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  • Why am I not losing weight?

    I fast every day from 4pm to the next day at 4pm, except for the fact that I usually have 1-2 coffees with cream in them.

    I go to work 11-4 and come home and eat dinner around 4:30. I don’t eat anything after dinner, and I eat whatever my parents cooked (could be burgers and fries to a salad to salmon and veggies). Then I help my parents paint the basement, and usually go to my room and relax.

    I haven’t lost a single pound and I’ve been doing this for weeks!!

    I’m going to start going for a run or long walk with my dogs after work and dinner, even though I’m tired and my job requires me to stand all day and walk around a lot. Hopefully that’ll catalyze this weight loss. But I’m so frustrated! I don’t eat anything for 24 hours, eat one meal under 800 calories for sure, walk around and stand all day and still not lose weight... 

    I don’t understand, what am I doing wrong? I’ll try to add more exercise I’m just tired.

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  • My dog is limping?

    This is the first night that I notice she is limping. If she's not better by tomorrow I am calling the vet and will even take her to an animal hospital, don't worry, but I wanted to ask you if this sounds familiar to you.

    I took my dog for a long walk today, something she isn't quite used to but was totally fine with (and we took multiple breaks). She's a Beagle and about to be 10, but still in decent shape. Anyway, I took her and my other dog on a long walk, with most of the path being paved, and maybe a third of it was gravel. The road wasn't hot and the gravel didn't seem to bother them, as I checked before we went far and they've walked on gravel before.

    When we were walking back and almost to the car I noticed she was walking funny, almost like a limp but nothing I could identify as an actual limp. She just hopped a little more than usual if that makes sense. I also could see that this was happening on her back right paw the most. This was the paw that I removed some sticky substance (almost like sap on a tree, caught on a leaf, caught on her paw) earlier in the walk. When we got home she had water and went to sleep. A few hours later after waking up, she has a noticeable limp on that same paw. Hours after I noticed this obvious limp, it's been getting way more pronounced and noticeable, like it's getting worse. With help, I held her paw carefully under some light and, without touching, inspected it for debris and found nothing that looks wrong.

    What could it be?

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  • Guinea pig question?

    I finally managed to get my guinea pigs liter trained a month after I first got them. I modified their c&c cage by adding in 2 soft beds that they can lay on.

    Now they keep pooping while in their beds because they hang out in their beds so often. How do I get them to poop in their litter box again? I don’t want to take a nice thing away from them but they’re also peeing in their beds and I don’t want them to get sick from laying in their pee - I can only wash them so many times!

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  • Guinea pig food question?

    I’ve had guinea pigs before and I’ve never had a problem with their eating before. I got 2 new guinea pigs and one of them is eating strangely. 

    She got over a URI 2 weeks ago and is back to full health. When I first brought her back home she ate almost too much hay and not a lot of pellets but a good amount of veggies (but not the full cup). Now that she’s more used to the pellet food, she’s eating a good amount of the pellet food, she eats the entire cup of salad but it takes a couple of hours, and she’s eating practically no hay. The other pig is not an issue whatsoever - I give them separate cups of food and they’re not aggressive to each other and the hay rack is large. 

    I know hay is very important for pigs so I’m quite concerned. Even more concerned because she went from eating too much hay (and hanging out in the hay rack) to not eating a lot of hay.

    How best to fix this situation? Her pellets are Timothy hay based. They both get half cup of pellets and I know it’s not necessary to give pellets but I do anyway. Their hay is always available 24/7 and in a covered part of their c&c cage for comfort. Thanks

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  • Best intermittent fasting diet for losing fat the quickest?

    I’ve looked on the internet and no one seems to know the answer to this question so I’m asking for your personal experience. Is it 16:8, 5:1, eat stop eat, etc? Which did you use to lose weight the quickest?

    Yes, I’m already eating healthy and exercising at least an hour everyday. I want to incorporate this as well as I’ve reached a plateau. 

