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  • Was Kat Graham the only female Dancer in Ying Yang Twins "Salt Shaker"?  If not, who all was apart of the dancing cast?

    Was Kat Graham the only female Dancer in Ying Yang Twins "Salt Shaker"? If not, who all was apart of the dancing cast?

    Movies9 months ago
  • health insurance?

    2 AnswersInsurance5 years ago
  • Looking for HR Job Leads?

    I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and a Masters Degree in Human Resources. I have the standard search sites for jobs but I am looking for some that are only HR specific.

    The ones I have are

    What else can there be? By the way, this will be my first job in HR.

    1 AnswerMarketing & Sales7 years ago
  • Mercedes-Benz dropping Maybach?

    With Mercedes-Benz dropping their Maybach line at the end of 2013 and just upping the S600 standards. Are the prices for the already over priced Merc (Maybach) going to drop or go up you think?

    Id think that they are going to drop since no one ever bought them to begin with, but now they will kind of also be collectors items if they wont be manufactured anymore.


    6 AnswersMercedes-Benz8 years ago
  • Kindle Fire and Books on the Cloud?

    Im looking into the Kindle Fire and I understand it has a small amout of storage compared to other devices becuase it uses the "cloud" for storage. But if I download books onto the cloud can I still read them if I start reading them in a WIFi area and then walk away from that WiFi spot?

    Or do I have to have the continuous connectivity to read it?

    4 AnswersOther - Electronics8 years ago
  • Motorcycle Tire Sites?

    I know of all the sites to buy car/truck/suv tires from i.e, and others, but none of them have a section for motorcycle tires.

    I have a street bike and do not want to have to keep going to the dealer if I can save some $$ and buy them online. Any suggestions??

    5 AnswersMotorcycles8 years ago
  • Vital Source Tablet Recommendations?

    I know that VitalSource is available on these Tablets: IPad, Droid 2.2 and the Kindle Fire, but I am having trouble finding people that acutally have them already to see which one I should look into.

    I konw that the IPad will probably do more than any of the others, but I am only wanting it for reading purposes.

    I have a year of School left and dont need more distractions than necessary.

    I am looking for Pro/Cons of each if people have them already and if you would change tablets if you could.

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • California Labor Laws: Over 40 Days straight?

    Due to people not making the cut and the company not hiring I have worked over 40 days straight with anywhere from 8-17hr shifts a day.

    I am aware of this Code:

    California State Labor Laws Concerning Overtime & Doubletime (Double-time) are Stringent

    In January of 2000, new overtime regulations went into effect for the state of California. Hourly workers working more than 8 hours in a work day must be paid mandatory overtime pay for all hours over 8 hours. Additionally, workers working more than 12 hours must be paid double time. Workers working 7 days straight in a single work week must be paid overtime for their first 8 hours on the 7th day, and double time after 8 hours. "

    But is there anything for working over a month straight or is it just strickly weekly?

    2 AnswersCivic Participation8 years ago
  • International Computer Program Language?

    I understand that U.S. English is the international language of business, but when it comes to program development and scrips. Is it all in English or do other countries program in their local language as well? I would think its all English based since there needs to be uniformity around the globe, but that is why I am asking.

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • California Vehicle Registration Calculator/Graph/Equation?

    I recently found out that my truck was $500 to register in California for a year. It is not a new truck, it is a 2006 used truck.

    How does California calculate how much a vehicle is going to cost to register for a year? Id like to put it to use the next time I purchase a vehicle instead of getting the kick in the .......teeth.

    1 AnswerInsurance & Registration9 years ago
  • Dodge Ram SRT-10 Spoiler?

    I have a 2006 SRT-10 "Night Runner" but I dont have the spoiler for it and it has a tonneau cover on the bed. I know that I can go to Dodge and get one for ""oodles" of money but does anyone know where I can get one aftermarket?

    They make 2 type 2 pillar and 3 pillar spoilers. The 2 pillar goes to the trucks w/o tonneau covers, the 3 pillar go to the ones with the tonneau covers.

    Does not have to be "Night Runner" pearl black, I will paint if i need to.

    2 AnswersDodge9 years ago
  • Search Engine "redirecting"?

    When ever I click on a link on my Search Engine, I get redirected to a new search engine. Any reason why? My anti-virus software says that all is well.

    2 AnswersSearch Engine Optimization9 years ago
  • 2006 BMW 330i Brakes?

    I just replaced the front and back break pads. Im looking of replacement Slotted rotors.

    There are loads of manufacutreres; Any suggestion with no squeeks and little dust?

    Also i am replacing the sensor wire, how do i get the stupid sensor light to go off on the dash?

    1 AnswerBMW10 years ago
  • Me and my wife are Veterans of 8-10 years lookin for Health Care.?

    I was Marine Corps and my wife was Air Force. We have a new daughter now and want to know what Veterans are choosing to use for Health Care that seems affordable and good with customer services and reviews.

    1 AnswerMilitary10 years ago
  • Prince Albert Piercings?

    I need honest to God truth from people who have had one.. Im looking to get one and no one I know has ever had one and doesnt want one.. What am I looking at here? I am looking for pain, recovery times, sensitivity stats and also if you think the effort was worth it. If your hole healed, would you do it all over again?

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories10 years ago
  • BMW 330i Radiator flushing?

    BMW tells me that my 2006 BMW 300i requires thier special cleansing of the radiator because there is rust in it from water being added to the radiator.

    First off, BMW is the only place that has ever done any work on the car so if there is any water, they put it in there.

    Second: they say that just flushing it and putting new coolant wont work and I need thier services or else bad things are to come later down the line.

    Is there any truth to this? What can I do myself to fix this problem with out spending 300$ on their so called service?

    3 AnswersBMW1 decade ago
  • Microsoft Outlook default?

    I bought a new computer and when im online and click on someones email address Outlook automatically pops up and trys to start loading. How can I make it stop doing this and pull up my Yahoo account email?

    1 AnswerSending and Receiving Messages1 decade ago
  • california unemployment for students?

    Me and my wife were active duty military and we both got out. We are claiming unemployment as of right now, but were starting school soon. Can we still calim unemployment if were students?

    1 AnswerFinancial Aid1 decade ago