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  • Will an art show be a good fund raiser?

    I work for a non-profit organization and am working on fundraiser ideas. We work with youth and many of our young people love art and some are very skilled. I had the idea to host a youth art show where our youth as well as other local youth can enter their art to be displayed or even sold. It would be great for the young artists wanting to display their skills. We could raise money by entrance fees, selling refreshments, and door donations. It's sounds like a great fundraiser on the surface. My concerns are (a) Will this be something that the locals would attend? (b) Our gymnasium (in which the show would be held) is not the best atmosphere for an art gallery and (c) I've never hosted an art show. I've also considered if I could partner with a local art gallery and have them host it as a fundraiser for us. It would be good exposure and publicity for them, but it's also riskier for us. Any insight?

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  • Why does my body feel energized even though my brain is exhausted?

    I've been working a lot lately and haven't gotten nearly as much sleep as I'm used to. My head and eyes feel ready to crash, but my body feels like it could run a marathon. How does that make sense?

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  • Buy a car or go on nice vacation?

    First off, please don't answer, "Do what you want to do." If I could make a choice I wouldn't be on here. I'm 25 and don't own a car. I've gone to NY the last couple years for vacation but want to go oversees, maybe England next year. I've saved up some money and could use it to put a down payment on a new car, or to go on the vacation I want. A new car would be nice and make life a little easier and is a long-term investment, but I have gotten by fine via public transportation. The car is probably the "responsible" thing to buy, however I love to travel and want to do so while I'm young and solo. I would probably be happy with either, and can't make up my mind. Looking for thoughts or what you would do.

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  • What to do at work when boss doesn't give me any work?

    So my job is transferring me to another location but I still have a couple weeks left at my current location. The problem is now my boss won't give me any work to do since he knows I will be leaving soon. I end up sitting in my office trying to think of things to do. Any advice on how to make the most of my time?

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  • Tv series idea that contains two characters' completely different stories.?

    I'm working on an idea for a tv series that follows two different characters in their individual lives. A poor teenage boy from Ohio and a wealthy teenage girl from New York. Each episode shows both of them going through very different struggles So it's a teenage drama. The series last several years so we watch both characters go through relationships and heartbreak and rough situations until eventually they meet each other and suddenly the two separate stories become one story about finding your true love. It is a Very risky idea so I would like some feedback and opinions.

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  • Is it a bad idea to write a screenplay where the main character commits suicide at the end?

    I'm writing my first screenplay, because I had an idea I couldn't get out of my head. It's a romance with a secret message about suicide that you don't really realize until the end when the main character commits suicide. Is this a bad idea? Will people hate it? I'm looking for opinions so I know if it has a chance or not.

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