does. I like this foundation because it’s full coverage and it lasts long and does not oxidize. I’m needing help on finding a good foundation that’s just like this, but doesn’t have flashback. So basically something medium/full coverage, won’t break my skin out (I’m somewhat acne prone) and won’t oxidize on my skin. Preferably a drugstore brand because I wear makeup everyday and I don’t want to constantly buy an expensive brand. Thanks!

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  • Self tanner color difference from face and scalp?

    I use self tanner on my face and when I apply it, I also smear it into my hairline so there isn’t a noticeable color difference at my hairline, but there STILL IS. It’s not as noticeable without makeup, but as soon as I apply foundation, I can see how white my scalp is compared to my skin. It makes my skin look orange because my scalp is so light. How do I avoid this?? I use a self tanner lotion but I also have a spray can. Would it be possible to spray this onto my scalp without ruining my hair or the color??

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  • My nipples/breasts are sore...could I be pregnant, even after using condoms?

    My period ended 2 weeks ago...I had sex the day after it ended and a few times since then. Each time, my boyfriend wore a condom and finished inside the condom while still inside of me. I know condoms are made for this reason, but every guy I’ve ever been with who wore condoms always still pulled out so we were extra safe. So I’m kind of new to this situation and I’m nervous. He checked the condom each time to make sure there were no leaks, and there wasn’t. But for some reason, I’m paranoid that there was a hole so small that he couldn’t even feel anything coming out of it. Also, I keep having to ask myself if my period was even my period and not implantation bleeding. I keep asking myself “did it last long enough and was the flow heavy enough to have been your period for sure?!”...because I had actually had sex before that period without a condom. He did pull out, but I know pre *** can get you pregnant too. I’m just nervous with my boobs and nipples hurting now because my nipples have never hurt without a reason.

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  • How likely is it that I’m pregnant from these two situations?

    So my boyfriend and I had sex about 2 weeks ago and for the first time, I actually let him ejaculate into the condom while still inside of me. We checked the condom after to make sure there were no holes or tears and nothing came out. Well, 3 nights ago, we had sex and he didn’t use a condom but I saw him pull out. Since that’s not a reliable method, I took a plan b the next afternoon. (About 17 hours later)...according to the period tracker, I was supposed to start my period yesterday. I have regular cycles if that says anything. I’ve seen some people say that plan b can affect your cycle by it starting earlier or later than normal. Is this true? I’m just nervous because I’m afraid that I messed up and it’s too late.

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  • Small, unexplained bruises on arm and knees?

    I noticed yesterday that I had an area on my arm above my elbow that was covered in small, blue bruises. Each spot hurts to touch...I was never hit there so there is no reason for me to be bruised. I noticed I had 3 different bruises on my knee and 1 bruise on the other. (And no, I wasn’t on my knees)...I’m not sure why I’m bruising all of a sudden. I’ve always bruised easily, but never like this. Also, my breasts are very sore to touch in certain areas. It’s one day after my period...why are they just now sore? Just wanted to add that in case there is any correlation. I’m 19 years old. I’m just nervous because the internet keeps suggesting leukemia and I’m freaking out. 

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  • Sore breasts, Unexplained bruises on arms and knees, sore left buttock cheek. ?

    19 (f) Caucasian. 5’9”- 180 pounds.

    So I just got off my period around yesterday so I can’t be pregnant by the way...but I noticed in the shower that my breast were super sore at the top and to the side. I’m not sure why?? They didn’t hurt before or during my period. I’m noticing that my left buttock cheek is super sore like I’ve been working out, but I haven’t. And lastly, I have a bunch of small blue bruises going down my arm and a few on my legs. I know all these areas are so random and different, but something is going on and doesn’t make any sense of what it could be. Everything else feels fine and no other weird symptoms.

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  • Can’t seem to clear my skin for over 2 years ?

    I’ve never had true acne, but I CONSTANTLY have small breakouts. There’s never a time that my face isn’t breaking out. They’re not red pimples that you think of when you think of acne, but they’re just just usually skin colored bumps. The bumps become more noticeable once I’ve applied makeup, too. My skin is never clear and smooth even tho I wash my face everyday. I’ve even went weeks without any makeup and it didn’t clear up...the breakouts continued like normal, so I know it’s not my makeup. I’ve used multiple different kinds of face washes and moisturizers and there is never a difference. Right now, I’m currently using Mario Badescu and a water based gel moisturizer to avoid clogged pores. I have combination skin.

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  • Belly button piercing hurts severely and pain seems to be spreading. Someone please help! ?

    ’ve had my belly button pierced for 2 years and never any issues other than irritation. I changed out the jewelry the other day and started noticing slight pain and irritation, but I left it in and cleaned it. It started getting worse, so I removed the jewelry and put back in my normal jewelry that I’ve worn for 2 years. The gunk has finally stopped coming out from it, but there is a hard knot around the piercing and it’s red and a little dry. But when I barely touch the area, it’s a severe sting and it’s hard to describe the type of pain because I’ve never felt anything like it before. It feels like the pain is spreading around the area as well. I keep cleaning with saline solution but it hurts so bad and I’m getting nervous. When I push my stomach out (kinda strain I guess,) I can feel the pain that way, too.

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    Is my belly button piercing infected? It hurts so bad! ?

    I just went for a run and my belly button piercing hurt SO bad that I couldn’t run. It’s so sore and if I even lean a certain way, it hurts then, too. It’s red only around the top hole and there is a hard knot in between the skin of the 2 piercing holes. If I even touch the knot, it almost feels like a stinging pain and when I stop, it continues stinging for a few seconds. The jewelry is the same jewelry I’ve been wearing, so it’s nothing to do with that. I’ve been using saline solution and it’s not clearing up. Btw, I’ve been having issues with it for a couple days, but today is the worst it’s been. It’s been pierced for 2 years. 

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  • Is surgical steel or titanium the best metal for jewelry?

    When I got my belly button pierced, the jewelry that came with it was surgical steel. When I changed the jewelry to something new, that jewelry was surgical steel, too. I’ve never had any issues with it other than my jeans or leggings rubbing it and making it a bit irritated. But I just changed my belly button ring a few days ago to something new and it’s been acting up. It’s red, a little swollen, dry, and it’s sooo sore. If I even lean over, it hurts. Someone on Reddit said that it was bad to use surgical steel and titanium is the best. I’ve heard surgical steel was the best and also assumed it would be if that’s what all piercers use and that’s the metal most all jewelry is made from. What should I do?? I’m assuming my body is rejecting the jewelry.