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  • How likely is it that I’m pregnant from these two situations?

    So my boyfriend and I had sex about 2 weeks ago and for the first time, I actually let him ejaculate into the condom while still inside of me. We checked the condom after to make sure there were no holes or tears and nothing came out. Well, 3 nights ago, we had sex and he didn’t use a condom but I saw him pull out. Since that’s not a reliable method, I took a plan b the next afternoon. (About 17 hours later)...according to the period tracker, I was supposed to start my period yesterday. I have regular cycles if that says anything. I’ve seen some people say that plan b can affect your cycle by it starting earlier or later than normal. Is this true? I’m just nervous because I’m afraid that I messed up and it’s too late.

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  • Small, unexplained bruises on arm and knees?

    I noticed yesterday that I had an area on my arm above my elbow that was covered in small, blue bruises. Each spot hurts to touch...I was never hit there so there is no reason for me to be bruised. I noticed I had 3 different bruises on my knee and 1 bruise on the other. (And no, I wasn’t on my knees)...I’m not sure why I’m bruising all of a sudden. I’ve always bruised easily, but never like this. Also, my breasts are very sore to touch in certain areas. It’s one day after my period...why are they just now sore? Just wanted to add that in case there is any correlation. I’m 19 years old. I’m just nervous because the internet keeps suggesting leukemia and I’m freaking out. 

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  • Sore breasts, Unexplained bruises on arms and knees, sore left buttock cheek. ?

    19 (f) Caucasian. 5’9”- 180 pounds.

    So I just got off my period around yesterday so I can’t be pregnant by the way...but I noticed in the shower that my breast were super sore at the top and to the side. I’m not sure why?? They didn’t hurt before or during my period. I’m noticing that my left buttock cheek is super sore like I’ve been working out, but I haven’t. And lastly, I have a bunch of small blue bruises going down my arm and a few on my legs. I know all these areas are so random and different, but something is going on and doesn’t make any sense of what it could be. Everything else feels fine and no other weird symptoms.

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  • Can’t seem to clear my skin for over 2 years ?

    I’ve never had true acne, but I CONSTANTLY have small breakouts. There’s never a time that my face isn’t breaking out. They’re not red pimples that you think of when you think of acne, but they’re just just usually skin colored bumps. The bumps become more noticeable once I’ve applied makeup, too. My skin is never clear and smooth even tho I wash my face everyday. I’ve even went weeks without any makeup and it didn’t clear up...the breakouts continued like normal, so I know it’s not my makeup. I’ve used multiple different kinds of face washes and moisturizers and there is never a difference. Right now, I’m currently using Mario Badescu and a water based gel moisturizer to avoid clogged pores. I have combination skin.

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  • Belly button piercing hurts severely and pain seems to be spreading. Someone please help! ?

    ’ve had my belly button pierced for 2 years and never any issues other than irritation. I changed out the jewelry the other day and started noticing slight pain and irritation, but I left it in and cleaned it. It started getting worse, so I removed the jewelry and put back in my normal jewelry that I’ve worn for 2 years. The gunk has finally stopped coming out from it, but there is a hard knot around the piercing and it’s red and a little dry. But when I barely touch the area, it’s a severe sting and it’s hard to describe the type of pain because I’ve never felt anything like it before. It feels like the pain is spreading around the area as well. I keep cleaning with saline solution but it hurts so bad and I’m getting nervous. When I push my stomach out (kinda strain I guess,) I can feel the pain that way, too.

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    Is my belly button piercing infected? It hurts so bad! ?

    I just went for a run and my belly button piercing hurt SO bad that I couldn’t run. It’s so sore and if I even lean a certain way, it hurts then, too. It’s red only around the top hole and there is a hard knot in between the skin of the 2 piercing holes. If I even touch the knot, it almost feels like a stinging pain and when I stop, it continues stinging for a few seconds. The jewelry is the same jewelry I’ve been wearing, so it’s nothing to do with that. I’ve been using saline solution and it’s not clearing up. Btw, I’ve been having issues with it for a couple days, but today is the worst it’s been. It’s been pierced for 2 years. 

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  • Is surgical steel or titanium the best metal for jewelry?