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  • What is wrong with my guinea pig?

    I got my 3 month old guinea pig from Petco 2 days ago. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow afternoon, paid by Petco, to check on her breathing as it seems abnormal to me. That’s the soonest appointment I could get. However, I’m a little anxious and wanted to learn more before I went to the vet.

    She seems to have labored breathing, as in her stomach moves when she breathes as if she’s taking deep breaths, even when she’s sleeping. She sleeps a lot, too, for a pig, and doesn’t walk around much or eat much. She drinks water just fine though, thankfully. Two or three times so far she makes a little squeak sound when she breathes out, not quite like wheezing would sound like but just a little squeak (I have asthma so I know it doesn’t sound like wheezing). And like I said she only made that sound 2-3 times for maybe a minute each. 

    I thought it was stress to begin with so I’ve been leaving her alone and covering her cage with a blanket, not making a lot of noise, etc. But it’s not getting better, which is why she’s going to the vet tomorrow.

    From my research online it sounds like it could be a respiratory infection or congenital heart disease. However, she doesn’t look like she has any discoloration, she hasn’t been coughing or sneezing, there is no snot, etc. Just the breathing, squeaks, and lethargy.

    Obviously the vet will tell me tomorrow but to calm myself down until then, does this sound familiar to anyone? What could it be?


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  • I have no drive?

    My depression has been extremely bad lately, as well as my relationship with my family. I came really close to killing myself. Now my relationship with my family is getting better and I guess I have to think about living a life. 

    I really don’t want to, not in a wuss kind of way. I really just have no drive to live for years and years (I’m 22). Because of my bad mental health these past few years, I haven’t thought about what career I would like to pursue. I have a full time job in the legal field but it’s not something I would do forever, and I have no clue what job I would want to do.

    Right now I’m really struggling with maybe coming to accept reality of maybe living a full life. Again, I still don’t actually want to. I always planned to kill myself after my dogs died in a couple years. Now what do I do? How do I know what job I want? 

    It’s weird. It’s not like I’m too sad to continue, like before, it’s just that I have no drive to. I don’t want to do all that life stuff.

    How do I figure out what I want to do for my life?

    Is this something a therapist could help with? I just don’t want my family to know and I don’t want to be diagnosed and for it to follow me around forever, with my jobs or other things. Or be institutionalized or something. Is there a confidential online therapist thing I could contact and maybe get some help? How do I feel like wanting to live? What job should I have?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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  • How to get rid of redness on face?

    My face has been red and dry for a long time now. It’s just my cheeks and the bridge on my nose. I have tried everything. I drink enough water (at least 8 cups a day), I don’t take hot showers, I don’t put a lot of makeup on (just concealer by my eyebags), and I’ve been putting coconut oil on my face overnight. I began putting diluted lemon juice of my face on the infected area a week ago and letting it sit on my face for 10 minutes and then washing it off with cold water and putting the coconut oil on after overnight.

    It’s still there. I don’t have acne nor have I ever had acne. They’re not scars. It just looks like a rash but it’s dry so it’s a little rough. 

    What else can I do to get rid of it??

    Also, this isn’t weather related I’ve had this for a while now.

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  • How to lose weight when sedentary and busy?

    I’m 5’0 and 130lbs, trying to lose 20lbs. I’m 22 years old, just graduated from college this year, and I have 3-4 jobs.

    My full time job I work at a courthouse. I’m a clerk, which is the person who sits next to the judge during trials, hearings, etc. So I’m forced to be seated during most of this, but sometimes I’m running around. That’s 40 hours a week.

    My second job is 13 hours over Sat and Sun. I work at a small clothing store and I’m standing at least 12 of those hours and walking around this store, putting clothes away and helping customers.

    My third job is tutoring and I’m always sitting, however I’m getting out of this job and accepted a bartending position, which should start soon, just waiting for paperwork. Overall I work ~55 hours a week.

