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  • How do I get the class involved in a presentation?

    So my friend and i have to do a presentation (like a lesson) on King James I and VI. One of the requirements was to get the class involved. But we don't want to do a fill in a blank handout because another group is doing it and it's kind of boring. We are first starting of by asking questions at the beginning, so that's one of things we are getting the class involved. And we were thinking of asking questions in the end, but that seems too boring and many other groups might do that.

    Oh yeah, we are using Prezi as we are doing the presentation and a video clip from Pocahontas is being shown. We are giving a handout to the class about King James (a requirement). And we have up to 10 minutes to present.

    So any ideas? Thanks a million!

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  • What are interesting stories about Poseidon?

    I have to write a newspaper article on Poseidon. Are there interesting stories I can write about him?

    Also, I have to make a comic strip for the newspaper- it also has to be based on greek mythology. Any ideas?

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  • what can i make for my sister for her birthday?

    so my 11 year old sister's birthday is coming up and i don't know what to make for her. i want to make a homemad gift. got any ideas?

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  • what did the beatles wear?

    me and my friends have to dress up as them for school. i have to be john lennon. so what should we wear?

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