    When I got my belly button pierced, the jewelry that came with it was surgical steel. When I changed the jewelry to something new, that jewelry was surgical steel, too. I’ve never had any issues with it other than my jeans or leggings rubbing it and making it a bit irritated. But I just changed my belly button ring a few days ago to something new and it’s been acting up. It’s red, a little swollen, dry, and it’s sooo sore. If I even lean over, it hurts. Someone on Reddit said that it was bad to use surgical steel and titanium is the best. I’ve heard surgical steel was the best and also assumed it would be if that’s what all piercers use and that’s the metal most all jewelry is made from. What should I do?? I’m assuming my body is rejecting the jewelry.

  • How can I photoshop/edit the color of my shirt in a picture?

    I’m wanting to take a picture in a specific outfit sometime this week, but I wish my shirt was a different color but I want it in that specific shirt. I have Lightroom and some other photo apps, but I’m new to photoshop and want to learn how to adjust the color of only my shirt and not the picture? 

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  • How much would I have to run everyday to lose weight?

    I’m a 19 year old female; I’m 5’9” and 190 pounds. I’m wanting to lose weight and I plan to start running tomorrow. How much would I have to run everyday to see results? I just thought of a basic 2-3 mile run, but wanted to get specific and hear some suggestions y’all may have!

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  • My nose piercing hole gets infected every time I change out the jewelry?

    I got my nose pierced 10 months ago and I’ve just started changing out the jewelry about a month ago because I started a job where I have to put in a clear nose ring. I only work on Thursdays and Fridays and I’ll change the jewelry Thursday morning and put back in my normal jewelry Friday night. So far, every time I’ve changed it except maybe once, it’s gotten infected. Not majorly because I take care of it before it gets bad because I can tell that’s what it is because I got a pretty bad infection last summer. It just feels really uncomfortable and sometimes you can see the gunk coming out (sorry.). But idk what else to do?? I do it cleanly, without makeup on so no foundation gets pushed into the hole, and it keeps happening. After I take care of the infection, it’s fine until the next week when I change it again. I don’t want to do this every single!!

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  • How long would it take for me to notice weight loss results?

    I’m a 19 year old female, 5’9” tall and weigh around 185. I’m on a diet now and by the time I burn my calories, I usually don’t even make it to 1,000 calories a day. & no, I’m not starving myself because if I’m hungry I will eat something. I’m just eating very healthy meals. I only drink water. I burn between 400-600+ calories everyday by walking on treadmill for average 40 minutes and my starting speed is 4.0 mph and I usually end at 4.5 mph and end up walking 3 miles. I will then go lift weights and do bicycle. How long should it take me to notice some weight loss? Thanks!

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  • How to find the right foundation shade?

    My favorite foundation is Revlon colorstay because it looks so smooth on my face. It doesn’t oxidize, but no matter what color I get or how light, it’s always too dark. I look so orange compared to my neck because I’m already so pale. I use a normal amount and don’t use bronzer. I’ve got such a light color and I can’t go any lighter because it almost looks like it’s too white on my face. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  • How can I make my face look smoother and healthier?

    I’m a 19 year old female. I wear makeup everyday because I work everyday. I’ve never had a skin routine, so I think that’s affected my skin. I don’t have true acne, but I’m always breaking out on my face. I also have a lot of little bumps that aren’t even pimples...they’re just bumps that are noticeable once I put my foundation on. It’s not really milia, but I don’t know what it is. My pores look a little large with makeup as well, but I use BareMinerals primer and I can still see my pores easily. My skin just looks dull and aged when I put my makeup on. I’ve started moisturizing and removing makeup every night before bed, but only thing I’ve noticed is more hydrated skin. I don’t know what to do!! My skin just looks blah and aged. It’s not from tanning bed either by the way. Any suggestions or products to fix these issues?? Thanks!!! 

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  • Best facial moisturizers and how to remove blackheads/acne?