    It could be worse but I also became a vegetarian at the beginning of the year, and I’m not doing it right and my bloodwork is off as I’m not getting appropriate nutrients. This and my jobs make me really tired. I quit my gym membership which made me really sad but I couldn’t find time to go because I’m so tired.

    What can I do to exercise more without a gym? Can my diet mainly help me lose weight? I have all subcutaneous fat under my belly button and on my thighs I want GONE. I’ve been eating a lot of fake meat, which I don’t know if that’s good, so if I eat more fruits and veggies would that make me lose weight?

    What else can I be doing to lose this fat? What at home exercises can I do? I know I can’t target areas to lose fat.

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  • My Mac Mini won’t open apps?

    When I hover over the apps and try to click on them, they just highlight and don’t open.

    What can I do to fix this? Is this an issue with my mouse?


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  • How to pay back student loans?

    Hello there. I just graduated and got comfortable in my new full time job that I’ve had since June. I wanted to know the quickest way to pay back my student loans.

    As of right now I owe $26k of my own loans and $40k for Parent loans. I already made a down payment of $8,400 toward the loan with the highest interest rate, which happened to be on my parent’s loan for 2018-2019, which is how come I now owe $40k only.

    So my plan was to attribute $2,000 a month toward my loans. I was going to attribute the minimum required amount toward my own loans, yet to be determined since I’m still in the grace period, and attribute what’s left of the $2,000 toward my parent’s loans, ranging from paying off the loan with the highest interest rate first and working my way down.

    Is that the best way to do it? Should I be giving money to each of my parent’s 4 loans every month or only the one with the highest interest rate first? Should I be paying biweekly or monthly, and does that make a big difference? 

    My interest rates range from 2-4%, while my parent’s loans range from 7-9%.

    I have a full-time job right now but it doesn’t make enough to do the full $2,000 a month, so I’ve picked up tutoring on the side and I think I got a job as a hostess for a popular restaurant for the weekends. With this added money, I may be able to make payments greater than $2,000.

    Thanks for the help.

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  • I don’t know what career path I should choose?

    Hi. I’m 22 years old, just graduated from UCONN with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Psychology. I currently work at a Superior Courthouse as a courtside Clerk.

    My issue is that for a long time, I’ve been suicidal and depressed. I still am, but I want to seek help and get better. Given that I’ve been this way for a while, I never put thought into what I wanted to be when I was older. I’m still facing this quandary. 

    I want to do something in the criminal justice or legal field, that much I know. I might want to be an attorney, but I also want to explore other options in the legal field. I don’t want to be a police officer or administrative assistant or legal assistant. I might want to stay in the court system, however again I want to explore other options first, such as working for the federal government in Homeland Security or FBI.

    Do you guys have any links or ideas for me? I’ve been doing my own research but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask a large body of people on a platform such as this.

    Any help or ideas you can give would be greatly appreciated and I’ll continue my research.

    Thank you.

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  • Should I spay my kitten?

    We have 3 male cats ranging 1-2years old and we just got a female kitten aged 16 weeks. The boys have been really good with her and are treating her like a little sibling or like their kid. They’re doing a lot better than we thought they would!

    All our boys are neutered. My mom, who I live with, does not want to spay the kitten because she’s nervous about the surgery in general and the effects it leaves (scars and lopsided belly). I’m trying to convince her to spay the kitten due to health benefits but also because I’m worried that when she goes into heat she can still have sex with the other cats even if they’re fixed, so I want to prevent her going into heat.

    I have evidence I’m going to show my mom concerning the health benefits but is there something out there that attests to the likelihood that a female kitten raised like a sibling or kid to a male cat will grow up and become sexually involved together? She would need that to be convinced.

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  • I can’t make up my mind if I want to off myself?

    Long story short? Bad childhood. Physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive mother who I have fought with quite literally almost every. Single. Day. Abusive father who watched my mom best me and did nothing, is a very very racist, sexist, homophonic man that is actually crazy and you can’t live with. Physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive brother who I have no relationship with and never talk to, even though he still lives in our house. Driven to anorexia by my own family, self harm, etc. Constantly bullied in school because my older popular brother spread rumors about me. I have a few friends but they get on my nerves. I’m 22 and never been in a relationship because I’m aromantic and asexual, and if you don’t know what that means then look it up ITS REAL, and I never want to be in a relationship. I have no career goals.

    Basically what I’m trying to say is yes, I’ve had a bad past BUT it’s the thought of my future that makes me want to quit. I’ll never have a family. My friends are okay. I will never be in a relationship like everyone else. I don’t have anything to LIVE for. No career, goals, people, nothing. And it’s not like I can just “go find something to live for”.

    I think of suicide everyday, but I stop short of method, and I don’t want my parents to find me dead bc for some reason I would feel bad. I don’t want to live, but I don’t think I can actually bring myself to kill myself either. This sucks. Can someone just kill me and help me out

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  • I’m not confident I can go on living for long?

    To make a 22yr long story short, I grew up in an abusive environment. My parents were very physically and psychologically abusive, as well as my older brother, who was popular at school and made a ton of people hate me and make fun of me in the halls. CS was called once when I accidentally gave away the physical abuse in 1st grade but my mom made me say it was all a dream, even though I told them multiple accounts of it, and they believed her and left me. I’ve been in and out of numerous eating disorders and self-harm behaviors my entire life. I’m pretty sure I’m not saying all of what happened but I’m cutting it short here.

    I’m 22 now, graduated college and have a good job. I credit the only reason I’m alive to my 2 dogs. I have great friends, however I don’t get enjoyment out of life. My dogs have always been there for me and licked my tears away and comforted me after the abuse. If I were to kill myself, I promised that I wouldn’t do so until after they’re dead. That’s becoming more of a reality everyday. I’m aromatic and asexual, and have no interest in romantic relationships at all - tried them, not interested. Could be from the abuse, but that fact won’t make me interested, so don’t try. Don’t want to have kids. I’m not energized by any career goals. Don’t love my friends or life enough to want to keep living. After my dogs, there is nothing keeping me alive. Some days I just wish they died already so I can too. I fantasize too much about dying. I can’t move out because

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  • How do I stop having bad thoughts?

    How do I be less mean? Sometimes I look at someone and have a mean thought (ex: why do they act like they’re attractive) and then immediately after feel guilty and horrible even though I didn’t voice it. Like I just want people to be happy and why should I bring them down when they are? I want to know how to stop the bad thoughts coming through, even if I correct them in the end, because it makes me feel like a horrible person

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  • Fasting plan for a weight loss plateau?

    I've been relapsing back into my anorexia just because I've tried so hard to try to lose weight the normal way but it never works for me. I was eating 1,000-1,200 calories a day and burning ~400 calories each time I went to the gym, which was 3 days a week for over an hour (I'm a busy college student and can do no more than 3 days) and I was doing cardio for at least 50 minutes. I was eating (mostly) vegetarian and healthy foods, no sweets or junk food, only water and coffee, no condiments, etc. I tried this for a while and I still wasn't losing weight. So I went down on my calorie intake to where I maybe ate one meal a day for maybe no more than 300 calories AND I kept my carb intake to no more than 20g. I kept this up for a while. Still. Didn't. Lose. Weight. This is literally why I'm anorexic - nothing works except complete abstinence.

    Then I got pneumonia and had to eat normally because of the heavy medicine they gave me to fight it.

    It's been 2 weeks and the pneumonia is gone. I've been at this weight for years now (5'3 130-135lbs) and literally NOTHING I do EVER works. I still have a chubby belly and fat thighs (no that's not body dysmorphia, that's literally the truth). My body isn't meant to be this big so don't try to argue that.