    I’m a 19 year old female. I get spray tans once a week, and I’ve noticed my skin has gotten a tad worse than I’ve ever noticed since I’ve been getting them. I’ve been getting spray tans for about 4 months now. I’m about to take a break from them and stop to clear my skin. I’m just very pale and hate the way I look pale. But anyways, not only am I getting more pimples, but a lot of them aren’t really pimples. They’re just bumps that won’t go away and they can’t be popped either. I’ve getting way more blackheads in the corners of my nose, on top of my nose, and on my chin. I have combination’s oily, but it also gets severely dry. Right now, my face is peeling of dry skin and no matter how much moisturizer I use, it won’t hydrate. I’ve tried Clinique, Cetaphil, and now I’m using Ponds. I’m also using Differin gel to clear up’s drying out the pimples I have, so I’m wondering if it’s making my skin even dryer and that’s why it’s peeling. Any suggestions on a good moisturizer and how to clear up acne/blackheads ? Thanks!!!

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  • Can’t find a MacBook Air 13.3” cover?

    I bought a MacBook Air 13.3” and I was looking online to buy a cover. I can’t anywhere the option to get a cover in 13.3” or even the pro that’s 15.4”. The only options are 13” or 15” I ordered the 13” thinking that was the option that was for 13.3”. & it wasn’t. I’ve looked up 13.3” MacBook Air covers and cases on everything I can think of and nothing more than a couple of plain black covers are popping up. I just want a cute cover that will fit it...just looking at where’s to find those at. Any help ?!?! Thank you

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  • How to fix orange hands from spray tan?

    I got a spray tan last night and it looks great except for my hands. The palms and my nails are orange/brown. They look muddy and you can tell where the tan stops in between my fingers and it looks gross. How can I get this off? I don’t want my hands to be extremely white and my arms be super dark. Any way to make it look normal and how to avoid the problem next time I get a spray tan? By the way I do use barrier cream to avoid the problem, but it still happens.

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  • I accidentally left my tanning lotion in the car for about an hour and a half, is it ruined?

    I accidentally left my tanning lotion in the car for about an hour and a half. I know heat ruins tanning lotion. I felt the lotion bottle and it still felt normal like it would in room temperature, but it seems like the lotion is a tad liquified. But idc if that’s because I’m paranoid or the consistency is normal. Do you think that short time ruined it that fast ?

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  • Big makeup train cases/caboodles?

    I’m wanting to get a makeup train case/caboodle, but I have a few eyeshadow palettes that are too big to fit in any of them I’ve seen online or in stores. For example, I have the James Charles palette and a few others slightly smaller. I need something big enough to hold makeup of that size. Even if y’all know of a bag that is like a satchel and zips up. I don’t want anything over $50 please. Thank you!

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  • The truth about cosmetology?

    I want to be a mom doesn’t support me in this decision because she believes I won’t make enough money to support myself and/or a family and that it’ll be a huge mistake. I’ve talked to about 6 cosmetologists and 4 of the women said they LOVED their job and don’t regret choosing that career, even with the disadvantages at times. Two of the women said they were going back to school because of the hard hours and unreliable income. Doing hair and makeup makes me so happy!! I’m obsessed with it and always trying to find more ways to improve my skills and more makeup to buy. Some of my family supports me and wants me to be happy, and some of them are trying to convince me to go to college to get an education to have a more reliable career. They think I’m making a mistake and I don’t know what to do. I know doing cosmetology will make me happy, but I’m afraid I will regret it like they’re saying. I don’t want to be broke and working all the time and missing my kid(s) activities. I just want to have fun with my life but also be there for my family. But I can’t think of any job I’d enjoy doing for the rest of my life other than hair and makeup. I absolutely hate school with a passion and always have. Any suggestions or experience? Thanks!

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  • Jobs that only require an Associate’s Degree?

    I’m not much interested in jobs in the medical field. I was going to be a cosmetologist but I realized I need a more reliable job. Before that, I wanted to be an English teacher but now I don’t know. I’ve always hated school and I don’t really want to go a full 4 years. I’m looking for something I can complete in 2-3 years that still pays pretty good money. (Cosmetologists don’t make a certain amount and I need to know I’m going to get a paycheck every week to pay bills)...Also something that I can do with a family. For examples where I can get off work 4:00-5:00 to be there for my kids activities in the future. I don’t want to travel. Just a good family life job. My interests are law, politics, sales, (I’m a very sociable and personable person)...some things in the medical field are okay I guess. I don’t like blood tho. I don’t want to be too picky and I feel like I am, but I can’t find anything to interest me. I know working isn’t just for fun, but I don’t want to be miserable either. Thank you!

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