    I have a fasting plan and I want to know if this will work. I will only eat once a day at around noon, no more than 300 calories and 20g carbs if possible, AND I will fast completely every other day. And I'm going to start going to the gym

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  • How to build up my stamina?

    I had bad asthma growing up so I was never able to build up my stamina and now I want to. I can do cardio workouts like swimming, elliptical, cycling, whatever with no problem (stair climber I have a little problem but who doesn't). It's the treadmill I struggle the most with. I can swear that if I run outside (weather permitting, I can't do cold weather) I could run around fine. If I run on the treadmill for 3 minutes I have to stop and start walking because I'm out of breath. I don't know what it is about the treadmill, maybe I'm more aware that I'm running so my mind makes me think I'm more tired than I actually am. My legs don't hurt or anything, but my chest is heaving from the effort.

    I go to the gym 3x a week (busy college student! I can only go 3x) and 2x a week I go on the treadmill, but I do cardio 3x a week. Once a week I do HIIT, or 2min at 3mph and 1min at 6mph for a total of 30 minutes. Once a week I also try to run at 5mph for 15 minutes but when I tried it I stop maybe 2-3x during those 15 minutes to walk at 3mph for a minute.

    I mean practice is the only thing that will help me build up my stamina, I realize. But should I try different exercises to build up my stamina or is this sufficient?


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  • Best exercises or gym machines to burn fat?

    I'm 5'3 and 135lbs trying to lose 20lbs. What are the best gym exercises and machines to lose the weight?

    I go to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings (only time I can - I'm in college). I usually do 35-45 minutes of cardio and some strength exercises.

    I usually burn 200-300 calories per gym session, I think. Is that enough? What is the best app to track calories burned? I know this isn't the same as fat burned.

    Can you tell if you've done a good gym session by how sweaty and tired you are? 2/3 days I leave the gym with my heart rate up, sweating, red, and getting hives. The last day I guess my routine isn't enough to get me there.

    My main goal is to lose 20lbs fat and gain lean muscle but not too much muscle.

    Here's my routine:


    Rowing 15 mins, push-up plank 1 minute, weighted squats 1 minute, cherry pickers 50x, step machine 10 minutes, cycling 15 minutes


    Pushups 20 x2 reps, plank 1 minute, mountain climber 1 minute, treadmill 2 min 3mph, 1 min 7mph, 30 minutes total, 3 random machines, cycling 15 minutes


    Bicycle(not cycling) 1 min, kettlebell swing 1 min, weighted squats 1 min, cherry picker 50x, elliptical 20 min, rowing 15 min, walking 3.5mph 10 min

    Anything I should change or add?

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  • Should I eat breakfast?

    I’m female, 21, 5’3” ~135lbs looking to lose 20lbs, including some muscle because my thighs are bulky. As a busy college student, I can only squeeze in going to the gym between 9-11am MWF. Below is my gym routine:


    Rowing 15 minutes high intensity


    Push-up plank 1 minute

    Weighted squats 30x

    Cherry pickers 50x

    Step machine 10 minutes

    Cycling 15 minutes high intensity



    Pushups 20x 2 reps

    Plank 1 minute

    Mountain climber 1 minute


    2 minutes 3mph

    1 minute 6mph

    25 minutes total

    3 machines

    Cycling 20 minutes



    Half burpee 1 minute

    Kettlebell swing 1 minute

    Weighted squats 1 minute

    Cherry picker 50x

    Elliptical 20 minutes

    Rowing 15 minutes

    Walking 10 minutes 3.5mph

    Becoming a vegetarian too with snacks like toast with almond butter, grapefruit, apples, bananas, toast with cottage cheese, etc

    Idk how often I’ll eat in a day bc of my tight schedule.

    But as you can see I don’t have time for breakfast on those days because I’m going to the gym. Is it okay to skip breakfast? I don’t want to be anorexic again or not lose weight bc I’m starving or whatever.

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